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ProPoints Diary of a newbie who likes to cook

Hi all

Decided to start posting my food diary as I think it will help me to stay on track and also so I can share some of my recipes which I love and have pointed. All support and advice welcome!!!

Poached Egg (4) on Multigrain Toast (6) - 10 pp (ouch, hadn't realised that was going to be so many

Wholemeal pitta bread (4 I think), Lite Dairylea triangle (1) and loads of salad - 5pp (phew I may have dragged it back)

Normandy Pork Fillet - 5pp (my working out)
Spray of oil
200g pork fillet cut into medallions or lices about 1cm thick and flattened a little with a meat mallet
1/2 apple
1 shallot
1 clove garlic
125ml dry cider
2tblspns half fat creme fraiche

Heat the oil in non stick frying pan. Fry the pork pieces on both sides until they are cooked through. May need to be done in batches.
Once the pork is cooked, set aside then add shallot and apple to the pan. Cook until golden. Add the garlic. Cook until it smells fragrant. Add the cider - bubble up hard for 2-3 mins to reduce the liquid. Turn down the heat and add the creme fraiche, stirring well. Add the pork to the sauce, coating it well and season. Serve!

Serving with green beans and cabbage and mash potatoes (2 pp)

Milk for the day - 1/2 pint semi skimmed - 4pp

Banana or apple for late afternoon snack

26 points so far which means I can have a cheeky glass of wine with my dinner.
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hello and thanks

hi Lilac, your normandy pork sounds delish I will be trying that soon, thanks for sharing your recipe. I too love to cook and eat hence the reason I'm on here lol.x


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Your dinner sounds scrummy!
Will definitely be giving that a go!
I love to cook too! The harder the recipe the better!

Day 2 - Monday

Brekkie - bran flakes and semi-skimmed milk - 5 pp

Snack - banana

Wholemeal pitta - 4 pp
Dairylea Light triangle - 1pp
Chicken breast - ready cooked and roasted - about 50g - 2pp (I think)
Pack of Walkers Sunbites - 3 pp (love these)
Activia yoghurt - rhubarb - 3pp

Snack - Apple

Pork lasagne from Seriously Satisfying cookbook - says 7pp but I'm going to say 9pp because we had to use extra pasta sheets.

27 pp in total

Am also planning to go to the gym for an hour after work but won't use the points.
I love the sound of the pork, can't wait to give it a go! :)
Day 3

Bran flakes with semi skimmed milk - 5 points

Sun dried tomato couscous - 5 points
Chicken breast - roasted - 2 points
Rhubarb Activia yoghurt 3 points

WW chocolate and orange bar - 2 points

Chicken Curry - Serves 6 - 12pp each including rice (recipe has own rice recipe so I ignore that and use my own and I've added 2 more points to allow for this)
500g passata
1-2 tblspns hot curry paste
400g cooked boneless tandoori or tikka chicken breasts
150ml 0% Greek yoghurt
1/2 tspn caster sugar
Salt and pepper

Pilau Rice

Place Passata in small pan, with curry paste and heat gently.

Add chicken and yoghurt to tomato mixture and bring to the boil and simmer for 2 mins until warmed through. Stir in sugar and season to taste.

29 pp
So I figure no-one is finding this very useful and it's bloomin hard trying to keep it up every day, so I will put my recipes on the Pro Points recipe page and hope that it tempts someone else to try them.
Hiya What did you think of the pork lasagne? I love lasagne but the one I used to make pointed at 28pp :O
Let me know if its good... plus i think your diary is look good xx

We loved the pork lasagne from the book - hardly noticed a difference from a normal lasagne - very filling. I gave up putting my recipes on here but will keep putting my recipes on the other sub-forum.


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I dont know what it is with lasagne it always makes me so ill! Does anyone else put red wine and cheese sauce in it? Is there any way I can make a bland lasagne without losing out on taste?

I used to put red wine and cheese sauce in mine but the WW Propoints pork lasagne doesn't have them in it. It's more tomatoey than cheesey.
Hi Hun :) here to follow ur food diary ;) xx


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hi lilac Have really enjoyed your recipes and no its not a waste of time ! I dont always post every day, but I try as often as poss usually miss a day or two here n there. I know not everyone reads my diary but I find it helps ME to keep myelf on track, so dont give up, it will help YOU in the long run x
Lasagne defo sounds good! X
Please keep posting-your menu's are great ,as are the recipe. You will probably find people are reading but not commenting -give them time to get to know you. Food diaries seem to be more seen as for your onw records than the weightloss diaries.
Plus I need some ideas to keep me going

ps what happened to the rest of the cider?:D
Keep posting I'm reading :) x
How is your week going? X

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