Dessert Ideas


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Hello :D

Does anyone have any ideas for desserts please? At the moment I am happy with the Muller Lites and fruit combo etc but can see that I might get bored too! I have the mag and the desserts book which has some great ideas in but I thought I might ask whether anyone has some yummy and quick dessert ideas?
Thank yoooooou :D
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Jolene Gisby

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I havnt tried it but everyone has said at my group that the chocolate cake with the crispbread stuff they sell at group. wsounds dry but aparantly its nice


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I make a blancmange type thing. It might even be in the recipe book, I can't remember

2 & 1/2 syns the whole thing

1 sugar free jelly (your fave flavour)
1 large tub very low fat fromage frais

Make the jelly to 1/4 pint with hot water, then add 1/4 pint cold water. Throw in the fromage frais and give it a good mix. Put it in the fridge to set. Job done.

I make a lemon one which is lovely.


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I've only just started SW, but I'm definitely finding it difficult to find 'nice' things to replace all the cakes etc, etc that I miss!!

Yoghurt and fruit / cereal is all well and good, but there must be something I can make which will see me through in the dark times?! lol x


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Last week I made the curly wurly scan bran cake, it was quite nice. I had it with natural yogurt to sweeten it up.


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search for 1/2 syn roulade for a cake/sweet fix.


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I like 'banofee rice pudding'

1 part rice to 3 parts water (or hexA milk) with sweetener to taste , simmer until liquid absorbed (around 15mins) , then stir into toffee mullerlight and have with sliced banana :)

so yummy! And you have 1/3 superfree :)