December 1st...


And so i can officially start getting excited about Christmas!!

Lol, i've hated Christmas for the past 3 years because of being on my own but this year i'll be spending it with my boyfriend and his family and trying my absolute best to stay on plan!

I've already marked in my diary when i'm putting the decorations up (13th-14th December) and i'm using it as a motivational tool cause i have a red Mrs Santa outfit thats a bit too tight for me at the moment and i want to wear it on the 20th. Hoping to lose another half stone by then. Rarrr!!!

Good Morning to all and have a wonderful Monday!!!

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morning Brittany! i want to lose half by then too so fingers crossed XXX

Mrs V

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Im looking forward to Christmas more this year, but purely for my little girl who is 3...she can actually understand whats going on now!!
I want to look good for the Christmas parties, although my first one is this Friday and I dont think that even being 100% good, is going to help me loose that 1 stone!! Lol, never mind!!


If you don't believe in yourself you've already lost the battle.

I know you have every chance of it - you need to believe it too. xxx

Mrs V

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Lol....I'll be happy with 1lb loss Hun at least I know its off rather than on!!


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Morning. I never start planning for Christmas till the 1st Dec. and then always love the buzz leading up to the 25th. This year I aim to stay on the plan as much as possible so the guilt involved with "stuffing my face" isnt going to happen like it has other years. Our weigh in day is usually thurs. so we have the chance of being weighed on the tues. of christmas week and the week after as an added incentive.


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Well i would also love to lose a half stone. I can't wait until christmas. I have all the kids stuff in and wrapped. It is the baby's first christmas, she is nearly 10mths, and my 7 year old is excited too. I am also excited due to my gran, she is getting out of hospital on wednesday. She has been in since the end of may. Her cancer is inactive at the moment, so it will be a happy christmas.

QB you will have a great christmas with your oh and his family, and i'm sure you will have lost that 7lbs by then.


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I love love love love love Xmas!! :4616:My decs inside went up last wednesday and my outside ones went up yesterday. I still have some more lights to put up around the windows but I need to get my bum off the sofa 1st!!

I started buying pressies in Septmeber as I have 3 girls and business is quiet so I spending a little bit each week helps. I used my Tesco Clubcard vouchers for all the Xmas nibbles and alcohol.

The girls were so excited this morning cos they got to open the 1st window of their advent caldender. I prefer the build up to Xmas rather than the day itself. Everyone seems to be in a kinder mood and all that x


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snap bettylollypop its my baby first christmas to and my dd is also 7.

this is gonna be such a special xmas for us we had a hard time getting zac was ttc 5 years 2 m/c i never thought i'd have a xmas with to kids (omg i'm a wuss i'm crying)

i set myself a 2 stone by xmas target when i joined 10 weeks ago i have 10lb left to lose so hoping i can do it.
i love xmas and am already planning