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Desperately wanting advice, any all appreciated!

I started Cambridge beginning of Sept and did pretty well, first 6 weeks, lost about 20 pounds.

Then I got the chest infection fron hell, two lots of antibiotics, inhaler etc... Was at home (off work) for 3 weeks. I was told by counsellor that I needed more calories while trying to recover. I was pretty much off the programme. In those few weeks I did not lose anything, stayed about the same. Which I expected. But now for past two weeks I have been trying to restart and just can't seem to do it.

I am so utterly disappointed in myself and feel like why can't I do it this time? For example I will stick with it during the day and end up starving at night and want to eat "proper" food.

Has anyone had this experience of trying to restart for whatever reason? I REALLY miss food and am wondering if I should do the higher calorie CDC so I can include real food.

Any personal experiences or words of wisdom would be apprecaited soooo much.

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Ok I did this diest last year and came off for christmas, I have been trying to get back on track since and have only just managed it this week! So believe me you are doing better than me! I think you just have to really want it and after the first few days it becomes habit. If I can do it anyone can :) xxx good luck chick and I hope you find your mojo! x


Slowly but surely x
try 810, darling - that way you can have a piece of fish or chicken with green veggies at night. I do it and have had good losses x


hoping for a good loss
I struggled at restart, so I know exactly how you feel and empathise 100%. I was desperate to do it, but had a real hard time come the evening and always gave in to food. In the end I just focused on what I was wanting to acheive whenever I thought of nibbling. I found it was a habit rather than a need. If I got past that initial want for food it was easier. The first few days were hell, but I came out the other side. I ended up going to bed really early every evening just to get past the want for food.

It might be that this isn't the way forward for you, just my experience.

All the best, you CAN do it.

Charlie xx
It's all so hard isn't it?

Megan- I do hope I find my mojo too! I think you are right I should just focus on doing it 100% and after a few days hopefully it won't be so bad. Thanks so much for your response.

Kirsty- I was thinking just that, doing 810. I started out doing that. And man did I look forward to that small meal in the evening. Maybe I am asking too much of myself to be only on liquids after being completely off for a few weeks. Thanks for your response!

Charlie- It is the first few days which are hell. I know I can do it, because I did initially. I think one day at time. Geez isn't that the mantra of AA? Thanks fore the support.

Thanks you guys!

Sandra x
Aw, I promise, if you come up with a foolproof solution to this one, I'd gladly pay you! Grrrr...

You've already had some great advice so I'll try not to repeat it all. But there are some things that definitely help, in my humble opinion.

(1) Don't try to start Cambridge the week before your TOTM. PMT and Cambridge just don't mix. :)

(2) Try to start reducing carbs in the days before you start Cambridge so that you don't suffer as badly from the side effects of going into ketosis.

(3) Start on a Wednesday or Thursday so that you'll hit ketosis by the weekend and be less tempted by everyone pigging out on takeaways on Saturday night.

(4) Keep busy! Plan your evenings - go and see a film, decide to clear out cupboards, treat yourself to a trashy magazine or a good book, have a pampering session in the bath, etc., etc.

(5) Don't be too hard on yourself when all doesn't quite go to plan. If you end up eating something you didn't mean to eat, try not to let the thought "I've stuffed up!" rule the rest of the day - draw a line under it and just keep going.

(6) A suggestion from KD - start at a different time. Who says you have to start Cambridge from breakfast time? Why not start, say, Thursday teatime? Have breakfast and lunch and then a shake for tea?

(7) Don't plan to do anything too energetic, like 10 mile walks (or 1 mile walks in my case) during the first couple of days. Allow yourself the luxury of being a couch potato. Strenuous exercise is counterproductive anyway while you're doing SS or SS+ - it can make you hungry!

I'm sure there are other tips and tricks. Some swear by nibbling at chicken, etc but I always find that puts me a the "S*d it, I've cheated - what else is in the fridge?" mood. :) You might find it helps though, so give it a try - the plus side is, nibbling chicken doesn't delay ketosis.

And of course, the most important advice? Don't give up! Every time it all goes Pete Tong, try to figure out why and use that knowledge to help you get it right another time.

Good luck hun! You can do this!


hoping for a good loss
Gosh Lily, I do love your replies. Missed ya chick x
Gosh Lily, I do love your replies. Missed ya chick x
Aw... :eek:

Just gotta take my own advice, that's all. I did fabulously well the week before last - lost 9 pounds (lost 8 of them in 2 days :eek:) - but this week, well, had a crap day at work last Friday, came home, bawled my eyes out, ate - and haven't stopped eating since... You know how it is. :devilangel:

So I'm posting myself into submission, LOL. I will not give up, I will not give up, I will not give up... :whoopass:

How are you doing?
Gosh Lily, thanks for that. It's all true, and I am going to try some of your suggestions. All really excellent.

I am so appreciative to be able to discuss concerns with you all. I don't know that my friends/family etc... understand. Thanks for your great advice and taking the time to post! Nice to know that this forum is here for support. Believe me I need it.

Thanks all!
Sandra x

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