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Diary of a binge eater.

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Weight Loss Diary' started by kel86, 27 December 2012 Social URL.

  1. kel86

    kel86 Silver Member

    Hiya my names keliegh , I've basically been following sw for a couple of years. I managed to loose four stone but then had to give up class due to my financial situation. Since giving up class I've put about 1 stone 10 back on. As the title says I'm a self confessed binge eater, but this needs to stop as I feel it's seriously affecting my health. So I'm following sw from home to loose around 4 stone. Whilst its the Xmas hols I'm trying to be sensible however will be back fully on track as from second of jan xx
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  3. BingoBango

    BingoBango Member

    I am a binge eater too and it drives me mad. I do well on WeightWatchers the whole week, see the result on the scales and promptly sabotage my progress by eating everything in sight.

    Like you, I lost a lot of weight by going to WW meetings, but then my schedule became so packed that I gave up the meetings and started doing it online. Since then I haven't really had much luck :-/. I joined minimins to get support (losing weight alone is practically impossible I find) and give support. Welcome! And best of luck with your weight loss goals.

    I haven't been here long myself but have had an extensive look around. These people know what they are talking about :)
  4. flabtofit

    flabtofit Gold Member

    Good luck Kel86.

    This is my third attempt at SW and so far 2st 5lb off.

    However, I too am a binge eater. I weigh in on a Thursday, starve all day until weigh in and then 'reward' myself with whatever I fancy when I get home :-(

    Thing is with me though, 1 bad day seems to turn into a bad week etc..

    WI tonight and then I have every intention of sticking to the plan. Another 2st 2.5lb til Target and hopefully I'll get there by my birthday in April. Fingers crossed!
  5. kel86

    kel86 Silver Member

    That's my biggest problem can't just stop at one bad day even though sliming world allows freedom good luck to everyone tryin to beat the binge it's the hardest thing I've ever tried to do. I'm going to post truthful food diarys here to try and face up to it.

    So here goes

    28/12/12. Red day

    B- porridge oats and banna
    L- bacon, frankfurter, mushrooms, fried egg, grilled tomatoes, nimble bread and brown sauce
    T- qourn chicken, mushrooms and onion omelette. Topped with cheese and salad
    Snacks- apple, grapes melon

    Hex a - milk and cheese
    Hex b- porridge oats and nimble bread

    Syns- frankfurter- 3.5
    Brown sauce- 2
    1 sugar- 1
    Hot choc- 3
    Jelly sweet- 1

    Total- 10.5

    Drinks- water, tea, coffee and diet coke

    Exercise- 2, 45 min spin classes
    Last edited: 27 December 2012
  6. flabtofit

    flabtofit Gold Member

    Hopefully we can all help each other Kel86

    I need to find an exercise that is effective but that is also quick - I'm a full time working mummy of two children under 3!

    Suggestions welcome!!
  7. BingoBango

    BingoBango Member

    Has anyone here thought about why they binge eat? Can you also feel it coming, hours ahead of time, like me?
  8. BingoBango

    BingoBango Member

    Can you join a gym or are you a DIY type of girl?
  9. kel86

    kel86 Silver Member

    I'm a mum of 2 and also work full time, it sounds daft but when I'm at the gym I class it as me time, some people like to read a book have a bubble bath, I like to go to the gym that way I feel less guilty but if you struggle for time there's some great DVDs to do at home
  10. kel86

    kel86 Silver Member

    I don't know why I binge sometimes it's stress but there's been other times when I do it just for the fun if it, I've thought about seeing a doctor but feel they'll just laugh. Sometimes I plan to do it other times I feel it come on like you. I've been reading up on it and apparently dieting triggers it but I feel I can control it better when I'm dieting.
  11. kel86

    kel86 Silver Member

    Do you guys keep it secret from family and friends this is the first time I've admitted having a problem to anyone
  12. flabtofit

    flabtofit Gold Member

    I could join a gym BingoBango but they would need to be open v.early at I would have to go before work and I start at 8 and live about 40miles away.

    Maybe DVDs are the way to go then...

    I can also feel a binge coming along, I get the urge to eat and it sounds stupid but its so strong I just give in. Its like a complusion...
    Before I joined SW I used to eat in the car and then hide the 'evidence', stupid really as I was only trying to kid myself.

    I too went to the Doc as I felt out of control but they tried to diagnose me with post natal depression! - I tried to explain that I have had a very unhealthy relationship with food a long time before I had children but no joy. Unless you've been in the situation yourself I don't think people really understand
  13. goose

    goose Silver Member

    I'm a serious binge eater. I'm still trying to figure it all out in my head as I've had a very bad week. It's such a complex issue. I eat till I physically feel sick. My hubby eats alot and enjoys his food (he is overweight) but he doesnt binge, that's where I am different. He eats naughty food but stops and doesn't hide and eat. I usually have phases. I don't know right now my head is all over the place. I think I need to talk to someone about it and feel positive. I have managed to get down to a size 8/10 but have been on binge madness and will soon undo this hard work. I think going back onto lipotrim to lose my last few lbs and than on SW will be the right thing for me. I need the control and structure of a plan. WW is what I used to do before, But I found I became so obsessive with counting points and I like the look of SW so much better and think the whole approach is far more to my liking. Wish me luck, I'm really excited to be moving onto the SW forums (although I'll always be a lipotrim girl at heart!) and want to battle my demons for good.

    we can do this xx
  14. flabtofit

    flabtofit Gold Member

    Good luck Goose and we can do this!!! X
  15. BingoBango

    BingoBango Member

    Kel86, I hide it most of the time. I will wait until hubby has gone to have a bath and then I'll let go. Or if I'm home alone I might even pop down the shop and stock up on everything bad. When I get home I'll sit down and have an eating session, often until I feel sick. If there is cake about at work, I'll wait until everyone has gone to lunch and then have one slice of everything.

    I know I need to speak to someone because I have always had this problem to some extent, although doing WeightWatchers seems to have made it worse. While I was losing weight (for about a year) I never binged because I was highly motivated, but as soon as I reached my goal weight it started again and has not stopped since. I cannot seem to find a balance, I am either angelic and ultra disciplined or I fall off the wagon completely. I cannot understand people who can just have one biscuit and leave the rest for another day. If there are 20 biscuits in the cupboard, I have to have all 20 or throw all 20 out.

    Flabtofit, there are indeed loads of good DVDs out there. If you go down that route, buy a few for a bit of variety. Doing the same one all the time can get boring. You could also buy home-gym equipment if you had some money to spare (and space!).
  16. flabtofit

    flabtofit Gold Member

    Thanks BingoBango I'll have a look for some good ones - space is a bit of a premium at the mo but we're looking to move in the new year so will add 'workout space' to our long list of criteria lol.

    On a different note - I'd like to thank everyone for their honesty with binge eating - I've never spoken about my battles with food before, not even to my OH, so its comforting in a way to know I'm not alone.
  17. BingoBango

    BingoBango Member

  18. flabtofit

    flabtofit Gold Member

    Wow! Fab link BingoBango. It'll take some hard work to retrain 'Fred' but anything worth having/doing takes work
  19. goose

    goose Silver Member

    omg, this is me to a t. i am exactly the same. exactly. #i also did WW and feel it made the whol situation worse. feels so weird someone having the same 'problem'. i too can not understnd the whole hving just one biscuit. feels weird reading ure post!!
  20. BingoBango

    BingoBango Member

    Goose, we seem to be similar in other ways too. I noticed that my start weight and yours are almost identical, as are our heights :-D Then I saw how much weight you've lost. You have done so well!

    Just goes to show that when we put our minds to something we can really do it.

    I'm glad I've found this place. Like Flabtofit says, until you've been there you don't really understand what it's like to be a binge eater.
  21. flabtofit

    flabtofit Gold Member

    So true BingoBango. When I tried to tell my OH that I thought I had an unhealthy relationship with food he said 'eat less, loose weight' which sounds so simple but to a compulsive binge eater its one of tje hardest things to do.

    Even those closest to us don't understand our problem which is why its quite refreshing to talk openly with others in the same boat.

    I can't see people's stats yet...maybe I need to post more lol

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