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Diary of a Cheese Free Oopsie!


On a mission for boobs!
Ok, so I love these little things! I'm cutting out all cheese this week, so the cream cheese in my oopsies has had to go because I'm wondering if thats whats stalling me.

So, my oopsies are made with:

3 eggs (seperated)
1/2 teaspoon cream of tartar
4 dessert spoons of mayo

I mix my yokes and mayo together and put the bowl in the freezer with a desert spoon while im whisking the whites and cream of tartar.

Then I slowly combine the yoke mix into the whites before I bake on a silicone mat for about 20-30mins at 150.

I dont add any salt/pepper or sweetener. Not for any other reason apart from I'm too lazy to make two seperate batches - one savoury and one sweet!

The mayo actually works pretty damn well. Granted, they dont taste exactly the same, but they do the job! :)

Fresh cheese free oopsies!
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On a mission for boobs!
Bacon rolls with LC tomato sauce


On a mission for boobs!
Oopsie with creme fresh (2tsp splenda, 1/2tsp cocoa, 4 tsp creme fresh) - delish!



On a mission for boobs!
Its not too different to be honest. Perhaps slightly drier. I'll only make them this way from now on I think, even if it turns out its not the cheese thats stalling me. It mixes better and its less hassle than trying to whisk cheese lol!


Clean green leafy machine
What a clever girl you are Claire! They look fab :)


On a mission for boobs!
I had to use my imagination. I cant live without pretend rolls! lol! I'm debating trying to make them with soya yogurt, but not sure. Might try a little batch and see!


On a mission for boobs!
No problem Stephen! Wasnt sure if they'd work, but they're not bad! I think greek yogurt would have a better consistancy than the soya - might try both and see! hehe!

I feel creative! :D


Mayo Addict
This is quite a good thing you've come up with Claire.... normally cream cheese isn't cheap, and you'd have to use a whole pack. Mayonnaise is a lot cheaper and lower in carbs (certain brands). Really good. Sorry I took so long to think about this - I think earlier I just stared at the photos rather than think of cost saving. lol


On a mission for boobs!
I get by in the kitchen! hehe!

Probably wont get around to trying the yogurt ones until some point during the week because, well, I cant be ar**d going to the shop! lol!

I thought i'd post this because I know alot of people on here cant have cheese, and well, I wanted to bombard everyone with oopsie photo's! :p
I haven't been tempted by oopsie rolls til now -get back with your drool pics!!!!
Oh my they look great ClaireCat...if we pay u wud u send out some samples ;) I'm too lazy to attempt these and wud probably make a disaster of them lol x


On a mission for boobs!
I'm not sure they'd travel well! However, if you want to come over for a cuppa, I can make u a sandwich, roll, panini, cake....?! :p


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I was going to make these last night, then realised I didn't have any bicarb of soda...ggrrrrrrrrrrrr. I made cheddar & parmesan crisps instead. Lush still warm with butter & marmite on :D


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Ooh - cheese crisps with marmite - now that sounds good! :D

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