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Defecting Decision Time

Hi Guys,

I hope everyone is well and happy :D

I have been contemplating what to do after foundation. I have another 2 weeks to go after this Thursday and probably another stone to lose - so with money being tight, etc, I figured I would join SW to drop the remaining weight. I'm not really going to need 12 weeks of RTM to do this.

I like SW and know that I will be comfortable in sticking to it and maintaining the exercise part of my diet.

Just wondered what you guys think about this? And has anyone attempted to do this previously......?
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Guess who's back...?
Hi Polly -

Personally, I wouldn't risk it - you have come so far, and Slimming World is still just a 'diet'... the important bit of all you have gone through to get to this point is the RTM... this is the bit that teaches you skills for the future - while red and green days may help you lose weight - the 'unlimited' amounts you are allowed will teach you sweet f.a. about portion control, what foods work for your body etc... when you try to start maintaining it will be really hard to keep the weight off long term.

Personally, and this is just my personal opinion, I think anyone that drops out of LL after foundation without doing RTM is gaga!! Obviously, sometimes there are good reasons that are totally unavoidable - but quite often people feel so good with their new shape, their imagined new control of food (we don't know how to eat in practice, even with the best will in the world) and think that now they've got the weight off the magic answer will illuminate above their heads and they will be sorted in the future... serious example of crooked thinking.

If you literally are on the verge of having your house repossessed or your family/animals etc are emaciated and unable to eat, then of course - look at other options - but if there is any way of sticking with it, I'd seriously recommend RTM - it is the difference of a 10-30% long term weight off success rate, and 80-90%! LL is just a temporary quick fix if you don't see it through.

Woah, this turned a bit 'ranty', sorry honey - I have considered a 'change of scenery' myself (was looking at Diet Chef - real food, cheaper cost, and still estimated at a stone per month), but I figure that will be there at the end of the day if I need it in the future - but it's not actually going to teach me anything about controlling food without lifetime intervention from being on diets/eating plans/programmes etc... so LL is for me, all the way. :)

We'll all be here to support you whatever you choose honey xx
Thanks for that girls :D

Your rant is welcomed Anna - and the animals would be the last ones emaciated in my house!!

I understand that my thinking may be due to having had enough of this abstinence for 12 weeks. It takes it's toll on a lot of aspects of life, socially and personally.
I'm not looking for a quick fix but I feel that I'm not getting everything I need from CBT. I fully understand that my eating stems from a whole host of issues (and LL has given me a few lightbulb moments), sometimes I feel like I'm going along with it to conform. Adaptive child mode I guess.

LS, I have been looking at your RTM thread - you are doing so well. A great positive mental attitude - I envy your will (or whatever it is that spurs and controls you!). Thank you for your input, it is appreciated.

I'm not asking for permission to defect and I certainly haven't made my mind up as to the next steps yet.....I know I have to do what is best for me. Deciding on what that is will be another matter!

Thanks again for your comments. I will dwell on it a little longer.......:D

I am in the same situation really I have 17lbs to go and hope to have lost that by December 17th. After this date I won't have the money to carry on (OH is being made redundant at xmas). I have looked at SM they have a 7 day plan to follow on the internet. This is my only option until OH finds a new job.
I sympathise completely Rach. It's pretty expensive...and I know all of the arguments about your health being worth it and think of all the money you're saving. To be honest I'm not actually saving that much!

RTM is still going to cost for the first few weeks. The pros and cons are too many to list (and there are plenty of both).

I love LL. I appreciate everything it's done for me and everything I've done for myself because of it.

After all is said and done it has to be an adult decision, and one which isn't taken lightly....well, maybe a couple of stone lighter...(hahahahaha - I made a joke!!).
hey polly good luck with your decision, ive just switched to cd and so far so good. BUT if it doesn't work out i'd go back to ll.
i know its a big and personal decision but its not set in stone if you try something else and it doesnt work out there's no harm in admitting so.
i know ll is famed for its councelling but we dont all get what we hoped for with it depending on our councellors. i saw mine one to one and she was very good and i think i've worked out why i turn to food but at the end of the day it will always be my vice and i'm just hoping that losing the weight will be my inspiration to keep it off.


nearly there!! :)
hey i just wanted to say i too am feeling this way!! i think ill def do the first week of rtm to introduce food again, but after that im not sure!! ill take it one day at a time, but after i finish ll i will be maintaining!! id maintain with ww do!!
Thanks Guys.

I must say that I haven't lapsed at all during Foundation, and haven't really found not eating a problem. I think you have to come to a point where enough is enough - and that's where LL came in.

I agree with your comments LS - abstinence certainly shows the points in your life where you would turn to food. I'm pleased to say that I know where my issues lie, and I'm quite happy to deal with them instead of hiding them with food.

I was one of the many who used to say "I don't overeat, I hardly eat anything!". Abstinence shows the truth!

Thanks Babs & Catz, you're both also doing well. I'm glad CD is going well for you Babs, it is a hard decision but it isn't one I'm going to rush into. I still have a couple of weeks on foundation and I have always been totally committed to completing it.

Good luck with what you decide on Catz! WW is an option as well as SW...there are so many possibilities :D

I'll see how it goes and how I feel in 2 weeks time...I have been known to change my mind occassionally! :p

I have decided that after foundation Ill prob go onto development for about a month to 6 weeks then ill DEFINITELY being doing RTM. I have tried everything else, I cant seem to stick to diets I need to learn about portion control and eating properly. I just feel LL has been like a miracle to me and I dont want to see it thru, then Ill have no regrets!

Good luck with whatever you choose, im sure you will make the right decision for you!
Wild horses ...................

Hi Polly
Wild horses wouldn't make me stop LL.
Nearly everyone wwho comes back to LL says that where they went wromg is not coontinuing on RTM.
I know it's expensive, but it's tried and tested.
I don't know why I woulld suddenly be able to cope with re-introducing food and maintaining the weight loss when I couldn't lose it in the first place without LL.
I've got a couple of more weeks on Development and then it'll be RTM all the way for me.
Wish me luck. I think it will be the hardest part.
Good luck whatever you decide to do.
I do wish you the best of luck SB. I also agree that RTM and maintaining after will be the hardest part. I think that I will do RTM and see how it goes.

Seems the right thing to do :D

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