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Dear Diary: Good food, good moves, magic and other musings

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Food Diaries' started by Ms. Jedi, 21 May 2014 Social URL.

  1. Ms. Jedi

    Ms. Jedi Well-Known Member

    My day in food choices! Sound decisions!

    A Choice: 375ml Skimmed Milk
    B Choice: 30g Nestle Shreddies

    Free foods: r
    Fat free yogurt- Muller Light
    Fruit- apples, banana (say that like a Minion... banana noooowwww) melon, grapes
    Veg- onion, lettuce, tomato (isn't tomato a fruit???) peppers
    Meats- chicken breast at lunch, lean mince for dinner with herbs, fresh chile and beans (syn free chilli).

    Syns: the chicken breast was lightly breaded and grilled (homemade) 7.5
    BBQ sauce 1.0
    Tesco tortilla 6.5

    Eeeeeeeeeeeek, I've had no coffee or tea today as it was too warm. But I did have Pepsi Max and water.

    For tonight's Body Magic- I am off on a 2 mile walk with my very fast dogs. I want more than anything to feel as positive as I can. I've done it before, I can do it again. This time, there will be no comfort eating no matter what life throws at me.

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  3. Ms. Jedi

    Ms. Jedi Well-Known Member

    Looks like I am here, there and everywhere. It's only 14:12 and I've had 13 of my 15 syns and it is a Friday. Oh dear. But I figure that since I need to get to Zumba after work, then go fetch my umbrella from my friend's house then go home and get to bed early because I need to be up and ready to head off to Lincoln at 7am...well I will not have time for any more syns, really.

    A. Choice 250 ml semi skimmed milk
    B. Choice 28g shreddies

    Plum, orange

    2 giants cups of black coffee
    750ml H20

    Syn free spag bol

    Tescos Falafel & Butternut squash salad with yogurt dressing (6 syns)

    7 syns carried over from yesterday's business lunch.

    Zumba at 4:30 & another 750ml H20

    Hard-boiled egg and lean ham salad with balsamic vinegar planned for my tea
  4. Ms. Jedi

    Ms. Jedi Well-Known Member

    All healthy options:
    A. 150 ml of the 250 ml semi skimmed. Saving the 100 ml for later today.
    B. 2x Weetabix

    Black coffees x2
    Pear, apple
    H20 750ml
    black tea

    Lunch- was chicken breast and salad

    Dinner- will be syn free egg omelette with black pepper, chillies, tomato and onions

    Syns spent today-
    1.5 syns ginger thin biscuit
    2.0 syns tsp olive oil in salad at lunch
    1.0 syns tsp honey over weetabix
  5. Ms. Jedi

    Ms. Jedi Well-Known Member

    Ok. here it goes for today. Going back to some nostalgic age of Original and Green for a change. I've decided to go on a Red Day.

    A. Choice= 1 slice wholemeal from 800g loaf
    A. Choice= 1 slice wholemeal from 800g loaf

    B. Choice= 250 ml semi skimmed milk ( to be drank at night after my walk to help me fall asleep!)
    B. Choice= 28g cheddar cheese

    Apple, cherries,

    Lunch-- fresh salad with lean ham

    Dinner-- omelette with broccoli on the side

    Syns: Frusli Red Berries bar 6 syns, morrisons tortilla 9.5 = 15.5 but I was short on syns yesterday so I am good. xx
  6. Ms. Jedi

    Ms. Jedi Well-Known Member

    Right... I've not been writing the diary in here but I have it in my actual diary in my handbag.. each time I go to fill it in here, I get a phone call, someone interrupts me or I become otherwise engaged in some task... I can never seem to find the time for this bit online. But that's ok. I'll just muse for a bit.

    I've been doing it. I've got my head in the game and I got my mates on board to help me out. I am in the best possible place right now. This will be ok. Everything will be ok and I am getting there.

    The negativity is not as intense now. I am not sure if that is a product from my meditation, reiki session, the pampering sessions or me just losing pounds consistently now for a few weeks. Whatever it is, it is working so I am happy. And when I am happy, so are my kids and dogs. :p More contentment, please. I am asking the Universe to keep this success going. Where one's mind is, the body will follow. Booyeah!

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