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dear diary .......


Just thought I'd start a daily diary to help keep me positive and on track!!

I'm on day 3 - so far so good!!!

I have the shakes - I dont like the soups!

I have two cold in work - and then when I get home have my third hot!! Last night I had vanilla with a scoop of coffee!! wow sooo nice!!!

I've got 56lbs to lose!!!

I'm a daily weigher!!! I like to see the scales moving - it really spurs me on and makes me feel ooohhhh so happy! and if they're not moving, it really helps me to do something about it ie a longer walk with the dog etc.... drink more water ...

i like fizzy water to tap water!! just tastes better!!! so up to now not had a problem getting my fluids in!!!

I could really do with someone setting up a "lipotrim camp"!! where you go and stay for a couple of weeks, all you have is a bedroom with huge big comfy bed, huge tv, internet, exercise equipment, nice bathroom for nice long baths, lots of bottles of water in a fridge, and someone to come and give you your shakes!! Wow imagine how much easier that would be!! no tempting food about!!! my horrid boyfriend sat and ate a pack of malteasers in front of me on Monday!! so so so mean!!!!

right back to work!!!!!

I'll keep blabbing on here when ever i feel hungry - so its going to be a long diary!!!!

j xxx
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A Lipotrim camp? Sign me up! :) Bfs/hubbies can be so mean eh? First day of my diet my husband cooked a gorgeous cheese stuffed chicken breast wrapped in parma ham, sooo evil!
He actually asked me to hold the Malteasers while he went into the kitchen!!! he was given "dagger" looks!!! hehe!!

Yesterday I had to go into Subway on my way home from work, for a sandwich for my step-son!!!! now that was hard!! there was no queue luckily!! straight in and out!! I got a bottle of water to drink in the car!! I seem to have bottles of water everywhere!! feel like a water-holic!! hehe!!!

j xxx
dear diary...........

Day 3 yesterday and I managed to stay 100%% yay!!

But major dramas!! my chemist has stopped doing lipotrim!!! eek!! so I've had to find another! luckily its on my way home from work - so thats not too bad!!

I went a little mad yesterday, and went into Karen Millen and bough a dress and a top in size 14!!!! I want to be "comfortably" in the dress by my birthday in June!!! So its hanging waiting for me!!! hehe!! So if I do think about cheating, all I have to do is think DRESS!!!! lol and the only one I'm cheating is ME!!!!

so day 4 today!!! drank 1.5ltrs of water already - really thirsty today!!

I did a ketone stick thingy this morning - and it was PURPLE!! yay!!! I'm there!!! Burn fat Burn!!!!

going to treat myself to a starbucks black coffee at lunchtime!!! mmmm

thinking thin!!!

j xxxx


Slim for summer
It so helps to have an item of clothing hanging there, to keep you focused :)

OMG I soo want a real life Lt bootcamp, how cool would that be, Its really hard being tempted by cooking meals and baking for my family, it would be so much easier with no temptations about and someone kicking my butt and making me exercise aswell!!

I'm also a scale hopper, weigh every morning after a pee, naked, and my scales are spot on with the chemist so, if they are telling me the truth then ive lost 4lb since Monday, YAY!! :)

Here's to us being super sexy and slim for summer!!

Jenny xx
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Yay!!! 4 lbs is brillant Jenny!!! well done!!! I find it really keeps you focused seeing the amazing results!!!

I've had a coffee with an extra shot of espresso!! god I'm flying!!! lol Proper chatty and hyper!! how funny!!!

yes a lipotrim boot camp would be amazing wouldnt it!!! 2 weeks and a good stone lighter!! how wonderful!!! hehe!!! and no temptations!!

Maybe we could arrange for us all to be locked in the basement of my apartments - its a bike store room - so we could pedal around all day!! lol

Yay nearly home time here!!! a walk with the dog and boyfriend when I get in!!!

I also need to start sit-ups!!!!

have a fab evening

j xx
Dear diary......

Day 5!! wow!! and 100% still!!!

I had a near miss last night!! I was printing on some edible rice paper, and my boyfriend and his little boy wanted to taste it, and before I knew it I'd put a small piece in my mouth too to join in the fun!!! I screamed and spat it out!! lol they both looked at me like I was bananas!!!

I stopped at a little "corner" shop on the way to work for my fizzy water!! all they had was soda water!! £1.99 a bottle for a litre!!! bloody robbing b*******s!! lol Tesco sparkling water is something like 15p for 2 litres!!! Anyway, I had to buy two bottles!!! one bottle is now empty!! one more to go, and one litre of tap water!!!! I might as well bottle my wee, its soo clear!! lol

My skins getting all nice and clear and glowing!!! go water!! hehe!!

I've got a bit of a spring in my step today!!! I did weigh this morning!! 8lbs down since monday!!! I cant wait for Monday for my big weigh in!!!!! I've got all sorts of charts and spreadsheets with "budgeted" weight loss and "actual" weight loss!! I think I need to get out more!!!! hehe!!!

right back to my water!!!!

jane xxx


Slim for summer
Morning Jane,

Nice to hear you feeling soo postitive today, I feel like this too, I had a bit of a crap night, the usual demons telling me I can't do it, I will fail etc, so I just stayed on the forum, then went to bed early, did the trick!

Wow 8lb already thats brilliant! Have a nice day! :) x
Hi Jen

Yes those demons are horrid!!! Sorry you had a crappy night! but today is a new day!!! come on!! we can do it!!!

I live in an open plan apartment, so the kitchen is sort of in the living area!!! so I cant even close a door and not see the fridge or food cupboards!! so this week I've just kept myself really busy!!! I run a little ebay shop - so I've been doing lots on that so I dont think about food!! And my lovely boyfriend has been cooking the teas for him and his son !! and making me black coffees and teas!!! lol

back to my water!!! I cant wait for Monday to see how weve all done!!

jane xxx
Dear Diary...

I did it!!! I got through my first weekend!! yay!!! and was rewarded with a 13lbs loss!!!! yay!!!

I'm soo happy!! my face is aching from smiling sooo much!!

Gosh I hope week 2 is as productive!!!

I've been doing lots of walking!! and even did a bike ride yesterday!!!

I had to sit and watch my boyfriend eat a gorgeous sandwich yesterday in a cafe!!! he did say it was horrid!! lol but that was just to make me feel better!!

I struggled with my water intake over the weekend!!! I did up my shakes to a pint in quantity - I quite like them like that!! Its soo much easier being sat at a desk with a glass of water infront of you all day!!

right back to work and thinking thin!!!!

jane xxx


Slim for summer
Well done!!!:happy096:

13lbs!! I am soo jealous! bet your feeling on top of the world, well done on all the activities youve been engaging in too, sure that helps with big losses.

I caved in on Sunday, and really hate myself for doing so had a horrible weekend as totm, and my litttle girlie was sick, and I got stressed with it all and it weakened my resolve...

I haven't been for weigh in yet, can't get to chemist till tomorrow, so im hoping the damage isnt too bad.

Keep up your good work, I will think thin too! xx
Hi Jenhen

Oh no!! get back into it ASAP!! come on, you can do it!!

My friend had a mis-hap on sunday, but she still lost 9lbs!! so I'm sure you wont be too bad!! Dont let one day out of 7 throw you off - its only one day!! you had 6 fantastically good ones!!!

here if you need help, and I hope your little girl is feeling better

jane xxx
Dear Diary....

Since I've managed to get to day 9 100% and with a loss of 13lbs, I just had to treat myself!! I just walked into town and bought myself another dress!! size 14!! so my aim is to be in this for May!!!

I've had my 2 litres of water , and two shakes!!

a nice long walk when I get home from work, and my other shake for tea!!!

I will DO this!!! lol (just to remind myself!! lol)

thinking thin

jane xxx
starting again!!!!!!

I feel soo bloody fat and horrid!! I need to get my rear into gear so I can feel better about myself!!!

so day ONE!!!

just off to have my first shake!!!

on my second glass of water!!!

dog walk or ride planned for this evening!! I go further on my bike and the dog gets more knackered!! as do I!!! so the bike ride is more favourable!!! hehe!!

I may post lots!! just to keep me ocupied and away from any urges!! so appologise in advance ......



Silver Member
starting again!!!!!!

I feel soo bloody fat and horrid!! I need to get my rear into gear so I can feel better about myself!!!

I may post lots!! just to keep me ocupied and away from any urges!! so appologise in advance ......

Try to feel positive about yourself, and keep your head down, post here, watch TV, go for walks, generally keep busy. You will be fine:D
hi j. well done on just getting back on it. i also keep a diary, those first few weeks it helped me out loads, and still does. if you can get a diet buddy thats even better. mine is mary and she is brill.

you need to realise that this diet is only for so many weeks of you life. BUT. as i learnt the first time around, you could do with having an after plan. my after plan last time was to go on holiday and have a good time. NOT SO GOOD, TRUST ME.

this time, i am going back to slimming world. i love the home made food and dont really have to cut anything out.

anyway. i remember on my first day, first week even, thinking, how can i do this for 12 weeks. here i am now saying i only have 3 and a half weeks left. it is well worth it in the end.

sorry for long post but i hope it spurrs you. it is hard and there is no way of getting out of that. but somebody else on here said "dieting is hard, being fat is hard, chose your hard". i love that quote. it is so true.

good luck with this. if you ever need help or advise or a spurr on, come onto my diary, there are a few of us on there. your diary could be an inspiration to someone else in a few weeks.

keep going hun.:D:D:D:D:D

thank you Kerry - i know its soo hard - but I know the results are sooo worth it!!

I'm just thinking - Karen Millen clothes here I come!! I have a wardrobe full of clothes that don't fit!!! and I'm wearing stretchy horrid ones!!! I want my nice dresses back!!!!

I find if it feel all nice then I'm soo much happier!! at the moment I'm like a bloody grump!!!!! My poor boyfriend and step-son are getting it in the neck!!! Even the dog gets a "leave me alone"!!! and shes sooo lovely!!! lol

I want to do the same as you - healthy eating when I come off! Slimming world is soo easy to follow -as you say good home cooked food!

I've just texted my boyfriend and asked him to put the chocolate digestives that have been tormenting me for the past week in the bin!!! I have not eaten one!!! lol

jane xx
Welcome back - look forward to reading your posts!
Day two of being back on it!!!

I was 100% yesterday! I didnt have my first shake til 3pm!! then had my other two when I got in from work! I find the evenings really hard, with the family eating, so having two shakes really helps.

I did a "skinnychinno" last night!! hehe!! I mixed it with ice in my blender and got a very similar drink to what starbucks charge £3.00 for!! I used a vanilla shake - and it was sooo nice - I cant wait to try it with a chocolate one! and peppermint tea!! I need to find that today to try it.

I felt really bad last night!! since I'm being focused and not doing food!! I asked my step-son what he wanted for his tea, and he said he wasnt that hungry, so I said I would make him somethine later on!! oops!! totally forgot!!!! the poor child had to have toast going to bed!! lol he had been munching on cornettos and chocolate buttons tho!! so his ribs arents showing through just yet!!!

I stocked up on my bottled water last night - 16p a 2 litre bottle from sainsburys!!! bargain!! hehe!!!

right better do some work!!!

jane xxx

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