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Desperate need of inspiration

I joined the Gym in early October. (My dad is paying the monthy membership fee) and I've only been about 4 times since.

I'm currently unemployed and rarely leave the house. My weight is spiraling out of control and it's frightening me. I have no energy to do anything and I'm constantly tired. I suffer from insomnia which presents me from sleeping during the night.

I often eat takeway when I know I'm going to regret it but do it anyway, and of course feel really guilty afterwards. I tell myself right, that's the last one and that I'm going to the Gym the next day no excuses however, I sleep in and make excuses in my head not to go. I keep telling myself I'll make up by going an extra day which never happens. This is just on repeat. Weeks later, there is still no change. :(

I'm 21, unemployed and do nothing. I'm very unhappy, lost and confused with life.

I currently weigh 19 stone and it feels that I'm that fat, it's going to take to long to lose it which demotivates me to do anything about it. :(

I'm very lucky to have a full access membership to the Gym but I know I'm stupid to not use it. It's a 15 minute cycle to get there, and I'm already nackered just from that alone.

I just need some inspiration from those that have been in my shoes.

Anyway, it's 23:25pm and I can't believe I'm feeling a little tired. :O I'm going to take advantage of that and try and get some shut eye.

I've decided to just go to the Gym tomorrow, I NEED to make a change. I want to feel lighter at Christmas, and fit into new trendier clothes.

I just hope I feel like this in the morning!
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hellooo :)
i hope i can help a little !
i have had many failed gym membership - i just had no drive to go found it boring and embarrassing so i gave up and wastes hundreds of pounds haha .
ive finally found some exercise that i like which is zumba class. I love it , all age shapes and sizes go and there is nothing to be embarrassed about there everyone just takes it at a speed they are comfortable.

why don't you try out a few classes at your gym see if there are any you like ?

i also now love swimming , i find it relaxing. but only ever go when its ladies only haha.

for me there are much more enjoyable things than going to the gym

the 15 minute bike ride you do to even get to the gym is fabulous well done you !

As for food ive been doing slimming world for two weeks its really working. you can eat sooo much food !!!

hope you feel a little more inspired :)
I can so identify ~ albeit I'm older than you :).....

Find something that you love to do.... but that can take time and effort as well....

I was reading a book and in it the suthour said that someone ele said that main effort of going to a gym is getting there so..... why not say you will go to the gym ~ just cycle there and then do something nice for you snd then go back.... try that for a few days ~ say four or five... still reward you every time you do it and then next four or five days up the ante ~ maybe go and have a cup of tea there if you can afford it.... is that something worth doing? Also with "my gym" I can book classes on~line so give yourself a pat on the back for lets say looking up classes ... and then maybe booking them.

It is evident that you want to get fitter and healthier and out of this rut/depression ~ Lean on us all you want.... and do keep in touch.

Are you following any food plan?

Judith & PIckle the wonder dog
Hello Kim...

How goes life with you today? What you've been up to.

I just had a thought (hurts me little toe where me brain is!!!!).... have you ever thought about volunteering? ~ you can do something that you like and get a good reference for when you find that job you are seeking. Theres all sorts out there... it all depends on what floats your boat.

I know if I didn't volunteer then I would never get out of bed! Lazy cow I am.

Be good to find out how you are doing today ~ you might just inspire me to get to the gym as well.

Judith and Pickle the wonder dog

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