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Discussion in 'Very Low Calorie Diets' started by MiSsYB, 31 August 2006 Social URL.

  1. MiSsYB

    MiSsYB Member

    After a lot of thought...i honestly feel that the counselling part of LL really isnt helping me at all, and my counsellor really is quite rubbish :rolleyes:

    My 100 days is almost up...and i have about 2 weeks or so to find a local CDC in my area...

    I did however have a couple of questions (sorry!)

    I wanted to know all the flavours available on it soups, shakes, bars, or tetras (?)...I hear that the shakes comes in cartons as opposed to packs (on LL) ?

    Its 3 packs a day on the CD? As most of you know, its 4 packs on LL ... and i struggle with 4, can only have 3!

    Last but not least...cost...? I know its a whole lot cheaper than LL...but i got a rough idea from a friend that its abour 32 quid for 21 packs and 40 quid for 28 packs?

    Oh, any CDC's in the north london area? :D

    Thanks all ;)
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  3. MiSsYB

    MiSsYB Member

    Oh i also wanted to add...

    What do i tell my current LL counsellor why i no longer want to stick with LL or her i dont want to tell the truth in order to offend! :eek:
  4. suki

    suki Member

    CD flavours that I know of
    Tetras (cartons)- chocolate velvet, banana bliss
    Shakes - Banana, butterscotch, chocolate, choc mint, fruits of the forest, toffee and walnut, vanilla, cappuccino, strawberry
    Soups - Vegetable, spicy tomato, chicken and mushroom, oriental chilli
    Bars - Caramel, Chocolate, Orange, Malt Toffee, Cranberry Crunch and Peanut Crunch
    Also mix a mouse available and two water flavours - berry and orange, I think
    I pay £1.55 per item, except mix amouse and water flaovours (they are more)
    You have four per day if you are a woman over 5'8" or a man, otherwise 3.
    Hope this helps. There is a website - , with more info
  5. happygal

    happygal Banned

    I actually had this worry about the 3 shakes only as well but was speaking to someone on another forum who is over 5ft 8 so has the 4 but is hardly able for them. Im nearly 5ft 8 but will just miss it so Im gonna be in the same boat with the 3 shakes a day. With the support on here you can do it!!
  6. Tash86

    Tash86 Member

    Hi Missy!

    I too made the switch from LL to CD around week 11 of the plan.

    I'm a bit rubbish on the flavours as I'm a bit boring and tend to stick to the same ones but here goes (someone may need to correct me or add more!)


    Spicy Tomato
    some sort of chicken and mushroom?! (sorry I don't eat soup!!)


    Chocolate Mint (my fav!)
    Toffee and Walnut (makes the best muffin ever!)
    Fruits of the Forest

    (there may be a couple more)

    Tetras (ready made shakes in a carton - i mostly use these and there fab frozen - it makes really good soft scoop ice cream!)


    Bars (I hated the LL bars so these are a real treat!)

    Malt Toffee

    I think its 3 packs a day if your under 5'8.

    Cost wise - the retail price is £32.something (god I'm rubbish!!) but cd's can set there own rates - mine is 33.60 a week and then charges for 20p extra for bars and tetras and as I mostly have these mine is usually around £35 a week!

    Hope that helps!!

    P.S - Are you switching straight over or taking a break? I think the general consensus is to try not to have a break once your in the swing of things!

    Good Luck

    Tash xx
  7. MiSsYB

    MiSsYB Member

    Great, thanks for all that...i thought tetras were chocolate bars...but if you refridgerate them or freeze them i guess they are a treat!

    I am im happy with 3 packs a day, as 4 is a huge struggle for me!!

    Im switching straight over from LL to CD...

    Generally hate soups...and the bars on LL are yuk!!

    I mostly have chocolate, vanilla or raspberry shakes... :eek:
  8. Tash86

    Tash86 Member

    lol - your just like me!! I did 11 weeks on LL having only chocolate shakes!!

    The flavours were one of my main reasons for switching!

    I'm still just as bad I like all the bars but I only have the T&W as muffins, the chocolate mint shake and chocolate tertas!!

    Funny really because I was never ever a fussy eater!!

    How far into the diet are you Missy? Well done on your 45lb loss!
  9. MiSsYB

    MiSsYB Member

    Hey Tash !

    I think im in week 11/12 of my diet now...been like a yo yo, but am pleased with my loss...:)

    Just so sick off attending weekly sessions and being bored out of my better off sticking to reading the boards!!

    I just need to find a valid reason to tell my LLC why i no longer wanna do LL and do CD instead :confused:

    Just looked at the cambridge site...the tetra-briks and the bars look so yummy :D :p

    I understand ur allowed only one bar a day, what about tetra briks?

    How long have you been on the CD now? And did you find the weight loss just the same as LL?
  10. demon

    demon Cambridge Diet Counsellor

    Oh boy are you in for a treat missy - the CD bars are yummy :D My absolute fav is the chocolate orange, but with the exception of the peanut one (hate peanuts!!!!) they're all lush.

    Guess as far as the shakes go it's all personal taste - I love both the tetras which I bring to work, but only really like 2 or 3 of the shakes. Do like the chicken and mushroom soup though and love the new oriental one. There's such a good variety I'm sure you'll soon find a nice range of flavours that you like :)
  11. westhills

    westhills I STILL mean it!

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    Remember that there is about 40g in each CD pack and only about 30g in a LL pack, so the total of 4 x LL is roughly (not exactly) the same as 3 x CD. When I first changed over, I actually weighed the CD packs into 30g portions.
    I have NEVER regretted the change. I lost the first 5 stone on LL and have lost narly another 5 stone on CD. In my opinion, LL is not worth any extra money at all. The quality of counselling I get 1:1 from my CDC is superior to the group counselling I received at LL. Good Luck. Ann
  12. MiSsYB

    MiSsYB Member

    Tash, well done on ur loss too must be feeling fabby :D
  13. MiSsYB

    MiSsYB Member

    i used to lurveeeee peanut butter so have a feeling ill like the peanut bar :D

    Now i need to find me a cDc! :eek:
  14. Tash86

    Tash86 Member

    I have been on cambridge around 6 weeks I think - but this is my 115th day all together! Weigh in tommorow so hopefully my ticker will move!!

    My weight loss has always been slow - other than week 1 I have never lost more than 3lbs a week - sometimes nothing - sometimes only 1 or 2. It stayed the same on CD slow slow slow!! Was feeling a bit fed up until the weekend when I took some photos on the same film as my before photos were on

    Well! I couldn't believe it - I actually cried outside boots!! I'm so ashamed that I ever looked that bad and 4 stone has made such a difference - Its spurred me on to keep going - I used to hate going to the group were everyone was loosing so much more than me (especially as I have never cheated!) but now I feel like its more my own journey and most of the time I feel much better about it!

    I think CD is great - but I also think LL is if you are benefitting from the counselling and like more than one flavour!! - in fact I'm just think the VLCD princple is fantastic!!

    Good Luck with the switch!!

    Tash xx
  15. happygal

    happygal Banned

    MMMmmmmmmm Lush!!

    These flavours sound fantastic. I like the idea of the make a mouse thingy and freezing the Tetras sounds gorgeous too!!

    Im actually looking forward to going on this now!!:D
  16. MiSsYB

    MiSsYB Member

    Just got back from weigh in and put on three quarter of a counselling session...the LLC wasnt really bothered, and just packed me on my way...when i turned around and said to her...that im leaving join CD...and that half the others in the group as well...

    The look on her face *snigger* i know im bad...but ive been so disappointed with the whole LL experience to be honest..

    My last week next week...then CD here i come! :D
  17. Russiandoll

    Russiandoll Carpe diem

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    Cambridge Weight Plan - Step 1
    Good luck with the rest of your journey on CD Missy! :D

    I've been on CD for just over 5 months now and have lost 5st 10lb. Embarking on a VLCD has been the best decision I've ever made and choosing CD was the next best decision. The choice of flavours is what makes it a winner IMO and I get loads of insight into relationships with food and thought provoking discussions right here in Minimins so I don't feel I'm missing out on any 'therapy'.

    I'm not knocking LL of course .... some people have found it invaluable but I'm perfectly happy with the path I've chosen.
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  19. boofaloo

    boofaloo Gold Member

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    Sorry to hear your LL experience hasnt been too good. I am on CD and love the flavours - it is so nice to have variety and i'm sure you'll find something to suit your tastes!

    Have you found a counsellor yet?
  20. MiSsYB

    MiSsYB Member

    Thanks so much for the encouragement everyone ;)

    I know i will get plenty of support here, and from outside friends who are doing or LL or CD....i think its important that i have a friend i can call if i feel the urge to eat or if im feeilng down, and bless them, they have been helpful...

    I have been recommended a counsellor who is in my area..and have just dropped her a mail, so waiting for a response...

    I am waiting for confirmation of when my LL 100 days will actually end...this sunday or next...and will try end this sunday if i dont want to drag it on any further than i have to, and waiting to get my teeth into those CD bars :D So Fingers crossed !!

    I wanted to ask one i have to go every week to pick up the packs and be weighed? Can i not do it fortnightly? As i find that id be focussed if i see bigger losses over the fortnightly period (or am i pushing it?) hehe :D

    Also, on the LL...they strongly encourage to do loads of exercise as well...some weeks i did, some weeks i didnt, and found the loss to be greater when i did exercise, but there are times where i get real exercise too encouraged on CD?

    Sorry if im rambling kinda excited about switching...and not have the daunting experience of having rubbish 2 hour counselling :rolleyes:
  21. jack29

    jack29 Full Member

    Cambridge Diet
    Good luck with the CD and let us know how it goes.
    I am in my 2nd week of LL and also want to swap to the CD, but at the moment can't make contact with my local counselor (there is only 1!) So looks like week 3 with LL, the boring flavours and the counselling that I really dont enjoy. I cant afford many more weeks on LL so I hope I can make the change soon too:)
  22. MiSsYB

    MiSsYB Member

    Good luck Jack, hope you get in touch real soon with the counsellor!

    Will keep everyone up to date with my switch and my journey on CD
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