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Deminished appetite?


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Now I never thought I'd ever see myself come off with something like this lol but has anybody else found that they have lost their appetite? Up until recently i was ravenous! I'm on week 6 on Induction (10lb off :) and for the past week or so I can't really face or finish meals anymore...and am making myself snack on Atkins friendly foods so I have something. I'm trying to work out if it's boredom or just a side effect...I'm not upset about it because it's a HUGE relief from the way I used to eat in the past but I'm not really enjoying food anymore :( I also have dirreah (sp) every day quite a few times in the day (no matter what i eat now) and lethargy and this isn't so nice :( xx
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Almost certainly a welcome side-effect of Atkins. Ketosis brings the joy of reduced appetite. Isn't it great? Enjoy your food and be sure to keep a good balance that includes your daily veggies.


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Yeah it's getting worse though for me, as in I'm barely able to get over 1000 cals a day.

Barely made a dent in the kebab last night....good job it's also my breakfast today. Hehe


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Might be worth trying a different balance of food. Not being hungry good - tummy woes and lethargy bad! DH found he had to give up eggs for example, i really needed mims for the first 4 months etc Shake it up a bit and see what you can do.

Also maybe try getting some more exercise in - that should make you hungry!
Hope feel better soon


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Keep in mind you don't have to finish everything on your plate any more - eat when you're hungry, and try to nibble on something at mealtimes when you're not. Just try to avoid skipping meals because that won't help :)

And eat your greens! :)


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Know the feeling I barely even finish a salad that's ridiculous! I'm hitting about 700 Cals a day if that!


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I am the worst in the world for this! Well, perhaps a slight exaggeration but what I mean is, I am the same. If you go like I have, the diarrhoea will turn into constipation -and probably alternate. My appetite is non-existent and I do have to force myself to eat. Look at my WIs - when I eat three meals a day - and because they're smaller I cram as much fat and veg in there as I can - I have great losses. When I eat once a day, as sadly I've been wont to do - I have crap losses -or even as this week a gain!

The lethargy also lifts when you make yourself eat because your body when it goes in to starvation mode, slows right down. Eating = burning = energy.

I'm still struggling to keep this in practise but I really do believe that it makes a HUGE difference.

Good luck, and I hope you feel better soon.


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Oh that is so like me. I can start eating a meal & just have to stop, I couldn't get another mouthful in. My DH gets worried, but I just can't force it. I'm in hungry mode this week, lol. Hope your tummy gets better Nikki.

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