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Decision Made!


Making it all add up
OK, so a few of you know that I am going away in May and want to be able to have a drink (duh!) when away, so I need to stop abstinence no later than WI on 22 April to do that.

Also I have grave doubts regarding the BMI calculations (as explained elsewhere), which is why my aim is for a BMI of 28. I'd still have 2 stone left to lose before I got into the 'healthy' range at that stage!!

Any way, spending time on here recently I have been toying with setting my target lower and going back onto abstinence on return from holiday rather than staying with RTM.

BUT, like others I've recently been feeling more feint, and think I'm looking a little 'drawn'. Add to that my wife also thinks it's time I came off packs and I have been in a bit of a dilemma.

Anyway, just to put the weight aspect into perspective, I'm approaching 6 stone lost, and am now lighter (at age 44) than I was at 16.

I've always been fairly active until recent years with Rugby, Cycling, Squash, Badminton etc. and have always had a muscular physique.

So, long story short, I've just calculated my Body Fat % and it's coming out at 16.49%. This puts me in the "fitness" range - Yes, BETTER than 'acceptable' !!

This also makes sense, as although I can still pinch flesh, it's mostly skin rather than fat now, and my muscle definition is the best it's been for decades.

So that's made my mind up. 2 more weeks on packs, then into RTM regardless of the weight I am on 22 April. That's it. Job done.

Feels really great to have finally decided.

Sorry to bore you all...
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Is back in the saddle!
Hardly a bore Sean!! It makes sense to have an action plan.

Works from deciding what times you're going to have your packs each day right up to knowing when you'd like to be doing things like RTM. You know I've had mine mapped out for ages, it's nice seeing the horizon.

It doesn't have to be set in stone either. LL is flexible like that. :D


I Can Do This!
I think you have to go with what feels right for you. And you have clearly given this loads of thought, focusing on an action plan which ticks all your boxes. You have already lost almost 30% of your bodyweight which is amazing!

As Foxtrot pointed out - one of the great things with LL is the flexibility.

Well done xx
sounds you know what you are doing!
good luck
daisy x


Silver Member
All I'd say Sean, is looking at your photo, I can't see where you could lose another 2 stone from!
I think you're right to go with your feelings - you know you're body best :)
Not boring Sean

Sounds like you've made the decsion that is rightfor you and your circumstances. That's why you feel calm now that you have decided and have a plan.
Good luck with it.I know you will carry on in the same calm way you've done uo to now.
Hi Sean

Youve done fantastic matey
Im under 16 now which im well pleased with as dont have any restriction in band for another month
Once again well done on your success - Awesome




Making it all add up
Thanks all. yes feel really happy I've made the decision and I Know it's right for me. Quite excited really, and can't believe how fast the time and weight has gone. Also can't believe I've been as dedicated for so many weeks - LL really is a miracle IMHO.

FYI, used following calculations Body Fat Calculator: thanks to a link posted elsewhere (sorry can't remember who posted, but thank you).

Also going to check with Body Fat machine this week to confirm, but either way I have made my mind up now and am 100% comfortable with the decision


Is back in the saddle!
As an aside, I read an article yesterday about the body shape/fat storage and BMI thing. That said that your waist measurement should be half your height or less.

I assume this is for both men and women though it was in a womans mag. Mine's under now.


Making it all add up
Thanks FT - mines exactly 50%, how weird is that!!

Mind you it was 68% when I started!
oh no, thats depressed me
just done the link you posted and i'm obsese :-(
daisy x
Well done Sean, sounds like it's all sorted in your head :D:D:D You've done really well!

Just had a look at that link and it calulates my body fat is 32.35% whereas my scales this morning at home measure my body fat at 37.5% - 5% difference!

I wonder if there is a fool proof way to properly measure BF? :rolleyes:


Making it all add up
Conflicting reports there DD & WG, one too high, one too low!

Don't think there's a foolproof way of measuring except by calipers & a qualified professional. Not going to change my mind now though lol


Is back in the saddle!
At 31.22% I'm a micro smidge from acceptable. :D

(I also just discovered I've lost another inch from waist and 2 from hips. :eek::cool::D:D )

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