Decent weight losses with PCOS?


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I am wondering if it is possible and if so how to get a decent weekly loss! When you hear of others losing 6 pound a week it makes my 1/2 a pound seem pitiful! I know that any loss is good but is there away to speed things up (I am not touching metformin again!!)
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Me too, I keep failing. My hormones go crazy and I hit the chocolate and undo everything I've achieved.


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I'm doing herbalife diet at the moment and excercising I'm enjoying it and loosing 1.5 a week sometimes more but a loss is a loss. Keep at it girls, I've also avoid eating rubbish for a full 2 weeks I'm really proud ;/) x


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I've keep getting annoyed with this very same thing! Everyone seems to loose 2-4lbs a week so easily and I find it hard to get 1lb off with being really really good and lots of excercise. It's frustrating!


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I've lost over 5 stones so far, the first 4 was pretty easy. Since then it's slowed but I have toned a lot and while the weight hasn't moved as quick I have lost as many inches with the last 1.5 stone as the first 4. It is very frustrating to watch others shedding lbs in a week doing less than me.


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It is frustrating but I guess you just have to get into the mindset that a loss is a loss, and that the slower it comes off, the more likely it is to stay off.
I get frustrated with it being so slow, although my losses havent been too bad so far (I'm on SW) but they are starting to slow down.

I dont mind losing half lbs here and there if I can have the odd 'booster' week every now and again where I can lose 3 or 4 lbs. It is frustrating though when other people seem to be able to do it so much more easily. But all bodies are different, and if your pace is slower then so be it. Whenever Ive done diets before Ive ruined it by being impatient and then giving up when it hasnt happened so soon.
My attitude this time is different and I understand its a long term goal as opposed to a quick fix and hoping that helps me to stick with it!


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I have PCOS, have lost 2st 13lbs in just under 3 mths , another 7 to go. have always had a constant battle with my weight, diagnosed with PCOS approx 5 yrs ago, i am am on it now tho i will beat it
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Have any of you looked at insulin resistance and cutting down your carbs? I've got the full works of pcos, endo and fibroids and struggled to get off a total of 3 stone in the 5 years since I hit my top weight. I've lost just short of 5 stone in 7 months using a mixture of different ketogenic plans. The evidence is pretty compelling - check out Dr Michael R Eades blogs amongst many others. I'm now looking to shift a little more, but maintain in the main by adopting a low carb lifestyle using a 5:2 intermittent fasting approach to drop another stone. I can't tell you how much better I feel in every single aspect from ditching carbs, it's worth a shot :)


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S: 17st4.5lb C: 16st3lb G: 13st0lb BMI: 35.5 Loss: 1st1.5lb(6.39%)
I have insulin resistance as part of my PCOS which is why I always struggle to lose weight. I have cut down on carbs a lot but I do still have them in moderation. I am losing weight slowly and surely - If I need a bit of a boost I will cut carbs completely but while i am still losing weight whilst eating them I am making the most of it!!


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Man, I was terrified I wouldn't be losing significant amounts, especially with such an extreme diet as Lipotrim. I just didn't think that with PCOS I'd have anything above minimal losses and be inspired to give the hell up but nope, first weigh in, down by over a stone. It's working for me and I have hypothyroidism too. Shocked. Overjoyed. Overwhelmed. Feeling bloody great.


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but yeah I did hear about the ketogenic-insulin resistance relationship and I'm aware Lipotrim is a keto diet which is probably why it's working for me..


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I have a really hard time loosing weight i have tried sw and ww with no luck so am now going to give a VLCD a go I have heard such good things about it especially kick starting weight loss I always find the any loss with any other method is so slow its really hard to stay positive so hopefully this may work!
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I have insulin resistance along with a string of other horrible symptoms and I have been doing Slimming world for 5 weeks now and dropped 15lbs.

It can be done, but you have to really want to do it. I spent so long blaming my bad habits on PCOS but you have control of your life and habits and can make your decisions a positive one!
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On slimming world, if you follow the plan 100% you can lose a steady amount each week. I am. You can also try the success express menu it really boasts weight loss, it's on slimming world page but you have to be a member! :)


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I think it honestly depends on your body and the way pcos is in it. My friend and I did sw and we both have pcos, mines a little more severe than hers though. I've got the excess hair, missing periods , the full works. As she only has missing periods. But sw works for her and the carbs in my favour worked totally against me. It all depends. Good luck though, at the end of the day, a loss is a loss :)


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It can be done. I lose on average 2-3 lb a week. The week after my monthly's I easily double that. But I do have a lot of weight to lose! Maybe once Ive lost another 5 stone it will slow down but I am not complaining. Every body works different even without all the added extra's like PCOS so who knows. I had what I call a bad week last week and only lost a pound and a half. Compared to what I have been getting it wasn't great but still a loss so I should be more positive about it. All the best and good luck :)


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Metformin is a bad word to me also. I saw that someone had some luck with Glaucophage slow release tabs so I asked my GP about those and have started taking them. So far so good, not anywhere near as bad as metformin which made me miserable.

I do think that whether you are able to lose weight will depend on the diet you choose as well as your PCOS, as in what exactly is going on there.

I find it SO strange that in the UK - I'm from the US - the GPs and Gynaes all seem to want to prescribe Metformin and that's it. I can't even say if I've been tested for insulin resistance, think the doctors just here PCOS and voila, Metformin.
My Gynae in the States did blood work, figured out which hormones were high or low and then gave me meds to correct those. She explained that my hormones being all over the place were keeping me from losing weight, that if I tried, they treated my body as if it were pregnant and started storing the fat. After a month or so on the drugs, I was able to lose weight 'normally', didn't really need to watch what I ate although I didn't eat a lot of junk food either. I started feeling more energetic and did some walking, bought a treadmill which I used almost daily and the weight started to drop off. Slowly yes but I felt healthy.
(When I moved over here I stopped taking the meds because I was TTC. Didn't work and the weight crept back on which of course made it harder to TTC!)

Anyway, it's been very frustrating to me since I feel like I'm not getting appropriate help compared to my earlier experience. I have chosen Lipotrim because, after trying WW and other diets, I feel like I need to do something that drastic to get the weight off and hopefully help my PCOS symptoms, as well as prevent even scarier health issues.


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I vouch for SW as great, too!

I have been diagnosed with PCOS (lots of unwanted hair, periods were totally irregular and very heavy when they do show up, etc) and I've lost 4 stone now in 7 months! And I'm finding it very easy too :)

At first I was doing the carby days and eventually hit a plateau, lost a stone in a month doing carb free days (meat and veg like atkins which I thought I'd NEVER stomach but surprisingly am totally adjusted to now, no struggle at all!) with the odd carbs thrown in when desired. I really do recommend it, it's great :) I lose 2-4lbs a week on average, a few 5's too, but often have a week and a half ruined by * week which puts me up a few pounds.

Def try the low carbs thing, it is scary as hell at first but now I really don't miss pasta, rice etc, I don't crave things... and only really eat them when there is no other option I like at a restaurant or whatever!


When people say they have lost 1-4lb in a week, its flippin good motivation for themselves, absolutly but it shouldnt disheart other people if they don't have the same. Slow and steady wins the race and noone will continue to lose several lb's a week unless you are very large, as the larger you are the easier it will come off (in theory). Many of the first few lb's is water so if you have reduced certain food that contains salt, that can release water held by the body.

When it comes to losing weight, sugar is still the main culprit which is the main carb we are all eating. Don't just look at the calories on the ingredients, what many people do not realise is that sugar makes your body use that sugar as energy so insulin that's released to combat it will put the fat in the food to one side and store it instead.

Weight training is a superb way to burn away fat when done correctly, cardio is fantastic for burning fat there and then but adding in weight training 2-3 times a week is ideal to by far. Many have a more muscular figure due to PCOS which makes you actually benefit weight training more than normal women due to more muscle fibres that will need repairing afterwards, so burns more calories several days after you have done the actual weights.

My best mate has PCOS , is a very large girl but its coming off now she is doing cardio intervals and weight training.. and staying away from sugar.. it's not needed. Get it from blueberries and greek yogurt to replace desserts.

I could talk for hours about it but i saw the thread so thought I would add my bit :)