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Deb's Diary

Well, I had my first weigh in today and lost 3lb's. :scale:
I found it quite easy at the beginning of the week to get into the diet and then come the weekend I lost it a bit. :eek:
I could probably have lost more if I had been really good all week and could kick myself for my slip. But I guess 3lbs is better than none.
Here's to a good weight loss this week.
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Hey cheeky, you are not painting a good picture of me here. you would think I was scatty or something. :giggle:

I will attempt to do another one. You know how I am with computers. AAAAH!!!!!!


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Well done!! Congratulations on your weight loss you must be thrilled xx
Hi Clair,

Well, this week has been a total disaster.:break_diet:
I started off the week not too bad, but have steadily gone down hill. I am dreading weighing myself on Monday, as I know I have probably put on.
Woke up this morning and made up my mind to give it a right good go before Monday. That was, of course, before I ended up going for lunch with hubby as he is on his days off. Tried so hard not to have anything naughty, but ended up with an empire biscuit. I did actually want the scone with jam and cream, but thought the empire biscuit was a safer option.
Thoroughly enjoyed it though. I can't do this. It's amazing how crap you feel after you have eaten something you shouldn't have.
Anyway, have to try harder.
Hope you are all doing ok.
Had my weigh in today and lost 1lb. Not great, but considering the week I have had it's a bonus. I really thought I would have put some on.

Going shopping today to get more of the RIGHT foods in and not chocolate biscuits and the likes.

Onward and upward. Still hoping to get a big amount off for November, so have to try harder. :ashamed0005:
Well done on losing 1lb :clap: Its going in the right direction Debs thats the main thing.

Having a house full of the right food is a huge help... Ive nothing in at all... tho the Tesco.com order is in - payday tomorrow :bliss: lol

Heres to a great week this week. We'll need to get something organised next week when Im off - unless you want to come over to mine this week
Wow well done debs!!

1 lb off is better putting on hehe. How are you doing yours are you going to meetings or doing it on your own. How much have you lost now altogether as your ticker has not moved.

Come on girl move that ticker as that is the best insentive. when you get to move that every week hehe (sad aint I).

Good luck for the next week and stop disappearing on us, we like to know how you are doing.......xx
Hi Clair,

Thank you very much. Yeah, I guess its better off than on. As I type this Starlight is trying to fix my ticker for me. I am such a techno-phobe. No idea about computers, other than how to email and shop. :)

I am trying to do it on my own just now. Can't really manage to classes with my husbands shifts. I am going to have to try and get on here more. It's finding the time. I am studying just now and sometimes I don't have enough hours in the day. I need to have a 36hr day, as I am sure most of us do.

Anyhoo, trying really hard today. Not had a choccie biscuit so far. I know I can have them, but once I start I cannot stop. He! He!

You are all doing so well. I need to lose most of it for November. Fingers crossed.

Keep well. :wavey:
Well done on your 1lb loss Debs! That's 1lb of fat now gone, that can't be bad can it ;)

Keep up the good work, and keep away from those biccies! Lol!!

Looking forward to keeping an eye on your progress - I'm sure you'll do GREAT!



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Your ticker is great. Have I missed something ? What is happening in November ? I know its really hard but the reward is seeing that ticker move, keep up the good work.

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