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Deathly Hallows


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I need to get this off my chest.

I've been going to the cinema every night since Friday watching all of the Harry Potter films thus far (and only having a few Maltesers or an Alpen light bar!) and tonight is the night. Deathly Hallows Part 1 at 20:15 followed by 00:05 showing of Deathly Hallows Part 2. I'm so excited. I haven't read all of the books (I read up to Goblet of Fire) and I don't know how it's going to end. Anyone going to watch it or remotely excited about it?

My name is Helen, I'm 32 and I'm a Harry Potter addict! :silly:
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Omg I'm OBSESSED!!! I can't Describe the excitement for seeing the movie but also I'm really dreading it because I know this is the end & that i wont have another to look forward to!!

Saying that this was my favorite book and cannot wait to see the battle scene because that was the best moment in the whole series!!!!


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I read all but the last book, just couldn't get into it. I have only seen the first 2 films.

I want to read all the books again and I'd like to watch all the films - take a week off and watch one a day :)


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Very excited!! I'm a Harry potter geek. Love the books, love the films, just love it!

Got to wait for sil to decide when we are going.


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Starlight - I was the same at the beginning.

My fella wanted to go and see Deathly Hallows 1 last year and I wasn't at all interested but said I'd go with him if I watched all the others before hand and understood what was going on. The first three films I just didn't understand the hype. Then Goblet of Fire changed EVERYTHING. I'm hooked badly. I can't be an uberfan as I've not been there from the off but as a new recruit to it, I'm pretty much obsessed.

Chiefbridesmaid - I understand completely. After tonight, it's all over and I'm going to be gutted but at least I have the books forever and I'll read them over and over I'm sure.

I also have a bit of a crush on Lucius Malfoy. How wrong is that?!

J.K. Rowling deserves every single penny she's earned from this.
I've never got the hype either. Can honestly say I've never read the books or watched any of the films, and have absolutely no desire to... Kiddie make believe just doesn't wash!!


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I've read all the books and seen all the films, it may be sad to say (being nearly 22) but really looking forward to seeing the last film but really gutted it's the last one!


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Am so jealous of you, I would love to have a harry potter marathon and can't see the final film till payday at the end of the month! I am a tad obsessed with harry potter, took days off when the final two books were released and read them each in a day :) Enjoy, but take your tissues!!! x


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Total Harry Potter geek here too!!! Read the books loads of times and I have my tickets for tomorrow. Couldn't go tonight/tomorrow morning :-(
What a great idea to watch them all in a marathon session!!
My fave is azkaban, but I'm thinking this one is gonna be amazing and sad all in one go!
I've read all the books and loved them though the first two/three were my favourites because they were all about the magic and the cross between Muggles and Magic, I felt the last few books were Hollywood led and lost their innocence and the magic.

Having said all that I still love it! The films are a bit lacking compared to the books IMO but I shall still watch the last one, once the hype has died down a little and the cinemas aren't so packed!
Me too!!! Love love love Harry Potter!! Have read all the books, watched all the films and have my ticket booked for midnight tonight - V V V EXCITED!!!

Am having a date night with husbands best friend as he's obsessed too!!! Husbands pleased to get tv time on his own!!!

Hope everyone enjoys it!!


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I've never got the hype either. Can honestly say I've never read the books or watched any of the films, and have absolutely no desire to... Kiddie make believe just doesn't wash!!
Now you see - if you had read any of the books you would know that they are not 'kiddie make believe' but so much more

Not that I see anything wrong with 'kiddie make believe' any way - living in a world without imagination or escapism would be very dull and boring ... and rather saddening


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me and hubby love the harry potter films have just booked the tickets for saturday xx
I have VIP tickets booked for Sunday :) I have watched all the films this week every evening, deathly hallows part 1 will be tomorrow evening.. So amazing the whole story it's a fantasy world I love!!! I would just die to visit hogwarts and see all the magic!!!


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Love Harry Potter and can't wait to see the last movie. I have read all the books several times each, I would always read them again before the new films came out. I am saddened because each summer it seemed that there would be a Harry Potter book or movie to look forward to. No more for that series.

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