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That is nearly a stone in 2 weeks bud, there is no quicker or safer way to lose weight than the Cambridge so my advice is stick with it, life changing stuff!

Because it doesn't always work consistently.

2lbs is better than nothing and I bet next week will be fantastic. Don't give up - if you're sticking to the programme it WILL work and you WILL lose weight.

Keep strong and wait until next week before making any decisions.
Im in the same position as you this week, weighed in and only lost 2lbs, despite sticking to it 100%. I was gutted and have spent the last 2 days stuffing my face, so that'll be the 2lbs back on plus some more. Makes last week an even bigger waste of time doesn't it?
Result is I am disgusted at myself. Is the food worth it? Definatley not. Stick with it, it'll come good next week.


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That is nearly a stone in 2 weeks bud, there is no quicker or safer way to lose weight than the Cambridge so my advice is stick with it, life changing stuff!

Hi Paul :)

Please listen to Ice's advice cos he sure knows what you're talking about and how you feel, as many of us do.

You've had a great loss so far and just imagine how much more you can shift by next week if you stick with it through this rough patch..;):D:D:Dxxx
it's like my fourth week and due to my totm i've lost nothing at all for two weeks. NOTHING AT ALL. surely this isn't right? even my CDC can't understand it??


This is the last time!!
I could have written that post! I lost 11lbs in my first week, and went for my week 2 WI yesterday to be told I had lost 3lbs. I burst into tears when my CDC said 'well done, 3lbs off'. I have been 110% on the diet so was really disappointed, but as everyone keeps saying to me, if you look at the bigger picture, thats a whole stone of weight gone (hopefully forever) in just 14 days, which is still pretty amazing.
I was so upset that I was incredibly tempted to stuff my face but didn't, so that in itself is excellent progress in my opinion.
I think that everyone is so chuffed by such big losses on week 1 that losing "so little" in week 2 can be a shock. But 2 and 3lbs are not poor losses at all!

The big losses can't be sustained - they are down to your glycogen stores emptying in the first week, so don't lose faith. I did LL in 2006 and my average weightloss was about 3.5lbs per week. That meant some weeks I lost more, some weeks less (sometimes 0.5lbs!). We can't control our bodies, they do what they like!!! Many factors contribute to our weight. I would suggest taking measurements and if the weightloss (or lack of) is getting you down you'll see inches lost instead :D
new to forum but i know if i lost 2lb i would be very grateful, losing 11ib is mammonth even on Cambridge which i have just been looking at.
So i hope you dont let it put you off as its so hard to lose 2ib on a food reducting diet as i knowhaving been trying for some time .Good luck.:party0011:
my losses were around the 3.5 to 4.5lbs per week. there were weeks i lost less and a couple of weeks where i hardly lost anything at all!

it's part of your body clean out system. sometimes you loose lots and others not so much. if you stick with it you WILL find that it does even out. i started CD 27th feb and have lost so much weight as you can see by my ticker. have faith! CD does work, it is the best.

if you are worried try drinking more water to move your body and do a little light exercise like walking, nothing too hard core as first.



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I only ever lose around 2lb on this diet, but it is usually fairly consistent and is still more than I've ever lost consistently on any other diet. I like the 2lb of butter idea - I tend pick up a bag of sugar if I'm feeling a bit down because I've come on here to find you guys are moaning about 'only losing 3lb, or 4lb' and I never lose that much after my first week.


I think I may have over reacted and the time of day I was weighed may have been a bad time, as today I am 7lb lighter than yesterday which obviously isnt possible.

Anyway, feel a bit better about it all now and still plan to get to my target weight before xmas.

I really don't understand these posts that say 'I lost 10lbs week one and really disappointed with 3 lbs in week 2'. For Gods sake, what other diet would give you such huge losses in this way?? Where are these false expectations coming from? Please don't tell me it is coming from CDCs? Funny how you never see these kinds of posts on the LL forum??? I appreciate that this post is not going to be popular.

3lb a week is to be expected from practically every diet. My wife is doing weight watchers points system and is regulary losing 3lb a week and she is taking 1000 calories a day compared to my 500.

When you stick to SS for a week without fail and at the end of the week you are told you have only lost 2lb it is soul destroying. Also I am taking regular exercise since I started the CD so I DO expect losses, I am not like a few people I know who just do the diet and expect it to work miracles without changing any other aspect of their lives.

But as I have said in a previous post it looks like my weight loss was not accurate yesterday so I am happy again.


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I don't find 2lb soul destroying - I'm quite pleased with my little 2lb per week.

I do regular light exercise (swimming, jogging, yoga) in line with SS guidelines too but still only lose 2lb on average per week.

What you're saying Zorba is making me feel a bit of a failure for my small losses, even though I am 99% SS (one cup of tea per day with skimmed milk). I really don't, or didn't, feel a failure until now but can't think of another way to speed up my losses since extra exercise makes me feel light-headed, I have a desk job which ties me to a computer for 7 hours a day, I have to drive to work as public transport won't get me there and I refuse to give up my one teaspoon of skimmed milk per day!

I understand that you are unhappy with your 2lb loss, but I'm a bit gutted that I now feel a bit useless for mine!

Tina - can I join you in the 'unpopular posts' club?


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Hi Zorba, keep it up hun you can do it.:D
Look at what ive lost and ive stuck to the plan 100%:cry:, sometimes ive cried then Ive thought well a lb gone is a lb gone and picked myself up and carried on .
Some people lose differently to others but just remember a loss is a loss.xxxxxxxxxxxxx
chin up hun.:p

Really sorry I made you feel that way.
I wasnt trying to belittle any loss at all, I am just very impatient in everything I do.

Of course any loss is better than a gain.


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