deciding on goal weight


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oh sorry all - i'm posting like a nutter today!!

just wondering how you all decided your goal weights, if you don't mind sharing?

BMI? Body fat percentage? Clothes size?

I'm 5'9" so just have to be under 12 stone for healthy BMI.

If I started RTM at 11stone13lbs though, I might finish it back in the overweight band!!

Does anyone know how many contingency pounds we're meant to leave?

Or do people normally still lose more weight during RTM??

Thank you!!
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Pinkie :)

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S: 12st6lb C: 10st8lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 28 Loss: 1st12lb(14.94%)
Hi there
in RTM i lost 6 and gained 7 so was more or less where I started - pretty typical I think, but obviously everyone is different!
daisy x
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I have lost 13lbs in 6 weeks on RTM and will have my end of week 7 weigh in on Wednesday (although my weeks start on Tuesday).

I haven't gained on any week as yet, or STS. I was told to expect to STS or gain a bit when adding fruit but lost 3lbs that week (Christmas week) so everyone is different.

Tomorrow I start week 8 and it's the trigger weeks so will probably gain a bit in the next few weeks.


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I am no where near RTM but I do know what I will be doing. I will get to target 10st in LLL, I'm 5ft 8inch so anything less than 9st is yuck. That way when i go on route to managment if I lose more weight, I will be able to give myself a leeway on maintanance.


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aaah... thanks very much all.

am actually not in ketosis at all this week?! no idea how or why? or how this will be reflected on the scales!!

bum bum bum...:mad: