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dayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy 7 on the ss diet

OMG i never thought that i could do it, i've just looked at my box in the cupboard and there is only 3 shakes for today left in it. I have another 3 at one side, and you will see why in a min.

I'm due a weigh in today at 4.30pm, but not sure if i'm going, as i've not seen hubby proper for ages, he works nights and when he gets up later, were off for a drive.

my leader knows this, as i've 2 apts made with her, 1 for tonight, and 1 for tomorrow, because we realised that it is bank holiday, and i didn't know what i was doing, she said if i couldnt' make the monday weigh in then come on tue evening. So i purchased another 3 shakes to get me thorugh tomorrow,

i've not decided if i can make tonight, so i will just have to wait and see.

Have to say that yesterday was very hard for me, and i cried.

I made a lovely sunday dinner, and cried.

then last night i went to the club, we had deal or no deal, bingo and play your card right on.

well kids were allowed all night, and all of my friends took sandwiches, crisps, nuts, cakes, etc the list was endless.

And i kept going the bar for there drinks, vodka tonics and the likes.

At one point i went to the toilet and had a small weep.

my friend caught me and they then felt awful for eating infront of me, and wanted to put the food away.

well i couldn't let them do that, i have to be strong.

Today i feel better, but i will let you all know my weight loss if it be today or tomorrow.

And as big brother says.

SS diet, this is christine talking, please do not swear as you are live on minimins, it's been a week now, the votes are in and have been counted, and verified, and i can say that


Your out for good......................:p
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Absolutely - it is FOUL!!!!

Well done for getting so far - I have my first W?E tomorrow morning, so I'm hoping I've lost some weight!

(bit frightened I haven't!)


Yummy Mummy in the making
Aw hun, I imagine I will be crying by end of first week too. Enjoy time with your hubby and good luck for weigh in tomorrow :):):)


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i find most of the soups fairly foul... i like the spicy tomato and the oriental chilli made into crisps. and i now like the chicken and mushroom. that's my current fave.. which is strange since i didn't like it in the beginning, ha.

abz xx


Yummy Mummy in the making
I love the chicken & mushroom soup, its my fave :)


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chicken and mushroom is my fav - shortly followed by mushroom. The rest haven't been that great, leek and potato make nice crisps though.

Out of the shakes - Chocolate - cappucino - and then anything else with chocolate in it!
how do you make crisps
broccoli and cheese is vile. I agree. yuk yuk yuk

I'm day 6 and had a major freak out on my poor long sufferng husband. my head is all over the place. I may expand on my own thread. Anyway just to say you're not alone.:hug99:

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