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Decision made

So after thinking long and hard, very long and hard, I have decided to part company with Cambridge.
Many reasons, feeling ill, feeling miserable. But mainly because I can't carry on with something which makes me feel so guilty about what would otherwise be healthy chices eg., plates of veggies, fruit etc.
It's my own problem, not the diet, actually I think Cambridge is great if you're in the right frame of mind, which I absolutely was for the first 5 weeks but sadly I'm not any more. I think I'll come back to it and I'll definitely stay on this site as I am going for heavy exercise and healthy eating.
I do feel like a bit of a quitter but I know I'm doing it for the right reason.
And more importantly, I made this decision about 4 hours ago and didn't go and eat the house as a reaction!
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I am so glad it isn't just me feeling this miserable!!!!!!! Will you stay in touch? Xxx
oh lovey - for purely selfish reasons i'm sad. we'll miss you heaps!

BUT... goodness knows dieting is hard fecking work and if your heart isn't in a specific diet, then what a battle it then becomes. Better to make a positive decision now than resent the diet more and more until it all goes horribly wrong.

Good luck, kitten. And stay in touch. In fact, stick up a link to your new diary if you start one, and we can subscribe to it.

Hi Jesica
I do wish you all the best with your weightloss and do understand completely how this diet does mess with your mindset, it has caused me to have a few wobbles but at the moment I am beginning to understand the reasons why I use food to control my emotions ( or more honestly to block them) and removing food from the equation allows me to deal with the cause as opposed to the effects. That said however, after reading the returnees thread and being one myself I am only too aware that I can regain this weight blooming quickly if I go back to eating my daily ritual of crap and slugging back the wine every night. So I am looking at implementing weight watchers or SW for life maintenance.........
Take care and please continue to post as reading your threads and replies have always lifted me.
Thanks guys, you have absolute lifelines for me on this. I will definitely stay on this forum, once I find the right "slot" to fit into I will let you know where I am.
My link to Facebook is on here so feel free to add me xx
P.s. just having a break at work, very difficult having to think about what to eat!!
Do what is best for you. And if the diet isn't for you then try something else. It's not been perfect for me but certainly a lot better than anything else. Weight watchers and Slimming world did nothing to stop cravings for me and I think my cravings are more controlled under Cambridge. But we're all different. Good luck and keep letting us know how you're getting on. For strugglers (like me) it helps to hear about other folks difficulties and how they overcome them.
Giving up food and living on packs/bars/tetras is very difficult. People chose Cambridge for the superfast losses, not for the pleasure of TFR. I know some say they love the fact that they don't need to worry about food (although everyone on the diet seems to obsess about it!). They say that living on packs makes it easier for them. There are others who miss food so badly they need to change diets. Whatever works for us, is right.

Watch out, though, for how you may react to much slower losses. And to the return of your CD ketosis-suppressed appetite and cravings. You will need to keep your nerve and not lose heart.

Enjoy your new plan, and good luck x

I'll be sad to see you go! But glad that you're still staying on minimins, I'm going to add you on FB.

Maybe, something like SW or WW will be better in that you can still eat, its up to you, but you know you have the discipline to do a diet now and at least CD has helped you shift a few of the extra lbs you first wanted to lose? It might be the boost you need to complete another plan?
Guys, you are all so supportive and amazing and lovely!
Spangles, you won't miss me, I will find some way of wheedling in here!
I'm now just trying to decide what to do next. I know it's going to involve exercise, I know it's going to be low carb (not no carb), and I know it's going to be healthy.
I've still been really really good today, 1 slice of brown bread, fruit and Turkey stir-fry for tea - maybe I can find a healthy way....... xx
I'm going low carb veggie!!! And exercise!!! ;) x
Lol yeah they are mostly air!!!!
Not quite, am 810!!

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