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Diary of a food addict....


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okay, maybe ive gone a bit far with the title of this post - i know there are people out there with far worse food issues than me. However an addict is just what i feel like at the moment. I'm in week 2 of SS and suddenly food is everywhere, i dream of it, i see it on adverts, everyone i meet wants to talk about what they've eaten/will eat/want to eat/cant eat i swear this wasnt the case 2 weeks ago!!

So hi to anyone reading this, ive started it as i have read many posts on here and found many of them helpful and inspriational, so if my inane ramblings help someone else along the way then all is good. It also feels cathartic to be writing down what im thinking so its really more for me.

So brief history - ive been a serial dieter for about 10 yrs, but all ive really managed is to delay the weight gain rather than halt it or reverse it. I have tried lots of methods, spent a fortune on exercise machines and own clothes in every size from 10 up to 24. I never throw away something i like, as im always "going to get back into them". Ive eaten in secret lots of times - not quite hiding food around the house (i live alone - who would i hide it from?) but ordering BIG takeaways and purposely using the words "can we have" when there is only me here - I was already judging myself pretty harshly without the chinese take away woman jumping on the band wagon. I did LL last year for 7 weeks and lost 2stone but i pretty much "cheated" every week, hated the pop therapy sessions and gave up just before Christmas, convincing myself that i would get back to it after Christmas. So here i am 7 months later back to where i was before i even started LL. Awesome!!

Well this is different, ive said it before but something feels different this time - for a start its now in black and white in front of me, which is a first. I also hope that keeping this diary will keep me motivated - even if no one else reads it (and why would you - these are my demons not yours), i will and i have my snazzy weight tracker - thats new too!!

Well im eager to see above mentioned snazzy weight tracker in action so im going to stop here but feel free to drop in occaisonally and give me a few harsh words if i start using phrases like "i deserved a treat", "i'll start again next week" or my personal favourite "i'll make up for it with some more exercise" i walk past my expensive treadmill everyday but cant see it for all the clothes "i will get into" piled on top of it.

Good luck to all and thanks for reading.

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hi, what a wonderful post. get the first week done and before you know it you will be at goal. i was almost at goal and went on an AI holiday and am back to lose the gained weight. so its day 1 for me today, maybe we can help each other along?

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