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Reflections as I near goal.....

As some of you know from the daily, I reached goal on my own scales this morning but not official until CDC scales say the same! However, it has made me reflect on the journey as I move towards maintenance. As there are so many people on Minis just starting out I thought I would share my thoughts in the hope that it may help someone else. I apologise in advance if I am being a little self indulgent !!

It all started when reality decided to pay me an unexpected visit one Sunday afternoon. I had taken some photographs including underwear shots to send off to “How to Look Good Naked” which I had done. However, in a quiet moment I spent a little longer looking at them and the result was complete emotional meltdown. I couldn’t understand how something that made me so unhappy was something I still wasn’t able to control. I started to look around on the web and came across Cambridge. Following long discussions with my husband who was concerned that it was safe I booked an appointment with my local counsellor. So on 7th August a rather self conscious, sad and somewhat defeated me sat in front of Sandy with a heart full of hope. Little did I know then that this would be the start of a journey that would change my life. I was full of both optimism and self doubt at the same but made a conscious decision to be really positive and to believe wholeheartedly it was going to work. I found Minimins and the support and inspirational stories only served to spur me on. I remember the first time I saw Icemoose’s mantra “Eyes down on the prize and don’t stop until you get there” … it really struck a cord …. don’t stop, don’t stop, don’t stop…..

The first week was a challenge but not as bad as anticipated and before long it felt just like a way of life. There were moments of temptation and cravings that suddenly sprung up from no where but as the weight came off I felt stronger and stronger within myself. I knew that I wanted the weight loss to continue more than I wanted to eat and so never felt cheating was an option. I watched with fascination as my body changed before my eyes and at times found it difficult to accept the new me looking back, who was she, what does she wear, how do I relate to her were just some of the questions that I had to work through, but, despite these questions I knew she was someone I wanted to get to know much much better. And so here we are nearly at the end of the weight loss part of my journey and I end it as I started it, crying, but this time tears of joy instead of despair. I can now look in a mirror and like what I see, do I love her yet? Well that is a strong emotion and I am working on it but what I will say is that I am damn proud of her.

For anyone starting out or on their journey there is nothing and I mean nothing that betters the feeling of achieving a long held dream, hang in there as I promise you it will be worth it. It may sound shallow and superficial but walking into a normal High Street chain store and picking up a size 10 to discover it fits rather than a size 22 in Elvi or Ann Harvey gives you a rush that no chocolate bar ever could. No it doesn’t solve all of life’s problems but somehow they all seem a little more manageable! I used to spend time reading success stories in the papers and magazines as well as seeing others around me lose weight and I would wish that were me. If you are reading this now and wishing, please please please don’t wish, make it happen, live the dream. I am no-one special, just your average fat bird that had had enough. This can be your reality too, follow the plan, stay strong and in the blink of an eye you will be your own inspiration.

I am now moving into maintenance, am I fearful, hell yes, but you know what, I was fearful when I began CD and look where I am now. I can do this if I allow myself to and I here and now give myself permission to succeed!

All my friends on Minis are an essential part of the journey and all play a part in my success, thank you, I love you all.

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Georgie tht was so honest and lovely to read CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I said you'd be a skinny mini before you knew it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT'll be me next :-D


Addicted to Minimins!
Thankyou so much for writing your account of your journey. You have done so well and you 'should' be very proud of the person you see everyday in the mirror because she is amazing. Your willpower and determination are what i aspire to have - hopefully one day i'll get there too.
Well done. *hugs* xxxx


Just wanted to say a big Thanks for sharing your story Porgeous!!!!
The years I have spent big have flown by, every xmas I wonder how the year has gone and I have done nothing about it, each new year I say I will do something, each February I tell myself I have plenty of time....and so it has repeated every year.
I am on day 11 and I feel as if the days are moving so slowly....I am fighting to get my 'buzz' back.
Your post has helped to recharge my enthusiasm to "get my eyes down on the prize"
Thank you
Georgie - I think you are a great woman. You were my first "encounter" here at minimins and you have always gone out of your way to support and encourage all of us when the going has got tough. Also the first to praise us when we have done well - however big or small the lbs we have lost.
You are the one I look to when I feel weak because you are such a positive person.
You took the time to email me to keep me going when I was feeling like crap.
I thank you for all of this.
Of course you will still be filled with a certain amount of trepidation but - with your track record and positive attitude I KNOW that you will succeed maintenance and beyond.
I wish you so much happiness and love in your life. You deserve it mate.
All the best
gorgeous porgeous, :D:D:D what a lovely post, so honest and so heartfelt. You have done soooooooo fantastically well and you know how much inspiration you have given me and continue to do so.
I'm thrilled to have been here with you from day one and now I'm here to see you at the end of your weight loss journey and what a pleasure it is, you so deserve to be as happy as you are right now hun, well done to you.

:cry::D:cry::D:cry: these are happy tears!!!

xx sj xx
Well done, you are a true inspiration. This is my first time on the forum as I start on W8 matters on Tuesday 29th so thought I would sign up now and meet a few people for support.
Your photos are amazing and you should be so proud as you deserve it !! Hope you stay on the site as I would welcome your encouragment.

Georgie - Congratulations!! Reading your words have made me shed a tear or two!! Everything you describe prior to your CD journey is how i feel now. Starting the CD tomorrow and feel so inspired by your words! Thankyou for being so positive and such an inspiration. I would love you as a CDC!!!! xxxxxx :D
Georgie - thank you so much for sharing.....and well done on your fab loss - you look amazing !!!

good luck with the maintenance.....

Debz xx


Silver Member
Congratulations and well done Georgie on reaching your goal!! :party0019:

What a fantastic and heartfelt post, your a brilliant inspiration to me and no doubt countless others on here. You will do great with maintenance, i'm sure of that :)
georgie, well done on ur weight loss. and tanx for posting your journey has really made me want to stick to cb (starting sunday)
hopefully you will stick around here well done girl ;)


Finally...Life begins
Well done you have done so well and so you should be proud of yourself!! Hope hubby is treating you to lots of new clothes now!! :0)


Addicted to Minimins
Hiya I don't do CD I do SW but I regularly pop in this forum for a nosey. I think what you wrote there will be such an inspiration to so many people new or old to CD you have done fantastic well done....:)
gorgeous Georgie, I am so so happy for you. I echo what everyone else has said, you have been so supportive and strong to others that are struggling. You are one of the nicest, genuine, caring people I have ever "met" and now you look super sexy too!!

I think you should strongly consider becoming a CDC as you could be a real inspiration to others in "real life"


To infinity and beyond!
I just want to echo the same thoughts as everybody else, you are such an inspiration on this site.
Totally agree with WL8S, you should consider becoming a CDC, maybe move back up to Solihull and we will both become customers :D


Back to the grindstone!!
What a brilliant story. You have done so well and it is fantastic to read and I am sure it will inspire others to achieve what you have.
Good luck with the maintanance. I am sure you will approach it with a sensible head as you have done all the way through this journey.

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