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debtdummy diary day one

hi for anyone how is bored enough to read my diary . It is not going to be a food diary, more of a motivation and record .
Today was bad one , so good day to start this. We went to argos clearance and ikea in birmingham and didnt really take anything slimming world food ish with us.
Good day for me and bf as recently both been workin hard and since i rang adoption agency and they stated we couldnt start adoption till bf was devorce we have been ...... distant.
We back on track and i have brought some ovulation test strips from ebay to see if we can get any idea if i am ovulating and when.:cry:
so as u can read, we have alot of stuff going on and so the chocolate and cakes seem to win against the fruit. on going battle. i tried weight watchers for 3rd attempt and only lost 2.5lb in 18 weeks due to yo yo gaining and losing.
In july after holiday in tenerife and coming home the heavest i have ever been 14st 2!!! i decided to give sw a go. so 5 weeks in im down to 13st 6lb . (7.5)loss with sw :rolleyes:.
so everyday i will keep u posted of what i have refrained from eating .. and was just hopped into my mouth.
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If its not a food diary do you want me to move it to the general SW diary section
i dont know.... erm.. the reason im doing it is to keep me motivated , i suppose i could write my food down, will anyone slap me if i get values of syns wrong, maybe that would help... erm erm erm. starlight what would u do, ?
hi all day 2
B/m 9am, 11.40am
very very motivated and went gym at 10.50am!!! 40 mins on various weights and treadmill.
breakfast Chocolate weetabix so HEB +2 syns milk as HEA(odd tasting not sure of them yet)

Banana for mid morning snack

Lunch was jacket potato, turkeymince, passata, mushroom, sweetcorn,peppers,chopped tomatoes and mixed herbs.
vitalight spread 1/2 tsp ( will add syns when i know them)
Danone activia strawberry yoghurt

3.40pm grapes, strawberry,orange,apple,nectarine and sugar free juice .
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today walked round bradgate park with 24 3 yr olds
breakfast fruit and fibre 56grams so syned
lunch ham salad
strawberry, grape, banana
Enjoying your diary DD - keep posting! X
the kids were fantastic , they such great kids, laughed at me sitting with them eating salad and they had choc cakes, sausage rolls, cocktail sausages.. im soooo glad i was good
day 4....
fruit and fibre soya milk
usual ham salad, but added cracker bread today
nectarine and banana
banana muller light
tuna pasta recipe in sw mag,
only thing i need syns help with is half a bagel....??
day 5,
Thank for the syns for bagel, worst thing happened today tho.
usual fruit and fibre breakfast
instead of salad i took in asda version of mugshot, YUK!!!!!
SO THE EVIL MUFFIN GOT ME, thats right i ate a cherry muffin.......
then kids snack time i ate bbq snack a jacks!!!! 6 syns!!! my whole week ruined ...... then i egt home after hard day and other staff not doing there job, 6 squares of cadbury chocolate and then!!!!!!!!! i weighed myself.i dont do that, its not me. but i did it.

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