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Mistress Mush!
Was speaking to a community nurse, and for a while i havent been feeling great. This all started before i started CD so its definitly not that.
I get really sleepy and sleep all the time. Just generally not my usualy happy, bubbly self.
She seems to think i have depressions, though i cant really see it myself. Dont have alot to be depressed about in the first place.
Or i'm suffering with bad stress....
Dont know what to do really, Getting to the point where i would normally comfort eat!! Missing that like crazy!
Just dont know what to do.. Could really do with some Cheesy Chips right about now!! LOL:gen147:
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I ♥ CD !!
sorry to hear your not feeling yourself hope your feeling better soon :):)


Staff member
Comforting eating is a short fix and you will most lightly feel angry with yourself after the high subsides.

I was looking at your ticker and you have done well already losing 14lb.

It might help if you get another new ticker along with the one you have as you have enough posts now for a bigger signature space and you could give yourself a mini goal to help motivate you.

Looking at the weight in one big chuck can feel overwhelming. Tackling it in mini goals reduces it down to manageable size and for each mini goal you tick off propels you forward.

I hope you are feeling better soon.:hug99:

Love Mini xxx


Mistress Mush!
Thank you! I think i might do that! xx


This is the last time!!
Hi Mushette. I started to write a post like this a few hours ago but then deleted it all because I felt silly moaning about my life when it isn't all bad.
This week has been really really hard for me, and I am hoping it is simple PMT. I have been depressed before, and to be honest, you don't know how bad you've had it until you start getting better, so if the community nurse has suggested it, it could well be the case. You don't have to have 'something wrong' in your life to be depressed. Although there are major triggers, like stress and grief, depression is quite often a simple happy hormone imbalance and is easily treated these days.
I've just had a bloody good cry on the phone to a friend....she only called to make sure my son can still go to her kid's party tomorrow and I ended up crying for almost half an hour! I have to say I do feel a bit better for it now, but I am totally exhausted, I've had a nightmare week in work, I'm missing my hubby and I haven't been feeling too well.
Have you thought about trying something herbal to see if it picks you up? St John's Wort is meant to help, as are certain vitamins. Also, I'm not sure what the weatehr is like where you are but here in Northern Germany it is miserable, grey drizzly skies and not one glimmer of sunshine. I know that has an impact on my moods for sure.

I hope you are feeling better soon xxx


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Sorry your not feeling so great at the moment hunni, hope you get sorted very soon.xx

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