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Diary of a piglet!

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Food Diaries' started by Piglets, 10 January 2014 Social URL.

  1. Piglets

    Piglets Member

    Hi all,

    I'm new to minimins so I thought I would try a diary to keep me on track! I have done Slimming World before but never managed to stay a member for longer then a coulpe of months and never managed to loose any big chunks of weight as I go off plan at the weekends and there's no coming back!

    Any support would be great, looking forward ti chatting with a few of you lovely members!
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  3. Piglets

    Piglets Member

    So Tuesday 7th January was my first day back at group! Bit of a shock on the scales 12st7lbs! Christmas belly 2013 has got to ge so I can start working on Christmas belly 2012 whcih is hiding under it's sibling at the moment!

    I started the plan today even though the weigh in wasn't til 5pm so I've got an extra day under my very tight belt, hoping for a big loss 1st week!

    Breakfast wholemeal toast and beans
    Lunch wholemeal roll with salad and ham (cut off Nigella Cherry coke joint from the weekend! Mmmmm)
    Dinner Slow cooker chicken curry!

    Syns 6.5 (bread and 1/4 slow cooker curry packet)
    Last edited: 10 January 2014
  4. Piglets

    Piglets Member

    OOOPS Stilll new at this!
    Last edited: 10 January 2014
  5. Piglets

    Piglets Member

    Wednesday! Day 2 on plan

    Can you see that I'm trying to become addicted to this! I have quite an addictive personality but I've never managed to get addicted to exercise or to dieting, so I'm trying to get hooked!

    Breakfast banana and yogurt
    Lunch wholemeal toast and spaghetti hoops
    Dinner left over chicken curry

    Syns 6.5 (bread and 1/4 of curry packet)
    Last edited: 10 January 2014
  6. Piglets

    Piglets Member

    Thursday day 3 on plan

    Breakfast banana and yogurt
    Lunch wholemeal ham sandwich and salad and fruit
    Dinner SW Sapg bol with parmesan cheese as HE and sugar free jelly

    Syns 5 from bread
  7. Piglets

    Piglets Member

    Friday getting closer to the weekend tempttions hope I can stay on track!

    Breakfast Spaghetti hoops on toast
    Lunch left over Spag bol
    Dinner Chicken and bacon pasta

    Syns 250ml red wine 8.5
  8. Piglets

    Piglets Member

    Saturday the hardest day!

    Breakfast banana and yogurt
    lunch left over pasta
    Dinner slow cooker pulled pork sandwich and SW chips! As fit as it sounds!

    syns 8.5 wine, 1.5 for honey and sugar in pulled pork sauce, 1.5 on ketchup
  9. Piglets

    Piglets Member

    Sunday - spa day and tea out with the girls!

    Breakfast banana
    Lunch spaghetti hoops on toast and fruit
    Dinner duck spring rolls, chicken roast with Yorkshire pud, shape caramel yoyogurt

    Syns on wine, duck rolls, roast pots, gravy, Yorkshire pud and caramel yogurt 41.5
  10. Piglets

    Piglets Member

    Monday -last day of the week

    Breakfast banana and yogurt
    Lunch spaghetti hoops on toast
    Dinner pulled pork sandwiches and SW chips

    Syns on 2 x biscuits, 2 x coffee sachets, sauce for pork, 13.5

    still under so may treat myself to a chocolate bar too!

    First time ever I've gone to group having stuck to it 100% and under Syns!

    The scales will tell tomorrow!
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