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Dear (food) diary....

Hi everyone! I have found this site so valuable, such great support! I have been doing SW now since January this year. My weight loss was quick to start, but at the moment, I feel happy each week if I STS! I often read other people’s blogs and find them really inspirational. So, enough is enough! I need to start my own blog. (I am not sure if anyone will read this, but if they do, maybe they may feel a little inspired too..)

A little bit about myself.. I am 34 years old, a mother of 2 young children. I lost 2 ½ stone with SW before I had my first child. I then went back to SW and lost 1 stone before having my 2nd child. I went back after the pregnancy to lose the baby weight. However, over the last 2 years I have slowly gained the weight again. Ideally I would like to lose about 3 stone, but I am hoping I will know when I get there. I know now this is a healthy eating plan for life, so as long as I weigh less in 6 months, I don’t really have a goal date. But I think I do need to set myself some mini targets just to focus myself.
EE day
Breakfast- branflakes (HEA), Skimmed milk (HEB)
Lunch- poached egg and beans
Tea- I will have spaghetti bolognaise, made with turkey mince and loads of free veg
Supper- pineapple chunks
Drinks- I drink loads of free squash (about 6 pints a day- my husband thinks I will turn orange..but I crave sweet things) I also enjoy green tea, so I drink about 3 cups of it a day (or normal tea)

So, mini target 1- to get to 1 stone (3/2lb) Weigh day is Thursdays
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Goodness, you do drink a lot of squash! I think I should probably drink more than I do but I do ok. Like you, I enjoy tea but not green tea, I tend to go for the flavoured varieties such as lemon and ginger which are quite refreshing :)

Good luck with your attempts at losing weight again, at least you're familiar with how the plan works and have lost the weight before :D
Thanks MarieN!!
EE day
Breakfast- branflakes (HEA), Skimmed milk (HEB)
Lunch- beans on 1 slice of toast (4 syns)
Tea- same as yesterday, the spaghetti bolognaise, made with turkey mince and loads of free veg (plus the aroma of my husband’s delicious garlic bread!! He is not being very supportive!)
Late snack- pineapple chunks
Drinks- lots of free squash and tea (with milk from HE) oh and a Costa hot chocolate 5 syns
Total today 9 syns!
I have had such a lazy day! I have had friends over, so apart from the school run, I haven’t been out of the house all day! I aim to do 30 minutes on the Wii fit tonight! I am not sure if it was because I was around the house all day, but I have felt really hungry!

Another EE day

Breakfast- branflakes and milk (HEa&b)
Lunch- I made a huge bowl of cous cous with lots of super free and free veg (butternut squash, onions, courgette, carrot, peas, red pepper) roasted in fry light. Still feeling a little peckish I ate 1 whole pineapple!!!!
Tea- (still feeling stuffed from lunch) I have just roasted a joint of beef.. so will some with the left over veg from lunch with some noodles I think!

Lots to drink- squash, green tea and normal tea made up with milk from HE

I haven’t had any syns yet! I am not sure how I will use them up yet.. but I have a Kit Kat Senses bar calling loudly to me from the kitchen cupboard (8 syns!!!)
Update! After I completed 30 minutes on the Wii last night, I went to the kitchen to get my KitKat Senses only to find it gone! My lovely husband had eaten it! I didn’t really want to eat anything else for the sake of eating syns, so no syns yesterday! I will make sure I eat some today! I know this is my problem. I go days without eating syns, then a have days where I eat too many!! At least writing it all down here, it will make me super aware of them.
Well I got weighed last night and have put on ½ lb! :cry: I have been feeling a little off and not been eating as much as normal, so I am quite surprised. Anyway, after drowning my sorrows in a 37g bag of maltesers (9.5 syns) last night, I am back and determined as ever to lose this weight!


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Aww hun, don't let the silly scales stop you, you'll show them next week. Are you sure you're eating enough? Also.... I've been eating a load of pineapple and have really struggled with my losses.. I'm going to try a week without and see what happens! x


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I'm with Lou, try a different variety this week and it may help you. Don't feel pressured by your syns either, they are there as a shoulder when you feel you need something sweet/naughty to eat.

Why not use your syns as a side to your meals, some toppings (extra light mayo for example) then you might not feel the guilt and will get a richer variety in your meals.

You're doing fine so just keep at it :)
Thanks Louise and Kikikisses! It is great to get support and advice. My consultant just advised I keep going.. compared to what I used to eat before SW I am eating far better. I used to replace a lot of meals with crisps, cakes and biscuits. I have (almost) cut them out altogether!

I am not sure I could live without my pineapple..but it is something I will definitely think about!

Saturdays are usually hard, I have to take my children to a music centre and wait with one in the cafe while they each have their lessons. The cafe is all open plan, you can see the kitchen and the woman bakes the most amazing cakes!! I did have a moment of weakness and order a lemon cake with my cup of tea, but luckily for me my children shared it with me, so I only had 2 bites! (So I would say that was 4 syns at the very worse!)
For lunch I had a whole tin of beans on toast I didn’t have any eggs!!! I had used up my HE b choice for breakfast (branflakes) so I had to count the toast as syns! (4 syns)
For tea I had noodles and vegetables with a homemade syn free burger, but the burger took longer to cook than the noodles, and I was so hungry I ate the noodles! So I used a slice of bread to wrap around the burger! (4 syns!)
I used my 8 syns today for bread!!! Oh well... yesterday’s motto “PLAN”!!!!!
hehe, made me laugh you eating the noodles before the burger was ready, thats the kind of thing I'd do.

I don't think I can give up pineapple either - I picked one up as it was on offer... yuuum, oh well, they're not on offer that often. xx
I am feeling a little down today. I weighed myself (Yes I know I shouldn’t!) and I am still the same weight I was weeks ago! I just cannot budge! I have introduced exercise now. I aim to do 30 minutes a day on the Wii Fit doing 10 a mixture of hula hooping, jogging and step (using the board riser). WHERE AM I GOING WRONG!!!!!

Rant over! I will stick with it.. hoping one day I get on the scales and I get a fantastic drop!
I have given it some thought today and after reading through the SW book again I have decided to give up the EE plan for the time being. I have been eating below my 15 syns every day and the weight is still not budging! I am sure the reason why is that I am not eating my 1/3 of superfree foods with every meal. I am not a big fruit eater.. I really wish I was, it would make it so much easier! I don’t like the thought of eating a carrot with my branflakes in the morning.

Doing the EE plan 90% of the time hasn’t felt like doing a diet at all! I think it is something I will definitely try again in the future..perfect for when I am maintaining (listen to me..! 3 stone to lose until then!) So I will continue with SW, but doing red or green days.
I had better get meal planning!
Well, the meal planning went well.. but a friend came over this morning with biscuits and ended up staying until 1.30pm (leaving the biscuits behind!!!!!) Its strange, I have will poser in front of people, it’s when I am alone I eat! Once she left I felt famished! So I made myself a sandwich, which of course didn’t really fill me up, so i started on the biscuits!! Why oh why do I do it to myself!??

Anyway damage done. I haven’t been eating my full allowance for syns this week so I guess thats a good thing. I am still feeling a little down as I hopped on the scales again this morning (I know I shouldn’t!!) and I was up 3lb!! It is so disheartening, but this is a long term thing and I am hoping I will get results at some point! So after the biscuit incident..I am straight back to it! Noodles and veg for tea!
I am loving my new wii legs I had through the post yesterday. I am planning to do 30 mins tonight on free step.
Just been to WI and I stayed the same :sigh:. I know it could be so much worse, but I have tried so hard this week.

Anyway..a new week! I am going to stick to red and green days this week and see what happens. Starting with a red day tomorrow-
breakfast- branflakes (HEa&b)
lunch- tinned salmon, boiled egg, green salad
tea- homemade turkey burgers, roasted celeriac & carrots.
Very please with myself today! I actually stuck to my food plan (so far anyway!) I did yesterday. I did eat some pineapple after breakfast and I had a syn free yoghurt topped with grape nuts (2.5 syns) after lunch. I was tempted by so many things today! I am feeling really stressed at the moment with work and usually I stuff myself with chocolate. I had a box of chocolates on my dining room table I bought for a friend, I was so close to opening them this morning, but instead I drove miles out of my way to drop it off to her! I then went to a friends house, she bakes the most amazing cakes, but I resisted!

I am off out now with some friends to the pub. I am driving, so I will stick to diet coke. At least I will wake up to my 2 young children with a clear head tomorrow.
Tomorrow is going to be a bit of a nightmare. I have to take my children to a music class, then go straight to a birthday party over lunch time. I will be out of the house from 9.30 until 3pm. From the sound of it, it will be pizza and cake!!! And I will be hungry! I am not sure I will feel comfortable with taking my own packed lunch. I will need to come up with a plan.
Again another good day (so far!) I chose a red day today. I had a bowl of branflakes for breakfast (HEa&b) Then took my children to music class, then straight to a birthday party over lunch. There was lots of nice things to eat..pizza, crisps, sausages, cake, but I resisted it all! I had loads of crab stick though (syn free) and water.

For tea I made pork burgers with lots of onion and carrot. I had a small brown bun and cheese (HEa&b). Later I will have a syn free yogurt (maybe some grape nuts sprinked on the top- 3 syns). If I am still hungry I will have some pineapple!

The sun is shining, and I am feeling good! :)
Not a good day yesterday! It started off ok, but in a 5 minute lapse of focus, I ate 5 mini homemade biscuits. They can’t be that many syns can they?? Felt very guilty afterwards, and did 30 minutes on the Wii, burning 165 cals (probably not even one biscuit!)
It is going to be a stressful week. I have deadlines at work I must complete. Stress usually means I crave very high syn foods such as cake, chocolate and biscuits. I am going to plan plan plan!
I am going to have another red day today. The sun is shining, it is a lovely day! I have had some branflakes and milk (HEa&b) this morning; I have lots of salad left in the fridge from the weekend. Some chicken breast, ham and boiled eggs so that will be my meals sorted for the rest of the day.
I plan to get on the Wii again today. Maybe some hula hooping, jogging and step.
hyer your doing really well! Stess causes me to want chocolate and fatty foods to lol. Your only 4 pounds away from you first stone award, you can do it xx
Thanks Emma Its strange, usually I would be stressed, but I am doing ok at the moment (deadline is tomorrow so I may be then !!!) Maybe it’s my new healthy eating!!!?? Actually joking aside, I am feeling really good, I am usually feeling tired and sluggish, especially when I replace meals with chocolate and cake! Why is it then that I would chose that over healthy meals!?!

Yesterday was a good day..today it is going to be a similar day. Lots of salad. I bought some salmon, so I will have that for my tea. I thought I will try an omelette for lunch. I have some mushrooms and red onion (I find strong tastes fill me up more..I know, sounds strange).

I tried on my summer clothes last night. I could only fit into one pair of short trousers! One pair I couldn’t even up past my knees! I could put then on last year, but I put them away because they kept popping open. I hate it when the sun is shining and I am feeling fat and frumpy! I think I may need to go out and treat myself to some summer fat clothes. There is no point in thinking I will fit into my old clothes this year!
I need to get on the Wii fit to pass my May challenge.. I have just over 3 hours left to complete! (I tend to leave it all until the last week!!)

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