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Discussion in 'Weight Loss Diaries' started by Ms. Jedi, 22 May 2014 Social URL.

  1. Ms. Jedi

    Ms. Jedi Full Member

    Top of the day: B Choice - wholemeal bread from 800g loaf
    A Choice 375ml skimmed milk

    Fat free yogurt... bannana...Ham...salad with 1 syn salad cream light.

    Not decided on what I will have at supper. But hoping the gremlins stay away. Especially my so-called-sister-in-law-Mrs. Potato.

    Syn alert: invited to my best-good-friend's birthday down the pub this weekend.
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  3. Ms. Jedi

    Ms. Jedi Full Member

    May is the worst month next to December. Why do all my friends have to be Geminis?

    A choice- 375 skimmed milk
    B choice- toast wholemeal bread 800g loaf

    ***Need to eat fruit and veg. Need to buy more***

    Hard boiled eggs and salad with balsamic vinegar. Lean ham.

    Birthday celebrations for M so will order the steak (cut off the fat), steamed veg and ask for white rice instead of potatoes.

    Grrrrr...will pass on the cake/pudding and just have a coffee.
  4. Ms. Jedi

    Ms. Jedi Full Member

    This one can be deleted. This is a duplicate of the one I am actually using. Created when I was still trying to get used to using the forum. Cheers x

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