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Debating a hair makeover....


Slimming down the aisle
I've got a friend staying for a few days and she wants her hair done so we're heading to the hairdressers this afternoon, made an appointment yesterday.

So I'm debating getting my hair cut, short, but I don't know! I have had shortish before and people liked it, but I can't really picture it on me anymore. And part of me thinks I'll miss being able to put my hair up and having just one style choice and stuff! But then I also want something new and different. Especially as I start new job on Monday.

Spoke to my old hairdresser who is also a friend, and she suggested a graduated bob to around my jaw line, but choppy and messy. But I don't know! But then I never am, hairdressers scare me, always worry it'll go wrong!

What do you guys think?

They offer a pretty cheap walk in service... if they have free stylists. So I'm thinking maybe use that as a test of fate? If they can fit me in, go for it, if they can't, well then it's not meant to be. But I just don't know! I did like it last time I think, but I want it messier, choppier. But then don't want to get stuck with hair I don't like, but everyone says I should. I just don't know!

What do you guys think I should do?

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Slimming down the aisle
See, everyone's saying that to me, it'll grow back, but it'll take a while to do it! I think I might just do it though... be brave... eek!


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Be brave, I did and I loved my bob. Plus there is always clip in extensions like I use which will instantly give you long hair again! x


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I always like to walk on the wild side. Go For It. hey if you dont like it treat yourself to a wig. i've got loads coz i'm always changing my mid about my hair lol
Go for it! you'll look great!! and as Gem said, you can always add hair extensions to it if you do fancy 'something different' :) be sure to post pics up once you've gone for the chop!
I'm having the same convo with myself as my appointment is for tomorrow. My hair is way too long and down the middle of my back, shaped round my face with a side fringe. I've been thinking maybe a lily allen type bob which is longer but choppy might be nice. Let us know what you decide.


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bob sounds great! i always recommened a new hair colour if you feel like a new you, i do it all the time, i once even had jet black hair with a white (white blonde bleached the crap out of it) stipe at the front cause i liked the sweeney todd film lol. also had ruby red and plum colours, its great so i say go for it!


Slimming down the aisle
I am TERRIBLE with hair colours, I do it all the time! My colour is pretty good at the moment though, so I'm going to stick with that. And then maybe see my hairdresser friend in London if I want colour later, I trust her more! And she's much better :)

I've had...
jet black with bright blue bits
black with red bits
brown with red bits
brown with red and blonde bits

They weren't like highlights, but big chunks underneath that kind of flash through.

Think my favourite has been brown with red, and I think that's what I might do.

I've made an appointment for hair cut today at 3.15.... eek!!

Gem... extensions... are they any good? where do you get them? do you do them yourself?

Thanks everyone :)
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I get a full set off eBay for about £30. They just clip in under your hair and provided you get the right colour and the human hair ones, they blend in really well. All the pictures of me in my albums with long hair, are with clip in extensions x


Slimming down the aisle
Oooh, interesting.... I might have to keep that as an option then! Though, I might ask you to help me find them, I haven't got a clue! lol


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go for it, let fate decide if the stylist is free and then you can have it done!

and STBLG I love hair exttensions too, use they quite a bit x


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My goodness, haven't you girls discovered Hairstyler yet?! :eek: I would never change my hair without consulting that first! You upload a pic of your face, and just add hairstyles to it until you find one you like. They've got thousands on there, all different lengths, colours, etc. Give it a try - it's great! (Prepare to put some time aside - it's addictive!)


:D :queen:


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I have tried Hairstyler but I never look decent on it lol!!! I prefer to be daring and take the plunge! However my hair is cut, I can rework it to suit me. I remember having a hair disaster and I was left with it about 2ins all over. I bought some wax and messied it up a bit and voila! I loved it! x


Slimming down the aisle
Yup, I've tried those things before and they never give me a decent idea really. I just try and trust the hairdresser!


WILL be Slim!
do it!
I had mine done at Toni and Guy on wednesday with a senior stylist (it was a spir of the moment thing) and she did a super job! She was full of ideas!
I have always had a dull bob type cut....and now my hair is a lot more trendy and funky....i love it! Would never have asked for it!

The best thing to do if your funny about hairdresses (like me) is spend a bit more on a higher stylist....and then just go in and ask them! you should be able to go into a hairdresses and ask for an opinion before they edward scissorhands you hun! If you dont like what they suggest, either look through some mags with them or just turn on your heels and go home until next time your brave! lol

It makes me feel so much better about myself when i have a new hair do....and it does grow back....!

Rather change your look/style than have the same predictable do each time hun!!! :D



Post-Menopausal Maniac!
I feel I have to apologise about Hairstyler! :eek: It used to be brilliant when I used it before, but I just went back to have a look at it, and now it's rubbish!! There's hardly any hairstyles in comparison to what there was before, and they're nearly all based on photos of celebrities (who cares what Paris Hilton's hair looks like?! :mad:) instead of proper hairstyle pictures. And the face alterations that you used to be able to do are hopeless too (my lipstick colour ended up stuck on my nose). Don't use it! And I apologise again!!

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