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Development Feels Scary - which I didn't expect!

Mrs Lard

Silver Member
Hello Everyone

Have just come back from my first Development session and feel really unsettled.

I felt nervous all day and even though there were two other people from my Foundation group, I found it really hard - I felt vulnerable (new set of people) and generally uncomfortable. We had to explain what brought us to LL and although I have documented it in my blog, this was much more uncomfortable.

I think one of my other Foundation friends was as nervous as me.

Is this normal? Of course, I appreciate it's going to be different for all sorts of reasons - not least the different stages that everyone is at - but it felt like one of those new girl at school days.

I am just feeling incredibly nervous and that feeling hasn't gone away, even though the session finished two hours ago.

Any tips or thoughts?


Mrs L xxx
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Hiya Mrs Lard,
would it help to think that the others as well as your foundation friends prob all felt the same? At least next week it won't be 'new' and you'll soon start to bond with this group as you did with your foundation group :) That may not be much help, hope it is tho :)

How did you get on weight wize? Try not to be nervous, i know easier said than done, hope this feeling soon passes. :D

Mrs Lard

Silver Member
Hi Geri

Thanks for responding! Very much appreciated. Have just written my blog and feel a bit better (had to avoid having hot banana foodpack as that really would have been comfort eating!). I posted here, as soon as I got in because I just needed a bit of support, rather urgently! Thank you for being there.

You are totally right; I won't be the new girl for long and yes, I am sure everyone else felt like that during the first session. I am also going to email my Foundation friends to see if they are ok. We tend to all rush off in different directions after the session.

I lost...a big fat pound! Last week it was a big fat zero weight loss so I was glad of that, to be honest. My scales at home showed an increase! LOL. It's TOTM, which doesn't help and I am hoping for a bigger loss next week. I thought it was ironic to end Foundation with a zero weight loss.

Total weight loss to date is 3stone3lbs. Haven't worked out how to do a ticker yet. That will be my next minimins goal!

Thanks, again, Geri; really appreciate a friendly voice!

Mrs L xxxxxxxx


Silver Member
Hi Mrs - I can understand why you felt a bit uneasy, it's a natural feeling in a situation that is strange to us. As Geri says though, all the others probably felt that when they started and the new ones in the future will but you will very likely all gel into a solid group.

You're a star and you'll do just fine :)



Gold Member
Aww your welcome, glad to be of help :D

Whey hey hey all the 3's 3 stone 3 ( sound like a bingo caller lol) thats great...well done you :p

Heres to a loss for next week, the scales have to shift at some point!

night night



Just one day at a time
I bet you were just as nervous at your first meeting in foundation. Like you said, there are a couple of people you know there.

Best of all, you are ALL there for the same reason with the same feelings, worries and hurdles.

Well done on your 3stone 3lbs loss

Hey Mrs L...
I'm about to have my 3rd developers sesh tomorrow (even though I only finished Foundation officially yesterday), and I'm also not happy.
It feels very disjointed, ended up getting weighed twice in the same week and I couldn't really get my head around my numbers! I'm not able to stay for the meeting due to the change in day and all in all it feels pretty messed up!
There is definitely a transition stage and I didnt expect it to feel like this! Plus we are 2 groups coming together and definitely feeling the 'split camp' atmosphere. Its not going to get that much easier for me as I'm not going to be able to bond with the group, as I'm only there for about 10mins. I'm taking the approach of development is more of the same so I'm not really missing out, but management is a different story and I will need to be back in a structured group for that. Hope it starts getting a little easier for you :D
Hi Mrs L,

Sorry to hear you are feeling unsettled, I must admit I feel like this as I am moving to management on Monday. How are you feeling now? I imagine it is because you kind of know what to expect but this time you are surrounded by different people and are all at different stages of development, so the bond perhaps is not as great. At least you have the constant support of the mini community though.

Keep us posted of how you are feeling/doing.

I am off to read your blog now for some good advice.


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