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DIARY, Going to add it weekly!


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S: 12st3lb C: 12st3lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 28 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)


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S: 12st3lb C: 12st3lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 28 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Week 1

27th May 2009 Day 1
1. 1pm Shake late start to the day! 1.5litres water down!
2. 5pm Last chicken soup gone, quite enjoyed it at first but struggle to finish. Another 1.5litres of water drank!
3. 8pm Choc shake hot.......... yuck yuck yuck, like slime. Never again!
11.30pm Another 1.5litres
Total 3 shakes and 4.5litres water plus tea!

28th May 2009 Day 2
1. 1.30pm Shake, another late start, struggling with 1st 1.5litres of water!
2. 5pm Shake and 2nd 1.5litres
3. 11pm Just realised the time and that I haven’t had my 3rd shake. Going to have it now for bedtime! Another 1.5litres gone!
Total 3 shakes and 4.5litres water plus tea!

29th May 2009 Day 3
1. 12.30pm 1.5litres down!
2. 1.30pm Shake, yum! Only got a trace of ketones on the ketostik tho ,so not there yet! (Maybe TOTM interfering??) Need to think about earlier shakes but still no real hunger YIPPEE!
3. 3.30pm 1.5litres down and stuck in car so thirsty!!!! Shopping was a challenge, was the quickest I have ever shopped in a long time!
4. 7pm Shake and tea. Made the kids fish pie tonight..... yum....LOL
5. 10pm Shake and off to pub for sparkling mineral water!
Total 3 shakes and 4+ litres water plus tea!

30th May 2009 Day 4
1. 12.30pm Still struggling with 1st 1.5litres..... Less than 1lb weight loss today and I forgot to check 1st urine for ketones... Arghhhhh
2. 1pm Shake yum yum!
3. 2.30pm Finally drank the water!!
4. 4.30pm Mint tea...... mmm might try choc mint shake!
5. 6pm 1.5litres yes! Mint choc shake delish!!
6. 10pm Another mint choc shake, could get addicted to these! Jamie pestering for my shakes now. Made him up a proper shake and tasted by accident, yuck, far too much sugar!
7. 11.30pm 1.5 litres mix of still & sparkling!
Total 3 shakes and 4.5 litres water plus tea!

31st May 2009 Day 5
1. 11.30am 1.5litres of water already
2. 1pm Choc shake... yum!
3. 4pm 1.5litres of water...... so thirsty stuck in Mahon!
4. 6pm Choc mint shake..... delish!
5. 10pm Choc shake and another 1.5litres (mix of sparkling & still)
Total 3 shakes and 4.5 litres water

1st June 2009 Day 6
1. 1pm Choc shake, gonna be a difficult day, doing a barbie!
2. 3pm Finally..... 1.5litres down!
3. 8pm Arghhhhhhh. Had a glass of wine. Very dilute over 3-4 glasses with loads of sparkling water. Felt very drunk and rather annoyed with myself!
4. 9pm These light nights are playing havoc with my times. Mint choc shake while ironing. Need to sit and have my shakes as if they are a meal. Its this type of eating that made me fat! Finally drank another 1.5litres.
5. 10pm Sipping away at water, really cant face my last shake. Had a shot of vodka too..... Gonna put myself out of my misery and going to bed.
Total 2 shakes and 3.5 litres water....................... Had no internet today as the router went down. I am amazed at how much I rely on my ‘support groups’. Missed you guys! 1st weigh in at the pharmacy tomorrow as I’ve been doing this solo so far!

2nd June 2009 Day 7
1. Well forgot to write today! Might be the stress of no internet and a Foroige meeting! Anyway I know I had my 3 shakes and near on 5litres of water!
Total 3 shakes and 5 litres water!