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Depression now under control

Hi Guys,

Not been on the plan for a while as this depression has been playing havock with my eating, (I have still been going to class though, and told my consultant about my problem). I have now been on meds for about 3 weeks and feel a lot calmer, so as from today I have decided to go back on the plan 100%.

I really need to do this, this time, as I know that my weight is playing a big part in how I feel..
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Hey there. Glad to hear you are feeling better now.

It can be a vicious cycle - weight gets you down, feeling down prevents you from eating properly... it's difficult, but it can be broken.

Once you start SW, you will be eating very healthily and this can only be a good thing. Better for you in all aspects of health, so I'm glad you are sticking with it.

Good luck! You'll be absolutely fine :)
Hi hun I too suffer depression and been taking meds for about 7weeks now.
I totally know where you are coming from as I think my weight was getting me down as well as issues at home.
I also feel a lot calmer now and have lost 4st 1 and half pounds now.
Hope you can get back on plan now because it will make you feel a little better.
Good Luck hun. xx

Mrs V

Loves Life!
Hey Hun, its lovely to see you back!!
Im glad to read that things are on the mend for you...I have suffered with depression in the past too and know how awful things can become. Take each day as it comes and before long you will be back to yourself.



Always comes back to MMs!
Welcome back and well done to you for getting through those tough weeks. You can always pop on here for support as you carry on your journey xxxx


Wishing and hoping!
I can totally emphasis I have clinical depression too. It can be a tough old mountation with food wise but stick with going to class even if you only do 50% goodness then it still ok, just don't give up faith, you will be rewarded with your patience :D
Gosh, I can't believe there are so many others out there besides me! I suffered a very serious post-natal depression / panic attacks back when I had my daughter 2 1/2 years ago. Shortly after I returned to work I went through a very nast near-rape situation too which put me through a really bad patch.

Like many others the pills, although I was VERY against taking them to start with, helped me a great deal. One thing I found when I was suffering, incredibly enough, was that healthier food and particularly exersising made a huge difference for me. A friend recomended a book called "Running made Easy" which does exactly what it says on the tin. Although it was tremendously difficult to force myself to get out there to start with, I found that when I came back home I was feeling on a real high. The technique in this book starts off with walking 5 mins and running (extremely slowly!) for one, and only 4 reps. So basically you get home before you feel absolutely knackered, so still on a "high". I found that it really helped me when things were really bad.

I sincierly hope that you get through your problems, all of you, because my depression really has been the darkest patch of my life. Please feel free if you want to P/M me to talk a bit more!

Best of luck to all of you, and good luck with your diets! :)

Lots of love, Caramelle X X X


Will be thin god dammit!!
Well done you - yep another one here, had it for about 3 years a few years back - bleak times and not a good time to deal with weight issues, even the kids dropping some crisps on the floor when i had just hoovered would start me crying.
Tablets worked for me and im glad they are working for you too x x x
Take care and im here if you need to talk - message me any time x
Some meds can cause unwanted weight gain as I found out, I was prescribed Mirtazapine a while ago and put on about 7lbs in a few weeks, the hunger pangs were terrible. They didn't even help with the moods either. I'm currently on Fluoxetine and it seems to be working quite well.

I'm glad everyone is doing ok, stay happy and keep smiling :)


Wishing and hoping!
I took fluoxertine before but it made me very very angry, just shows the that meds effect each and everyone different. I now take Seratine but it is under review I think it will go up to the highest does for my OCD/Depression, but it has already made a huge difference in me doing the smallest things :)
Hi Guys, thanks for all your replys, I never thought there would be so many of us, I think half the time you feel that your the only one that feels like this.
Reading all your replys has really helped me and made me feel more determined to do this.
Good Luck to all of us
And another one here! I'm on meds for bad anxiety and depression. The tabs are working reasonably well though. There are so many of us around aren't there? And you go round thinking you're the only one!

Take care Caramelle and good luck restarting your weight loss journey. Also well done on the running! Way to go girl!


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