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Extra Easy SW from home- Trying to start a family

Hey all! So.. We have been trying to start a family now for about 4 months and nothing seems to be happening. :( I am convinced that my weight is to blame.

I am currently 14stone 6lbs and I'm 5ft 7" tall. My BMI is apparently 31.8 which makes me obese. :( I really need to get back into the overweight BMI as I think this would up my chances of conceiving. (Plus i really do not want the lecture from my doctor on how I am too fat to start a family. )

I have done slimming world in the past so have the books etc. Going to try and do it from Home for the time being instead of spending the money for the group.

Breakfast: Wheatabix, (HEB) blueberries and almond milk
Lunch: Homemade Butternut Squash and Sweet potato soup, Quavers, 2x babybel (HEA), apple
Snacks: Veg with humous, murray mint, two satsumas.

Almond Milk- 2syns
Quavers- 4
Humous- 6.5
Mint- 1

Total- 13.5
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Hi Biggirl.. thank you so much! :)

So the past couple of days I have upped my fruit and veg intake and have been trying to exercise more. I am still tracking my food and exercise via MFP and have been in the green for the past couple of days. (yey!) Even in the green on fitbit too which has been a very rare occurrence recently. However I have been going massively over on my syn allowance. :confused: I cant believe a little pot of humus is 6.5 syns and avocados.. 11?! I love avacados and they are so good for you. :(

Have been trying to get rid of stuff within the cupboards etc so I know the first few days are going to be a bit questionable.. Hopefully I can do a big shop on Sunday and be better next week. :)

Third day today and had a cheeky weigh in just to be nosey.. I'm 14stone 5lb.. .1lb lost already! yey! :D:D
Hi Pinkemi,

best of luck losing some weight and conceiving. 4 months is no time at all though. there's a show called the great sperm race, it was on a few years ago but you'll probably be able to find it on youtube or something, it shows how much the sperm have to go through to get to the egg, each sperm is a human running, swimming etc. its quite mad actually but so interesting.

we've had lots of fertility problems throughout the years, I've never conceived while 'trying' but conceived lots of times when it was more natural. I think the stress of wanting to become pregnant has an impact on actually getting pregnant. anyway I could talk about pregnancy and ttc all day so I'll stop there lol.

I'm currently 30 weeks pregnant and was 15st 6lbs when I conceived :)

x x
Hi Jenny! I was reading your SW diary actually through this pregnancy before I started this one. :)

Had a rough couple of days if I am honest. Have not stuck to the plan at all! AF is due in about 4 days and I had some news that another friend of mine is pregnant and it was like a switch just flicked.. I wept for about half an hour. Proper snot inducing weeping. :( I normally get a bit emotional when AF is due so I think my weeping is a sure indication that she is on her way and this month is not our month again. :grumble:

Currently looking at SW online wondering if it would help me "stick" to plan much more.. but I just dunno. Feeling so down in the dumps I just dont know what to do! meh.

sorry to hear you are feeling down, ttc is such an emotional rollercoaster. I know the pain you feel when a friend or relative gets pregnant when its all you want. my sister had 3 babies in the time we were ttc/miscarrying etc. that was so hard and it felt like there were pregnant women everywhere I looked. sure it will be your turn soon.

Just a heads up, I always find that totm symptoms are the same as pregnancy ones. I always get emotional and have stomach cramps for a couple of days whether I'm pregnant or due on.

really hope it happens for you soon x x
Well i also check my cervix throughout the month as it is meant to be a good indication.. Mine has gone quite firm recently...I'm just waiting for it to drop as a sure indication AF is here. (Sorry probably TMI) I do tend to share too much info sometimes. :blahblah:

Ive also been tracking my BBT and its getting lower.. Im basically convinced this is not my month. I am already mentally preparing myself to start next cycle. lol

Food today has been okay..

Breakfast: 2x Weatabix, (HEB) almond milk, raspberries and 2x babybel (HEA)
Lunch: sweet potato and butter nut squash soup, quavers, peperami hot and some mini chicken fillets.

Had a cup of tea earlier and had to put whole milk in it! eek! Already 1/2 syns over. blast. :confused:

Peperami- 5.5
Almond milk- 2
milk- 1
Quavers- 4
Murray mints- 3

Total: 15.5
well if this isn't the month, lets hope next month is :) I know its so easy to become obsessed with ttc but maybe forget the checking of cervix and bbt etc and relax and be natural. sometimes the pressure you put on yourself can have an impact, like I said when I did all of the above I never conceived, when we were natural and not making an effort to ttc, we caught.

don't worry about the 1/2 syn, just pull it back tomorrow x x
Just realized you put in your last post that you had miscarriages.. I am so sorry. :(
thank you. all the sadness was so worth it. now have 3 healthy children and 9 weeks from 4th so I cant complain.

well done on the stone x x
Thanks. I thought i was heavier then when I last went to SW about a year ago.. so to realise that I was actually about 7lbs less is a relief! Now just need to focus and carry on so I can get my next stone award. :)

I have just eaten so much pineapple my mouth is now numb! haha :D:oops:
Weighed in this morning at 14stone 10lbs. :( The past couple of days or so I have been so awful with my eating... and to make matters worse.. my TOTM started today 3 DAYS LATE! :( I was getting so excited... Thought that this month must have been our month. (Frustrating as we technically did everything right this month and STILL didn't manage to conceive. :( )
Peanut Butter has 5syns per teaspoon! :grumble: Wish i had checked the syns before eating it! Already have 10 syns consumed for the day now. :( (sigh) Im seriously going to struggle to get back into this SW mindset! Have been so used to snacking on nuts etc.

Breakfast- Apple with Whole Earth Peanut Butter. (chose this one coz it has much less sugar in it then Sunpat.. god knows what the syns value is in that!)

Hmm just looked it up and I cant find it on the app.. but it then says standard smooth peanut butter is 4.5syns and reduced fat is 1.5syns.. SO WHY IS MINE 5syns per teaspoon??:badmood:
so sorry to hear totm came, and 3 days late, bet you were getting excited :(

try and focus on one day at a time on plan, you can do it.

x x
I really was.. especially as I was getting all these symptoms that I don't remember having before like feeling dizzy etc. It was a REAL kick in the teeth yesterday when TOTM came. :(

But... I am trying not to think about it and focus on weight loss (although a lot easier said then done.) The frustrating thing is it felt like we did everything we could.. and we still failed. :( Trying not to feel like a complete failure at the moment... but anyway.. no pity party! Life moves on etc.
you aren't a failure :( I feel sad that you are thinking that way, please remember its only been a short space of time. I'm sure that I read the average couple takes up a year to conceive.

have you thought about how often you are dtd? think every 2-3 days is best so that sperm has replenished enough.

take care of yourself x x
I think the problem is I assumed it would happen in the first month.. coz all my friends had it that way! haha So the fact that it is taking longer for us.. just feels so unfair. you know? Just hope there isnt anything wrong with me except my weight... (sigh)

Not to brag.. but I think we maybe did it too much this cycle. We basically did the deed every night in my fertile period just in case (and we felt like it. haha)
haha that's great that you wanted to every night in your fertile period, maybe next fertile period try and do it every other day, give the sperm more a chance :)

when we were desperate for a baby, my sister had 3 and best got pregnant from a one night stand. It can be so hard to see others getting pregnant at the drop of a hat when its all you want.

fingers crossed it happens soon for you. x x
urgh see! Why can someone get pregnant from a one night stand.. yet I cant? lol Thanks for the fingers crossed.. although might need all of your limbs crossing! haha

Lunch- Salmon with Garlic and a blob of grainy mustard, spinach and baked sweet potato
Snacks- Quark and Options hot chocolate. (Wanted something sweet and needed to use the quark up!)

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