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Demaris's daily feed


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I had a diary thingy on lipotrim boards, but thought I would start one here, so i can track what I eat.

Today is:

On wake up: coffee/tablespoon of cream

Brekkie: Two eggs scrambled with a knob of Lurpack and a teaspoon of cream with a sprinkling of dried parsley. Two rashers of bacon done in microwave.

Lunch: Small omelette with mattesons original smoked sausage (carb 0.0G) chopped up small with a sprinkling of cheddar.

tea : Three debbie and andrew sausages (2.0 g per sausage), two caulifour florets and two Brocolli florets with sprinkling of cheese.

Drink : water and black coffee.

I am a bit limit by menu today as I don't go shopping till tomorrow! So looking forward to actually buying food and experimenting with all the lovely ideas in the recipe thread :D
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and don't forget to post it on the what are we eating thread. :)


Alway see the love x
I like the "what are you eating" thread but by doin this thread u get to have a lookie around peoples lifes and goings on.... Ok, just call me nosey lol......

Big Nose Woofy X


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LOL! Nosy it good ;)

I don't feel like im gonna faint today....how cool is that!!

Hope you are all having a fab day, whatever you aredoing :)
Today is a fab day :)

As i suddenly have loads of energy absolutely none on lioptrim) I have decided to take up swimming.

I love swimming but was always too embarrassed to be seen in a cozie (still am but no one knows me up here so thats ok lol).

Our car is off the road at the moment, so it means walking to the pool. Which is 2 and half miles away (53 mins by foot says google maps) in the next village. So thats two hours walking, hour in pool two times a week. Gonna wait till the snow has gone though.

So todays menu!

breakfast: scambled egg. two rashers of bacon
Lunch: Smoked rainbow trout, cottage cheese, camenbert and bit of salad. (left the salad and cottage cheese)
Tea: Steak with stilton creamy sauce (oh how I am looking forward to this!!)

Over and out :)
Colleen and I used to swim every morning before work. I keep meaning to get back into that.
Yes Colleen is my wife. or *SHE* as i refer to her. :)

That's short for She who must be obeyed.
Well last nigth I discovered something amazing!

I made the stilton sauce for the steak with normal creme fraiche instead of cream. I only ate half the steak and had some sause left so i stuck it in the fridge thinking i might heat it up. Later on, I noticed the stilton sauce had turned into a perfect mousse!

So....I chopped the beef up into cubes and dipped into the cold stilton mouse....it was bloody lovely!!

Todays meals are:

Brekkie: bacon and eggs
Lunch: Sliced ham (homecooked) with egg mayo and salad
Tea: Tuna steak and salad.

I've never had tuna steak before and not sure how to cook it so gonna search the net for ideas :)
That sauce does sound delicious love, I will give that a try one day.
Your stilton mousse sounds lovely, I'm already pondering a sweet version.

You could grill your tuna or fry it in butter. It's quite a "meaty" fish so you could treat it as you would a steak.

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