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Diary of a Fat Person aged 48 1/2

Hello fellow slimmers!
I'm writing this diary for me, to help me express how I feel before, during and after I eventually lose weight.

This is my first entry.

I am fat, there... I said it. I also love food, not the healthy kind but the bad kind. The buns, biscuits, roast potatoes, warm bread, I love the cuddly kind of food. I take great comfort from food and 99% of my problems with food are in my head.

Losing is weight is something I must now face. I've done it before but then I didnt break my nasty food habits. This time I really need to deal with my food issues and stop taking comfort from it.

I weight 14 stone 4lbs and 5'6 - surprizingly people say they're surprised im that heavy... perhaps they are being kind.

Anyway, this week I have finally got my head into the right zone. I am going to do the Celebrity slim diet [similar to one i did before where i lost 3 stone] I know that this will work for me. I have ordered my food and im waiting for it to arrive.

saying all this, i have just had 4 choc cookies :rolleyes:

I plan to do wii fit every day and even have thought about buying the Wii game The biggest loser. I think i probably will.

One of the reasons i want to do something is to show an acquantance that she is not the only person to lose weight and to stop this person laughing at me behind my back.. yes sounds awful but if this motivates me enough then its got to be good.

So I havent officially started but its imminent and i will use this diary to post how i feel both good and bad so please bear with my ramblings.

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Good luck. You sound determined, with a plan you know works. Go for it! Whatever motivates you is worth having!
Hi Sarah... Im 49 in october! yikes...

I used to post on here the last time but i think that was 2006! I find keeping a diary really focuses me. maybe we can keep eachother motivated! :)
That sounds like a good idea! I will keep an eye on your diary and hope to pick up some tips or pass some on! I have a stone to lose and really must knuckle down now having lost over 2 stone over the past year. It is too easy to get complacent when you feel okish but haven't reached your target. The final straw making me lose weight was a telling off from my GP! It worked though. BTW I was nodding in agreement at your talk of all the comforting foods-really hit home! Have you lost a lot of weight before? If not I am sure you wont have messed up your metabolism and will find it relatively easier to lose than if you have been a yoyo dieter. I am sure that you will have great success as you sound as if you are in the zone.
I don't know much about Celebrity Slim but will still follow your diet with interest. I have lost my weight with calorie counting and low fat foods (with a few slip ups along the way).x
I can really relate to you ladies, I am 47 and once and for all trying to lose my weight once and for all.. As you can see from my stats I have alot more to lose but hopefully we can support each other. x
Good luck with your plan x:D
Hi Katie!

Yes lets see if we can motivate each other. I am really realistic this time round.. its been a while since i lost any weight so hopefully it will be fairly painless... or maybe not! :)
I know what you mean as I had afew problems with my supplier early in Jan, hope it arrives soon
Have a good day x:D


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Heya, hope everything's going well, you seemed pretty determined and that can only be a good thing despite the motivation behind it.
Best wishes.

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