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determined to get this right.. Lucy in April


My first diary!
Ok, today was a red day so i had:

2x FF weightwatchers yog's

Lunch: Small FF steak, 1 butternut squash, 1 onion and some quorn

Dinner: chicken with veg i think

syns: Glass of wine-6

HeA- 350ml Skimmed Milk
HeB- 250g Baked Potato

So i think i'm getting this right. Any advice? I'm kinda new to this so a little bit nervous about not getting it right..:D
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Ok today is a green day (tomorrow too)
But today will be having:

Breakfast: WW yog and coffee
Lunch: rice and curry sauce made with free veg
Dinner: Meatballs (mince as HExB) with pasta

and having milk as my HXa

syns havent decided yet but will probably have a few in dinner!


Jumped slyly on the scales this morning..not the happiest person today but i did probably eat more 'leagally' than anytime before! anyway for today..Green again..

Brekki:pinapple sticks and a WW FF yog,coffee
Lunch:left over stirfry with lots of free veggies and noodles probably diet coke here too (2 syns here for stir fry sauce)
snack: Either a mullerlight yog or a cous cous mug shot thingy
dinner: pasta and meatballs (saying as we changed out mind last night)

HexA- Milk

syns: not really sure yet but will update

(god i hope this works!)


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Don't forget, if you're doing red or green you can have 2 HexA's and should be having 2 HexB's. It's only on the extra easy plan that you're only allowed 1 of each. If you're using your hex B's to have meat or pasta on a green or red day, you're better off doing the EE plan. Maybe you're not eating enough, because you can have 15 syns a day, and you may as well have all of them at the beginning of your journey as you may need to cut them down as you get nearer goal. When I first started sw i was eating loads, and huge portions. Good luck x


Awww thanks! Understand a bit better now..

Ok, so today is Green

Breakfast: Had a muller light and coffee
Lunch: Having FF Sweet Chilli Super Noodles with spring onions and coffee
Dinner: HexB-113g turkey, SW chips, Free gravy, fine beans and parsnips and courgette

HexA- Skimmed Milk
Syns: dry white wine- 4.5, 10g cereal- 2.0 and havent decided the rest yet

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