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Determined's Diary

Hi all.

I joined the other week and made a welcome post since then I've been lurking and reading the diarys etc with intrest and figured what the heck its time to get me a diary.

Anyway I rejoined Slimming world for the 3rd and final time on Thursday and I went back to a fantastic consultant that I've used before. After a long chat we realised that I keep falling off the wagon because I see the big gap infront of me and my 10% and panic so we've decided that I'm going for smaller goals instead and going for a stone at a time this time round that way I put less pressure on myself.

I restarted properly yesterday and managed a big boo boo in my first ten minutes I had a bit of a rush geting ready for the school run so I decided to eat run grabbing a couple of the Belvita Breakfast biscuits. I checked online when I got home and they are 3 syns each :eek:! I'm only having ten syns a day for my first week so there went 6 of them at breakfast time.

Today might be a bit difficult as I have a childrens birthday party a trip to the cinema a meal and a evening in the pub ahead of me. Any tips on how not to syn through the roof would be greatly welcomed :)

Anyway I am determined to do this and look forward to meeting more people here and helping you all as and when I can x
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Hi Dawn, good for you giving sw another try. I also got caught out by those Belvita biscuits and since they come in packs of four I was just grateful I only had two! And you're right...so annoying to use up six syns in one go which is why it's important to check the syns of anything we're not sure of lol...boy they were pretty yummy though!

I think it's impossible to do any diet if you can't incorporate your normal social life into it. If I've got an evening planned then I just do flexi syns and eat superfree and free food (usually eggs, fruit, yogurt, veggies) during the day and then try to make wise choices for the event I'm going to. My consultant said the worse thing to do is starve yourself though as you're more inclined to eat more in the evening.

When it comes to drink I very rarely use my syns on alcohol and I don't miss it since I'm not much of a drinker anyway. I'd much rather use my syns on food :D

Anyway hope all goes well with you. I think it is a good idea to set yourself small goals and when the pounds start coming off you'll see just how well you're doing and that you can do it :D


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Hiya, well done on starting back with Sw and also the gym. I have been meaning to try those breakfast biscuits, didnt realise they were 3 each though! I have alot to lose and i have always set myself massive targets and subsequently felt like i had a huge mountain to climb. Now, i just set myself small targets and so far its working. I am doing it half stone by half stone, and fingers crossed its working for me so far. I look forward to reading your diary entries,good luck and again, well done. Also i agree with ^ poster, syn free all day if you can and then flexi syn (if your going out i mean!) xxx
Thanks for the replies :) I Was good yesterday I had the plain chicken breast and rice though I did have 3 glasses of wine *whoops*

Today I'm being careful and writing everything down and making sure I stay with in my syns. I'm doing the slimming world roast chicken dinner today so the whole household is eating healthly and tomorrow I'm going to walk when I do the school run rather than get the bus (I live about 2.5miles away from the school) so if that doesn't set me towards my bronze body magic nothing will!

I have a question I had Quaker Oats Paw Ridge for breakfast and I know its 4.5 syns but I was just told on facebook that they are now a healthy extra b is this right?
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I too know how its feels to fall off and on and off and on, but having this great site, I only found it today, has sure made me smile and realise that we all have our gremlins but if we dont make the effort who will.
Thankyou MarieN I wasn't sure :) Ca't say I'm fond of Scanbran but I'll get some when I go to group on Thursday to go with the PawRidge.

pigmad Yes the site is fantastic I could read the posts all day I get some brilliant tips from here.

I'm back at work tonight (I work nights in a care home) So I've stocked up on my fruit etc to munch on during the course of the night as I do tend to cave when the rest of the staff order takeout and I refuse to do that anymore despite the fact I may at some point sell my soul for a BBQ Chicken pizza ;)

I missed breakfast today so I'm having brunch instead Turkey Bacon, Quorn Sausage, Beans, Mushrooms and a slice of WW Wholemeal bread. I honestly don't think I can eat again for the rest of the day now.

I have another question (Yeah I know I'm full of them :p) does anyone else here work nights if so what do you do to stick to plan?
S: 16st8lb C: 16st0lb G: 11st0lb Loss: 0st8lb(3.45%)
WW bread

I tried the WW bread and it was fab, love it alot, but today I have been really naughty I made a rhubarb crumble for the family and could not resist it, so had a huge bowl but I sooooo enjoyed it, .

Im getting into the SW plan now and feel much better now so keep going as every pound lost is the right way to our goal.


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S: 20st5lb C: 14st8lb G: 10st0lb Loss: 5st11lb(28.42%)
Hiya, im a student nurse and can work nights in the hospital quite often. Although i havent done any since i started sw! im interested to see how i cope, everyone orders take away and there is always biscuits and sweets lurking to keep us all awake! I am planning to take savoury rice cooked, with boiled egg etc and some homemade coleslaw and im gonna stick to my options drinks, and also! the mcvities snack bag of mini biscuits is 6 syns per bag, so i may take these to, so i feel like im having the same as everyone else xx

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