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Decided that xenical and me get along.. i'm sticking with it..

Okay so now im thinking rationally..

i lost over 100 bs on xenical.
i can exercise lots and still feel healthy on xenical
i dont have so much to worry about regaining the weight. with xenical
i feel healthier in general with xenical
a slow loss is better then a quick loss that is kinda superficial.

xenical is the way forward...

i guess i got greedy and wanted my prize ( more weightloss)... yes liprotrim works if u wanna feel ill and have no energy... but i need to do my daily exercise i feel so fit and active and ive come so far on xenical why would i swop to a 420 cal a day diet and stop exercise just for a few extra lb a week.

so not even a day into the diet i went to hip hop feeling weak and tired and injured my knee , my gym trainer said she wont train me if im on VLCD like ali said might happen..

so my choice was to stay on LT and ditch exercise...

or step up the exercise and accept a higher loss..

i think i made my mind up i will go back to taking xenical regually and exercise daily.....

i want my goals to be met but i want to be healthy and to do it teh right way and the way im doing it with xenical is a whole lifestyle change ... and its easier to stick too..

so girlies after being very stupid and wasting 36 quid on things i wont use.. im back and feeling more posistive now i know what is what in my head..

good things come to those that wait huh..

hope your all not depressed that im back :p

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gunna be a fatty for ever
yeay shes back!!!

i was a little concerned actually, cos even tho u'd planned to cut back on exercise it was still qutie a lot that u were gunna do!

U r proof that xenical works!! go0d to c u back

luv katie

Welcome back ;) Seriously though, sometimes we need to try other things to see what really does work for us.
thanks everyone :) back on xenical properly from today woohoo i feel better :)
I didnt know you had abandoned ship for a vlcd, so glad to see you ditched it for what works for you. Keep it up, you will get there xx
I didn't know you'd jumped ship either til I just saw your other post! and thought NOOOOOOOOOOO!! Then I saw this one and thought, phew! You've got 3 months til your mega-exercise-class! and you've got to be fit and healthy for that Piink!!

Your "slower" losses are still amazing! and are probs down to building up muscle - look how much fab exercise you do now! Why give that up?? And why give up eating lots of yummy food for hardly eating at all - especially when this is working!!

You're my inspiration!! don't jump ship!

lol dont worry girlies you cant get rid of me that easily , as we speak im eating my mid afternoon snack of grapes...

today i feel alive and hyper again yesterday i felt misreble and snappy (not myself) ...

if anything i have learnt my lesson that xenical actually helps you make a life change you can stick too..vlcd are not the same.


Go on smile! =)
Yay! Your back :) Welcome back, do what you feel is right for you.
I'm glad you posted your trials on here tho Piink, coz I was gonna swap to a VLCD (the Cambridge Diet) when I start bk to work and had some money coming in, but I now realise I like my new-found-love-of-exercise too much to give it up! and i don't want to just lose weight, i want to feel healthy and revitalised too! so think i too will be sticking with the cal counting, exercise and the magic blue pills!

Just a note - 2lbs a week consistantly is an amazing loss! especially with the exercise you're doing as you're building up muscle!

As I said to Katie, a good motivation is measure yourself all over with a measuring tape and record the inches then do it again in a months time - you'll def see a BIG difference, as exercise might "bulk" you up a bit for awhile in terms of lbs, because of muscle weighing more than fat, but exercise does start to change your body shape almost immediately, so the motivation you might not be getting from the scales you should DEF get from the measuring tape!


FYI - If you lost 2lbs a week for 17 months you'd lose nearly 10 stone!! so less than a year and a half to lose a person!! that's a massive amount of weight!!
totally yummymummy :p i posted this on here because i wanted you all to see my mistakes .. not saying its wring to do if you guys really wanted to but i think xenical is much healthier and better for you..

i am here to stay xx

and thanks reddd :p xx


Go on smile! =)
You're welcome Punkii hehe
:p thats me.... oh i wanted to ask you something , but it doesnt let me message you yet grrr , wanted to know if you knew how far leeds main lesuire center was from train center? xx


Go on smile! =)
Which one is it called?

thats the name of it . its for that thing im going to in november x


Go on smile! =)
You would have to get a bus from city center, its about 15-20mins
Okay thankyou


Go on smile! =)
If you like i could ask which bus number you need and where to catch it? :D
really?? that would be very kool of you.. ive never even been to leeds lol.. so im really nervous but its for a good cause lol

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