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Diary of a bride to be...

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Food Diaries' started by Little_Jade, 22 January 2014 Social URL.

  1. Little_Jade

    Little_Jade Full Member

    Only two and a half months now to choosing my dress...excited!!!
    Wanting to lose a stone, maybe wishful thinking for 2 months but gona do the best I can!
    Lost 3.5lb in my first week so need to keep it up!
    Decided I need to keep a diary, Im useless otherwise! If anyone has any tips or advice feel free to just pop them on im welcome to anything that can help! :)
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  3. ellejay1984

    ellejay1984 Silver Member

    Hi hun how are u? Getting married next year too x been doing SW since 2009, (baby in between) lost 3st 5lbs so far, looking to get to 9st so 7lbs to go?!
    Will b happy to help/share if I can? Perhaps u can give me wedding tips in exchange :D x L x

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  4. Little_Jade

    Little_Jade Full Member

    Aww well done hun 3 stone is amazing!! Good luck with your wedding when is it?
    Mines 13th sept but want my get my dress sorted, in the shop they told me 5 months before seems a bit early though?
    I did sw last year and lost a stone, but coming back to shift some more! Were about the same weight aswel im 9.9 now hoping to get down to about 8.9 x
  5. ellejay1984

    ellejay1984 Silver Member

    Morning hun x mine's next summer, booked the venue but still to choose an exact date, bit of a complicated situation lol, should hv a date by next month x
    September, bet it feels exciting that u can now say you're getting married "this year" :eek: I think sooner the better with the dress, once that's chosen everything else should feel less stressful? X what r ur colours/theme? X
    Did u find it hard getting into the 9st bracket? I really did, now I'm just trying to lose a little each week to get to 9st & hopefully maintain.
    x L x

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  6. Little_Jade

    Little_Jade Full Member

    Well I started at about 10st 5 n managed to get down to 9st! I found it was ok on EE til about 9.5 then I had to switch to red to get last half stone off, but since coming off it put 9lb on :(

    I no I cant wait its getting closer now! My colour theme is silver white n really dark red, still got a load of planning to do though!
    Once my dress is sorted though can start thinking about everything else!
    Yea booking your venue and date is the most important bit bet you cant wait, have you got any themes or ideas yet?
  7. ellejay1984

    ellejay1984 Silver Member

    Morning hun x that's the difficult thing, the lower we get, the harder it is to lose & maintain I feel? I do green every day as a veggie, but I still dnt allow myself unlimited pasta & rice, I'd never stop otherwise!!

    Actually, most of the wedding has been organised (on paper); dark plum, black & silver. We booked it for June 5th this year & I'd chosen most things, but I'm not back in full time work yet so financially we decided to postpone 4 a year-it was getting too stressful! So I feel much more relaxed abt things now knowing I've got over a year to plan (& save!)
    Dnt no if ur doing anything yourself, but have a look at a fab website; weddingchicks.com, I love it! So many ideas & free printables :eek:
    Hope u hv a good day hun x L x

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