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Depression Support Thread... ?


Slim for Summer!
Hello, everyone! Is there a support thread for people losing weight but who also suffer from Depression? I may have missed it..

Losing weight is difficult in itself, but with depression looming over us it can often seem an impossible & daunting task. I suffer from Clinical Depression amongst other things & I'm finding it very difficult to stay positive & lose weight. Exercising doesn't seem worth the bother (no energy at all) & all I keep thinking is "No matter what I do, the scales wont move & I'll be overweight forever..". Most of the time I don't want to eat because I feel like I don't deserve to, other times I can't stop myself & I end up binging horribly. I feel like if I know that other depressed people can do it - then maybe I can too. And you!

Soooo.. I was just wondering - If there isn't a support thread (pleeeease tell me if there is!) - would anyone be interested in contributing in one? We could try to spur eachother on etc! Just a thought.. :)
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I too suffer from depression - sometimes its a lot worse than others
at present I am not on the max dose of my meds (my doc lets me decide how much to take but must do it for min of a month)
I have been following the book
Beck diet solution - its not a diet plan - you choose your own
but it is CBT for dieting and seems to be helping me alter my behaviours and those that I cant alter at present I do recognise much sooner
you are right dieting whilst suffering from depression is difficult - but I am determined that I will do it
H xx


Slim for Summer!
Ooh, I will have to look at that book. I've had regular CBT and it was really helpful! It's great that you're determined, we can all do it if we work hard enough! Also, thanks for replying~ :)
The Beck Diet Solution: Train Your Brain to Think Like a Thin Person: Amazon.co.uk: Judith S. Beck: Books

thats the link to it on amazon - its only just over 6 quid so not expensive either
I have a fold and am treating it like a college course and doing one chapter a day (you need to do that) but I am better if I write things down
here is my diary starting from about post 315 you will find my beck journey have a bit of a read and then see it the Beck approach is for you

I suffer from depression, and related stress and anxiety problems.
Am currently on citalopram since mid December. It's come about for a number of reasons, most of which have occurred in the last four or five years, but many going back a lot earlier.
Being in uni is hard with this, as it manifests itself with desperate loneliness, and complete lack of motivation to do things, including playing music which is my passion. Quite bad at times.


Slim for Summer!
Hi Liam, I'm sorry to hear that, is the citalopram helping though? I was on it for a few months and it left me with a damaged heart! I hope things get easier for you, depression really is a bit of a monster :(


Slim for Summer!
that's my reason too, meggymolly! :)
i've been told that exercise really does help your serotonin levels, it doesn't have to be strenuous though, just a brisk walk outside can help for sure. too bad you have to have energy to do so in the first place! :)
Just thought I would pop back in and see how things were going
I have had a few good days this week
but very bad nights due to pain and a lack of sleep - this then led to a couple of bad days
the good news - my daughter phoned today - sunday we are going shopping (so she tells me) to get me new gym stuff then monday we are both having our hair done - Tuesday is the big day -I get taken to join up at the leisure centre and daughter is going to do a couple of classes and at least 2 gym sessions a week with me :):) so that will be another thing I am doing to help myself

I am keeping up with the b vits and the foods high in tryptophan - and as january is known to be the worst month for depression - it should mean we all start to have more good days than bad soon

hope that true :)
I suffer from depression on and off,have done since my late teens,plus had it post nataly too. Just been through a baddish patch but am hopefully back on the up.
Just wanted to add my twopennarth and say that i think this thread is a brilliant idea.
I think its helping. I dunno. Is it ok to add any of you guys as contacts? It'd be good to have someone to talk with :)

feel free !!
Well its Saturday I really hope you are all going to have a good relaxing weekend
anyone got any special plans

I know tomorrow my DD is taking me shopping (sports bra and gym stuff) as she is taking me to join the local leisure centre next week :):)
so nothing really exciting here in my part of wiltshire
Liam of course it will go ok
so what is on the adgenda today then
I am off to spend some girly time shopping with my DD (for stuff for the gym) we will most likely do lunch - that always helps my mood - not the food but being with her

hope all of you have really positive days today :)

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