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Deborandum's Diary

I can. You can. Dukan

I am just approaching the end of day 2 (attack) and the side effects are really starting to emerge. My breath absolutely stinks, even my kitty is repulsed by it. I think, in fact, we are having a breath-off!!! I am tired! I fell asleep after my 40 minute walk but the bonus is that whilst sleeping I am not thinking of food! My headache is starting. It's not too bad at the moment but I can feel that, by bedtime, I will be nursing my head.

I'm generally doing ok with it though. Luckily, I have this week off as I start a new job next week. I purposefully proposed to start Dukan this week as I knew I could devote my time to the diet, reading the book, food shopping, re-reading the book, nursing side effects, re-reading the book, chatting on this forum etc.... So far, the time off had really helped me focus. Hopefully, next week at my new job, I wont be stressing about the diet as I will have planned the menus for next week and cooked everything up prior.

So....a little about me.

I am 31 years of age and started to gain my weight in my late teens and have never really managed my weight, never been in control (or at least FELT like I was in control). I live in Derbyshire with my boyfriend of 5 years and our two kitties. I have a degree in History and American Studies and am a qualified adult lecturer of English and History. I am really into rock music and love live music events; everything from concerts to festivals. My favourite colour is green and waltzers make me giggle!
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Lovely to meet you Deborandum... I'm sorry that you're suffering from Dukan 'flu already, but keep drinking the H2O and you'll be fine. Glad to see you have kitties... I'm Mum to two little ones myself.

It's good to post your menus each day - even in advance if you're organised - so that we can keep an eye on your food intake. At your current weight, it's important to eat enough protein, so don't hesitate to eat plenty. Many oldtimers swear they lose more weight the days they eat the whole chicken, rather than just the leg ;)

Good luck!
Well, day 3 is dawning. I've just been for my morning bathroom session and I've lost 4lbs already. WOW!!!

Luckily my headache didn't do anything other than fizzle out. I went for a 40 minute walk and then hit Makro last night for my next 3 months of protein!!! My freezer is now rammed with chicken breasts, steaks and lean mince!

What did I eat yesterday? Nothing very exciting...

Breakfast - 2 boiled eggs and lean ham
Lunch - gallette and Greek yogurt for pudding
Snack - prawns and lean ham
Dinner - homemade burgers
Snack - crab sticks

I'll post today's menu later when I've looked at my plan...

My OH is doing this attack phase with me for a bit of support so I'm desperate to know what he's lost!

Btw, I feel FAB this morning! Sexy as hell!!
Today's menu -
Breakfast - steak and cottage cheese
Lunch - gallette, beef and prawns
Dinner - chicken and beef with Greek yogurt for pudding.

My MIL brought round a bag of Malteasers.....I've stuffed them in the back of the fridge behind loads of stuff!

Had an afternoon nap and went to the cinema so kept my mind occupied.

Mentally, I'm there. I'm not feeling hungry; I feel great but I'm really tired! My eyes feel stingy and heavy. Maybe I'm sleeping too much?
Just woken up to day 4 of Attack phase. Sadly, the scales have not moved overnight :0( I'm hoping the scales move every 2 days for me!

Today's menu so far

Breakfast - 2 boiled eggs and lean ham
Snack - Greek yogurt
Lunch - crab sticks and beef

I have to admit to being VERY hungry today. Really hungry. I actually think it's thirst more than anything so I have upped my intake of fluids. Let's hope that this makes a difference on the scales.
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Hi I see in the main forum your weight is sticking in attack.

How many crab sticks are you eating?
What beef are you having - is it packet or cooked from a joint?
Again what type of ham?
Is your greek yoghurt 0% fat?
Hi I see in the main forum your weight is sticking in attack.

How many crab sticks are you eating?
What beef are you having - is it packet or cooked from a joint?
Again what type of ham?
Is your greek yoghurt 0% fat?
Crab sticks - 8
Beef - mixture of packet and steaks. All fat (if any) removed, all labels checked for additional sugars etc....
Ham.....same as beef but limiting this
Greek yoghurt is 0%


Not very good at this!
HI, you are really better off eating meat you have cooked yourself rather than relying on deli meats which often contain a lot of salt and sometimes added starches. Crab sticks are also rather nasty and sugary and processed :)

Try cooking a whole chicken instead and picking at that. To be honest your loss isn't bad and you can't really expect huge losses every week. Remember the hare and the tortoise!! - just stick at it!

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