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Ok, here we go then! Today is pre-diet day. I am back onto SS tomorrow, for the first time in a long time.

I have a few things to do today.

The first one is eat some nice things! I know it's better to avoid carbs etc, to make getting into ketosis less painful, but blimey. If I'm going to do this properly and not eat anything other than CD meals for half a year, I want something nice today please!:p

Secondly, I need to get on top of some housework. I know I won't feel like it for the next few days, and a mess would be an excuse for me to feel miserable and *give up* Must leave a couple of small bits to do though, to give me something to do when the cravings are bad!:rolleyes:

Tonight whilst munching my last nice munchy things for a while, I need to remind myself exactly why I am doing it. All my personal reasons. Holiday, new clothes, riding etc etc. The things that are awful at the moment that I want to escape from. Aching joints, being out of breath, tight clothes etc etc. A bit of psyching up, basically!:cool:

Oooh, also need to put my tetras in the fridge! Nothing more revolting than room temperature tetras! And find a water bottle.

Tomorrow morning, I will weigh, measure, record, and set up a ticker and goal plans so I know where I'm heading.

Then that's it. Start and knuckle down. No time for slip ups and messing about. I know where I want to be weightwise, but my only rule re. cambridge this time is that I have to do it until my holiday, end of august. After that, ideally I will get back on it and finish (I don't think I will have got to goal by then:()

But the one rule is, straight through until holiday now.

Descent x
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The end is nigh :D

Not 100% sure I am mentally prepared enough. But. I have signed my name and made the decision so the journey I will start.:cool:

I have had some nice things today to eat. I have to say, that the Paul Mckenna cd must work though as I haveen't been able to eat as much ever since using it a few times:eek: I am sat here with something nice in front of me. I am full so I can't eat it. I expect I am fuller than the average always been slim person, but compared to how full I used to be able to get ( i.e...eat until I had to be sick kind of full up) it's quite a difference. That's useful to know for the future. Maybe I can combine it somehow with afterwards and maintaining weight.

Anyway. Signing out now, I iwll do lots of these for you :D:D:D:D as I expect for the next few days they will be a bit different!!!

Descent x


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S: 15st3lb C: 13st11lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 33.1 Loss: 1st6lb(9.39%)
Good luck with day 1 ... had my day 1 (again!!) today and with new ice cream recipes and lots of water with flavouring and ice cubes have got through it.
Ooooh, new icecream flavours? what be they?:D Hope it's going ok for you on day 2 now!

Tis day 1. I weigh 16.12.:cry:I think I have managed to make a ticker ok. I have started my water consumption and weeing for england:p I am feeling positive and hopeful and determined. I have done it before, I can do it again.

These are my goals for the time being:

get into ketosis.
stay on it for a week.
stay on it for 2 weeks.
15.9 - obese not morbidly obese:eek:
11.9 - overweight not obese.
9.10 - healthy range.
8.0 - just where I want to be :)

That's all for now I think, may very well come back and whine a bit later when the "woe is me" hits!:D
End of day 1 is drawing in. I have had 3 banana tetras (dont like the shakes:eek:) 3 litres of water, and 12 psyllium husk capsules.

I feel ok.Bit empty, not really hungry as such. Slightly headachey, think that will be a million times worse tomorrow. Slightly low. All that is, is missing my comfort, my treats I think. I am still very keen to slip back into small clothes and gallop along beaches on my horse.

Can't wait to see what the scales say in the morning. I know it's all water, but it's still nice to adjust the ticker ( hopefully!) and see the numbers going down. Amazing what a difference just losing the water over the first few days does for your appearance though? Face will be less puffy and eyes look bigger as you lose the bloating.

Good night and good luck to all,

Descent x


Busy busy busy!!
S: 15st3lb C: 13st11lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 33.1 Loss: 1st6lb(9.39%)
Well done on sticking with it. Headaches are worse on day 2 and day 3 ...due to carb withdrawl, take normal headache tablets, drink plenty of water and day 4 you should be fine.
Thank you:) how are you getting on? must be day three for you today!

I am pleased with my overnight loss:D 5 pounds! I thought it might be a fair bit, judgin by the amount of time spent on the loo!:rolleyes: As I said yesterday, I know it's only water, but it's still a good incentive to help you start.

I am dreadful for weighing too often. I know I should only do weekly but I can't seem to keep away! So I will allow myself to weigh daily for the first week or two, while the daily losses are noticeable. After that it's really better to leave it to weekly, as it's easy to get downhearted when the numbers don't change or horror of horrors, waver upwards a little!:eek:

So please forgive me, for the minute, for recording every ounce that comes off:eek:. No I'm not quite that bad! Every pound will do:D

Feel a bit tired and still slightly headachey. Apart from that, ok.:)

Will try and sign in at the end of the day.

Descent x
I wrote a really long post last night, about that chap on the lose 30 stone or die programme. Then my computer crashed and I lost the lot:mad: Oh well. To summarize :very happy for him, knew he was gonna be an attractive man, best of luck to him for the future.:p

Day 3!

Lost another 3 overnight, making 8lbs in 2 days:D God how I wish it came off like that always! Cambridge would be even faster then!

I am actually feeling worringly fine. Do I need to be concerned that it's going too well, too smoothly? Will it all come crashing down around me shortly:confused: Or maybe it is just the right time. It's such a long journey though. That is the bad side. Why on earth did I let myself get so big again?:( I think maybe to deal with this part of it I need to switch focus away from the diet when I am settled on it. I.e just do it, don't focus too much on it. Otherwise it all becomes focused on this one thing - the diet, and when things get tricky in life, that's what will crash and burn. So I need to get into the swing of it, then forget it, to a degree. I do tend to get obsessive and it's not healthy:eek: It's a long, long road, even with the speed of cd. I can't keep staring at the road the whole way, or I will trip and fall. I need to look at the scenery too, and before I know it, I will be at the end. I hope.

Happy thursday folks

Descent x
End of day 3. Miserable, deprived, hungry, headachey. :sigh: Could have caved early regarding penguins:rolleyes: didn't. I know it will get better. I know it will get better. I know it will get better. I know it will get better. I know it will get better. I know it will get better. I know it will get better. I know it will get better.

Night all :wave_cry:


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It will get better hun. Oh, and stay away from those pengiuns, I find that their fur sticks in my throat lol x x x


Busy busy busy!!
S: 15st3lb C: 13st11lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 33.1 Loss: 1st6lb(9.39%)
Hiya - and well done to you! Day 4 just about over for me now ... and I've been good despite going to Pizza hut with my OH. He had pizza .. and i had chicken salad (even gave him my garlic bread!!!) and tap water!!

Good luck for tomorrow and don't pick up a penguin!


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Hi Descent,

How are you going so far?

Think about why you are doing this? Imagine how it feels to be at the end, it probably brings a big smile to your face, yes!

Remember this feeling..... the day will be easier if you keep this vision.

Keep going.
Thank you guys and well done flirty40greeneyes for surviving a meal out!:eek::D

I am ok this morning (isn't it always the evenings that hit hardest?) and was pleased to see another 2 pounds off. I don't think I am in ketosis yet, as I feel quite hungry. So I will have to watch myself today. I will test with a ketostick later, I bet it's that in betweeny colour where beige is turning to pink. Sat here guzzling my first bottle to try and get the belly to stop rumbling lol! Going to be a difficult weekend for me stress wise. I hate this borderline time, when you have manage to get through the worst part ( nearly) but the brain hasn't caught up yet and the desire for nice food and comfort from it is still more overwhelming than the desire to keep losing. I know that point does come, and the habit get more ingrained. But it's 2-3 weeks in for me before I can really be sure of myself and I will know I will be able to do it again.:sigh:

Anyway. Its friiiiiidaaaaaaaayyyyyyy!!!!:D
Ooooh. Colour on stick was as I thought, and just turning pink, very light. And tonight, I am cold!!!!!Yeah yeah, I know the weather has changed and it is cold, but having so many layers of blubber means that I am normally a hot person, so I am hoping that this feeling cold is the start of ketosis too!
I'm in ketosis, I'm in ketosis!:talk017:

The stick is pink. Lost another pound. Starting to slow down now so I'll have to quit weighing so often.:rolleyes:

Hope everyone is having a good weekend:)
Just a little bit pleased:D Thank you:) How are you doing?

Another pound off today. 12 in total so far, wonder if I can make a stone for tuesday, which will be a week?:confused:

I am still....wavering at times. The pull of the food is still mostly greater. Its sheer willpower at the moment. I am looking forward to being a couple/three weeks in, when I feel more secure.
Well. Today is the first day I have weighed and notlost anything. Boo. I hate it when that happens:( It's my proper first week weigh in tomorrow. I do wish I could drop another 2 by then and make a nice round stone lol! But 12 will be pretty good even if I stay the same:eek: Then I really, really, really must try and keep myself away from those scales and settle down into weekly weighing only!
Morning all:) I have ss'ed for a week today. Just weighed, again scales haven't dropped today.But my total loss for the first week was 12 pounds! I am happy with that! I really am going to try and leave the scales alone now until every tuesday.

I have a hurdle to get over today. I am seeing my cdc to collect more meals. I am a week in. I feel less bloated already. For some strange reason, after I see her I always want to binge! And have on occasion when trying to get back on cd.:confused: I do think it's both because I feel better ( Oh, that was easy, I can do that again no problems! i can manage to just eat healthily!) and also some kind of anti climax....as in, I see her, and it's over. Well yes love, over for that week, but don't forget the next few months you need to do it for too!:rolleyes::p

So. I need to beware and be prepared for that.Think my totm is on it's way too, stomach feels a bit crampy. Yay:rolleyes: