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diabeties test !!

hi all. I went for some tests to check my blood pressure, cholestrol level and sugar at the chemist and everything was brilliant exept the diabetes test. Came out at 6.4. Never had any problems before this diet. I was wondering if anyone has heard anything about why this might be. I have to go for another fasting blood test at the doctors in 3 weeks. My worry is that I wont have eaten anything for 8 weeks and they want to give me a very sweet sugary drink. I know it wont make me come of lipotrim but I am angry that I have to do this as I have been so good. I am hoping it wont make a massive difference. To top it all I have to go to this hospital for tests tomorrow as I have just found a lump in my breast. I am not misserable just angry. Sorry for the rant.:wave_cry:
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ah hun. try not to worry too much about it being 6.4. thats not that high. both my parents are diabetic so i have to check mine every month, sometimes mine is 6 but most the time around 4 (normal range)

sorry to hear uve found a lump, its so scary. my hubby found a lump a few months ago and i was convinced it was cancer as my nan died from breast cancer. cried all night. went to the doctors first thing and was told it was nothing to worry just some fatty tissue as ive got big boobs. pray you have the same result hun. pls let me know how u get on.

good luck, fingers crossed.

x x

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
You poor pet. You are not ranting, it is just that you feel you have been doing all the right things i.e losing the weight that may affect your health and now here you are with hospital visits and tests. Try not to worry, easier said than done, but put your faith in your doctors. Hopefully all will be well soon. Then it will just have been a blip in your LT journey.
Well I went for the tests at the hospital and thank goodness everything is ok. Just got to do the diabetes thing now. Makes you realise how lucky you are.

I am doing really well on the lipotrim, lost 25 lbs now. Can't belive how the weight is falling off me. I have binned two sizes of jeans now. My neck has gone a bit scraggy but I am hoping that will tighten up. If not I always liked wearing chokers when I was younger.

I am learning how I realied on food for comfort etc. Came out of the hospital and my first thought was ' lets go to dinner and celebrate'. I used food for really strange things. Rewards, comfort, bordem and habit. If we went out we always ate, if we went to Scarborough we alway had hotdogs and ice cream. Quite hard habits to break but it does make you realise why you become fat. Still this day is having a happy ending, thanks very much to you for your support.

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
I am so glad that you got good news on the tests. That must be a great relief for you. Hopefully the diabetes test will be ok too. You are doing great so keep it up. Celebrate with a sparkling water!!
delighted you got good news. I found a lump before it was awful and it was huge and i was 20 so was stupid and just said it wud go away went and got it taken out at the start of the year im 24 now haha! Best to get these things sorted straight away. Im so surprised your blood sugar was so high did you only just have a shake or something??? If not definitely get it sorted now coz if its dat high on this it must be dangerously high wen you eat. But 6.5 isnt dat high really so dont stress mite have just been a once off.

Ur right about learning about silly habits you listed all the reasons why i used to eat its amazing how lipotrim opens your mind to these silly habits, best thing about lipotrim i tink it will help so much wen we are back eating and maintaining.
so pleased the tests came back ok. makes u realise how short and precious life is when things like this happen.

good luck for the other tests hun.

x x

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