Deceive. [poem]


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This poem is something I wrote around three years ago, and it's something important to me. Hence all the subtle messages which maybe you people won't understand. Anyway, I'd love to share my fourteen year old "talent" since I haven't made any changes to it since I've gotten older. XD

It was just one day ago
we were crying together
odd should we say
a group of lions is called a pride

It was yesterday
we were staring at the delicate clouds
tasting nothingness on our tongues
letting the rainwater trickle down our throats

you touched my hand with your lips
moved closer to me with just your warmth
your eyes meeting mine
I blink, look again, and you're crying

You're sat infront of me
smiling with such inaudible falsetto
I couldn't hear it because you were gone
right before i could touch your heart
I looked at your closed eyes
saddened by the deceit
I walked away, didn't look back
I left you there, just like that.
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