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Definitive answer from Dukan re cheese and ML yogs


Got to do it this time!!
I am paying for the coaching so I asked the question!! :D

Q Are baby bel light cheeses allowed and philadelphia extra light during the cruise phase? Also are mullerlite vanilla and toffee yogurts allowed?

A I am sorry but would you mean Laughing cow extra light cheese or babybel ? Since the laughing cow exists in extra light version but not the babybel (only light version). Extra light laughing cow is part of the tolerates (30 gms = 1 tolerated item) whereas light babybel is neither allowed, nor tolerated. Extra light philadelphia can be also part of the tolerates (30 gms = 1 tolerate). Concerning Mullerlite Vanilla and toffee yogurts, they are not allowed in the coaching because of their sugar content (the list of the ingredients includes sugar). Ensure all your dairies are fat free (or < 2 % fat) but also no sugar added (no sugar, no fructose, no dextrose, no glucose, no syrup, no corn, no starch).
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well, that's it then, the toffee ML's are going in the bin!

Thanks so much for your post - It certainly puts that one to bed xx
"no sugar, no fructose, no dextrose, no glucose, no syrup, no corn, no starch".

This list is really useful for when out shopping and looking at ingredients lists and knowing what to avoid.

Thank you!
just gonna stick to plain FF yoghurt, splenda and a drop of flavouring. No hidden ingredients in there, me thinks.....;)


Got to do it this time!!
Yep - the 0% total has a much thicker texture that Mullerlites anyway - and with some splenda and vanilla they are just as nice! The sugar free jelly powder trick is a good one too - just sprinkle it on and mix it in if you need a wee change.
My favourite FF natural yoghurt creations are:

- add tiny amount of orange jelly powder and hot chocolate powder = chocolate orange

- add tiny amount of strawberry jelly powder and vanilla flavouring = strawberries & cream

Anyone got any more?



** Chief WITCH **
Kazzamce - THANK YOU!!!


Got to do it this time!!
LOL!! Should have asked ages ago - duh!! Am loving the turkish delight idea Tessa....mmmmmmm.......
Another two:

Black forest:(cocoa and cherry flavouring), and Cherry Bakewell (almond and cherry flavouring), oh and another one! Chocolate pear ( cocoa and pear flavouring). Pistachio is also good on its own, and I have got passionfruit flavouring too.

Lifes never boring with a tub of yogurt!


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