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Im baaaack! With Ooopsie roll recipe (lifesaver!)


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Hi my gorgous Atkins guys and gals.
Im baaaaaack! I did atkins last year and lost a stone but had to come off it for health reasons. Im much better now and only put the weight I lost back on....and no more, which is good. Just made a batch of these to kick start my diet and fulfil my "no bread/pastry" moments.
Do try this recipe, they can be eaten sweet or savoury. IE with splenda, whipped cream and a drizzle of dark chock..... or with ham and cheese, like a pizza. Or even with butter, like toast.
They smell delicious and are practically carb free.

Ok - cookery lesson ladies and gents!

You need
6 egg whites in one bowl
6 egg yolks in another bowl
pinch of cream of tartar
6oz creamed cheese
Oven on at gas mark 3

Eqq whites in one bowl with the cream of tartar

Whisk until ultra fluffy (until stiff peaks form!)

Then go to your next bowl with egg yolks and add 6oz cream cheese

Do NOTo whisk them, stir vigiurously with a fork, dont worry if there are lumps of philly in there becuase the less liquidiesd they are, the more fluffy the oopsies will turn out

Now add the yolky mix to the whites but pour in gently. Fold the mixture together (DO NOT beat, whisk or mix vigourously). Lightly turn the yellow into the whites remembering to scoop up the yellow from the bottom over the top and into the whites. If you break down the whites you will have runny oopsies and although they taste the same, they lose their appeal :)
One folded, use a large spoon to place on a large non stick baking sheet/tray. Baking sheets cost £1.99 form Morrisons and nothing ever ever ever sticks - promise you that

Your empty bowl should look like this - with no liquid. if it is liquidy, you folded the mixture too hard but you can still use it...your oopsies will be just flat!

Bake on the top shelf for 25 minutes on gas mark 3. The smell when they are cooking is divine, let me tell you that. My daughter comes rushing in the kitchen waiting for them to come out so that she can have one!

Mine have joined together but they are easy to tear appart when cooled. I usually put it on a wire rack becuase if you leave to cool on the tray, it goes soggy.
Once cooled I wrap in kitchen towel and please dont put them ina plastic container as they go soggy and stick together. They keep for up to 2-3 days like this and never stick!
I have them both sweet and savoury (taste lovely toasted with butter)
This one is served with whipped cream and sugar free maple syrup. I sometimes have strawbs with them:

I also ike them as a pizza with just cheese, ham and pepper. i dont really like tomatoes but you could have a couple of cherry toms on there.

Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy.
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OMG They look amazing, can I have them on induction? Thanks for all the piccies too, really helps to see what's being said


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Kirsty!! Hi darling, how are you? It's so nice to see you back love.
These are yummy but I prefer the MIM in all its forms! More like real bread/cake/whatever. Thanks for this detailed post x


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mmm im going to try :D
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thanks for the post, really helps me with pics as im a learner cook..(nearly 24 years of age oopsie)


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JIM!!!!! You are still so slim and helpful, I see xx

Ooopsie rolls are perfect on induction....enjoy xx


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LOL, yes Kirsty, I have managed to maintain still love.

Dee 25

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thats a very good question can we use baking powder instead

these look divine.



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looks lush can,t wait to try
There must be a skill to making these! Ive just tried the above (baking powder instead of cream of tartar) and they were awful.
1. Mine were more yellow.
2. I folded very gently, but mixture was not as 'stiff' as the one above
3. I didnt use any baking paper so they got stuck to the tray.
4. They didnt rise and looked like flat pancakes.
5. They didnt taste nice at all.



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my oopsie rolls are in the oven as i type - they smell devine :)

i had to hand whisk the egg so they are a bit flat cos my hand got sore

cant wait to taste them

Mine smelt nice too, my hubby got up to ask me "what on earth am i cooking at this time of night, that smell soooo nice!"

Oh do tell me if you had more sucess


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you have to use cream of tartar - not baking powder...its the rules (although I have made some without and they still taste the same)

It took me about 3 times before I perfected it.

Dont eat them on their own - they are supposed to be eaten with peanut butter, or like a mini pizza or in place of pastry or with cream and syrup!


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ooohh can we have peanut butter?
if i can make them without cream of tartar i might try them tomorrow!!!


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well totally didnt turn out right

need to get a hand whisk lol

they were flat and tasted more like a baked omelette altho there was a hint of a bread texture lol

how did you get on


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These sound amazing!! I must try some... I can see it taking me ages to perfect them though! lol


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Great post Kirsty, thanks very much.

I'm starting Atkins (again) today, and have always wondered how to make these, so I'm off to buy some cream of tartar!! I'll let you all know how I get on as it sounds as though there is a nack to making these?

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