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Devastating Week


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Hey Guys,

I have not been on for a while. I have had the worst week ever. TFR was going great I was really into the swing of it and happy. I went out for a friends birthday and was happily sipping my water when a fight broke out behind me amoungst drunken people. It happened really fast but they smashed bottles and glasses and to cut a long story short I ended up with lots of glass in my back as I was wearing a halter neck and had to be taken to the hospital. I was bleeding quite a bit and in shock so the nurses gave me tea with sugar in it as I waited for the doctor. I ended up in hospital for 3 nights as they couldn't get all the glass out without operating and I now have 7 stitches in my back which I will be getting removed next week. I had to eat when in the hospital as they would not entertain the notion of me having my shakes. I felt awful as I knew I was undoing all the work I had done in the last month. I called into my pharmacist yesterday and she said that they were right that in those circumstances I had to eat as my body was in shock and had suffered a trauma. I only gained 3lb's and am starting TFR again today so hopefully it will be all gone next week and I will get back on track. So I am back to square one again but I am going to try not to let it get me down. I hope Lipotrim is going well for all of ye!
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Awww hun i'm so sorry to hear about that! How nasty! Your health is much more important than the diet and so it was definately the right thing to do! Those 3lbs will be off in a single day i bet! It'll just be water! You'll do fab today cos you know you can do it :) xx
What a night, poor you. :(

From what I had read in here that will prob just be water, fingers are crossed your next weight in is good. :D


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how awful, my daughter was in a pub one night when a fight broke out and she ended up being on the recieving end of a flying glass which smashed into her face, she has only been left with two little scars, but she still feels traumatised in crowds, so be kind to yourself this kind of thing takes some getting over.


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How awful, so sorry to hear that, sending you big hugs!
Please, really don't worry about the 3lbs - what is that compared to you being safe and well. Like others have said, you will drop that easily in a few days.
Look after yourself over the next few weeks, sounds like you've had a nasty shock.


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thats awful hun hope your feeling better soon, and good luck on tfr
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Of course you needed to eat! You were also laying down the entire time. It will fall right off!!! X
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Oh gosh, that's so awful! I hope you're OK now!

Eating was clearly the best thing to do in these circumstances - don't worry! That 3lbs will fall off & then some, I imagine!! :)



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Crikey what a week you've had!! That's awful I hope you're feeling a lot better now. And you definately haven't undone all your hard work you just were doing what was best for your body and that is the most important thing.

And bloomin well done for jumping back on TFR many would just turn and run!! Not sure if I could have that determination. xxxx


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Oh thats awful - hope your feeling better soon. Eating was the best thing to do as you getting better is more important at the moment - don't stress about the extra lbs i'm sure it will be off in no time. good luck x


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Ouch that sounds nasty, you poor thing! You must be really focused to be thinking about TFR so soon after that happened, not sure I would, well done you! Hope you are healing well and that the 3lbs come off quickly which I'm sure they will.
All the best xxx


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So so sorry to hear that, hope you will be well soon.


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Thanks a million everyone. I am now in my boyfriends for the weekend and heading home on Tuesday to get my stitches out. I feel much better now I am still really sore though but feel back in the swing of it with TFR. I am going to get weighed in next Friday as I am using the extra sachets I had left over from last week and that will give me an extra day to get rid of my extra lb's. I won't be able to exercise for another week or two so will just keep drinking away. Thanks a million for all the support!


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Lost 6lbs am delighted but have been told that I will need another operation as where the glass went in is badly infected and not responding to anti-biotics. They are going to give it another week or so to see if it will change but if not then I will have to go back in.
I will ask the pharmacist about refeeding that week. Overall I am happy though!
How is everyone else getting on?


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Fantastic weightloss, well done!! But really sorry to hear about your infection, I hope you are feeling better soon. x
ah delighted for you, you defo deserved that bit of good news :D

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