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Diary of a serial-snacker - NEW START!! :)


Sensibly losing :)
S: 12st12lb C: 12st12lb G: 11st6lb BMI: 27.4 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
good morning lovelies!
Well its about time I started over here. I find it SO hard to find time on the forum to keep up with all of the posts, I am sorry. I do read on my phone at silly o'clock wen my back has me up but I cant reply! I then typed out a full post about 8 para's long on Friday, only to be logged out and lost the lot! MOST annoyed! ANyway, has been a change so thought I would post today and make a start in more ways than one....

Well, I lost 1lb last WI but I didnt have a great week in fairness. I literally am the serial snacker! This is something I conquered before when I lost a lot of the weight.. but this diet has brought in new changes and I am recognising this... I dont want to end up where i was before so I am keeping an eye on it. I am resenting the lack of food and feel the need to sit down and actually eat and enjoy a meal with a knife n fork at the table with my family. Everyone sits down at 6pm when the other half is in from work and I miss sitting with the kids annd being part of that. I think that once I am able to do this guilt free then I wont feel the need to graze on bits. Its not doing me any good, it messes up my headspace, makes me feel guilty and I am then more prone to doing it again. grrr!! Anyway, the 1lb loss was a serious kick up the backside!! I have put off going on maintenance for 2 weeks now so I can give it one last push for a loss and it doesnt happen. I can lose more than that on Maintenance so this is the way forward for me very soon. ...

ANyway, I have just been away for an adult girlie weekend. I had an amazing time and I still ache from laughing! It was hilarious, I had no kids (very rare, I never leave em) and you could turn the air blue with the convo but it has given me SUCH a boost. Every single person mentioned my weight loss immediately and I was topic of convo for a lot of the time...such a lovely feeling to go somewhere and feel nice and not dread going somewhere and to arrive feeling self conscious, quiet and it put a downer on things. This weekend had truly made me appreciate how far I have come on my journey!

Now I did eat.. I swore to only have protein and to have my shakes in the bathroom (nobody knows I am on LT due to negative comments!).. but I caved. I didnt pig out .. I had a snsible dry curry of plain chicken.. avoided the rice and sides but did have a tiny bit of naan.. I had about 5 sqs of crunchie bar and a piece of the huge bday cake that I made for the hostess.. all in all I am pleased with that. Once upon a time I would hae had a full on curry blowout *my fave food* and cake, sweets and the ice=cream.. I avoided everything else and also refused the full on cooked brekkie yesterday.... it could have been better, yes.. but it could also have been far far worse and booted me off the diet completely. It hasn't, and I am back.....

As of today I am on day one again TFR. BAck to basics, no cheating and fully on the water! Excercise is working out fantastically for me and my back has certainly improved by dropping this weight. I even had a sauna the other night in a cossie fgs!!! I have never done that in my life and it felt so good! I finally feel that I can take part in normal life and not have to make excuses or feel terrible in myself. I used to get so worked up about public situations it would kick off my IBS! How stupid is that!!!!

Anyway, I will pdate my diary daily. planned on doing so from day dot but along with the measurements etc I didnt get time and it pushed to the side! Hoping this will also allow me proper time to keep up to date with a few of you.. I do try but finding time is so hard to log on to the laptop with the kids bouncing about! I have 5lb to go to get to my target. I now know I want to lose another stone.... its not enuf. I will maybe do tfr for 2 weeks depending on how I feel and my losses and then move on to maintenance.. dunno yet. will see..

On a huge plus, despite a bad weekend and a crap loss I tried on a pair of skinny fit size 16 jeans from Next... never gone anywhere near me before.. couldnt even get them over my thighs... I can now not only get em on and fit my legs with ease but they are LOOSE round the waist!! how did that happen ay??? I am also buying vests etc in a size 14 and they are big on me!!! I am off for a photo-op this week so I can get a pic of my pre-weight loss size clothes... size 28 trousers.... I can get my whole boddy in a leg so I want a snap shot - will post on here when I have done it!! LOL!

So thats it from me...! I am counting today as day one I guess.. new start, renewed goal and new headspace. All functions and parties are now out of the way for a while so I have nothing to stop my focus (other than doing all of the cake baking for our village fete on Saturday eeek what the hell have I done>>??!!... but its not a prob as I did cake Friday just gone and I am all caked out!!....)

Best go and get the kiddies sorted for the day as the weather is gona be glorious this week :) JUst what I need

Hope you have all had a lovely weekend and are doing ok!!!

Donna xxx
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Cham Pers

size 8 by July
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Hey babe good to hear from you. So glad you enjoyed your weekend away and you did so good :) well done you :)

I did the cake thing saturday the recipe called it "naughty chocolate fudge cake" but whilst everyone tucked in i silently sipped water. I cant believe i managed that! It was a huge milestone for me.

I think you and i will always be nibblers if we are totally away from food. I can last about 11 days or so then i just have the most unbearable overwhelming need to eat. Its much different from the usual hunger pangs and cravings that i can ignore quite well. Even the tummy rumbles i can ignore its just these occassional days. I had a 1lb WI last week and that was because of the carb fest i had. It was my own fault i shouldve snacked on the usual ham and cheese that i have but i didnt have any in the fridge :) it was like the day before i go shopping so was limited to carbs. Bad move it took me out of ketosis for 6 long tortrous days. Never doing that again:-(

I only take it one day at a time i cant cope with week on week so i set my goal at 100% every morning and if i do then thats fantastic and if i dont then i just move on.

I must say like you i cant bleddy wait for this to be over. It cant come soon enough. Im pushing myself for one last long push and may follow refeed for the last 4 weeks or until i reach my goal. That will leave me 4 more to go on 100% well 99% really.

Glad to see you on here mate i think you will do better with the support you deserve and what your willing to give to people you definately deserve to get back to help you on ur journey. :) hang on in there chick not long to go now you can do it :)


Sensibly losing :)
S: 12st12lb C: 12st12lb G: 11st6lb BMI: 27.4 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Hmm, owning up once more = today is a new DAY ONE for me.. I am scrapping my old weight and starting from today just to make sure :) Other half has been off work since the end of last week and the weatheer has been so lovely - we have enjoyed some very rare quality time as a family, had picnics, the pool in the garden, bbqs - I wasnt saying no to it. It doesnt happen often, other half is working stupid hours most of the time and thats that! I wasnt very very bad but i wasnt particularly good either some days - had a whole Easter egg yesterday.. grr. Also did all of the baking for the village fete which ended up having a negative effect... anyway, I have pulled it back and not gained weight thankfully but I am DEFFO out of ketosis as I have woken up with a headace, very hungry belly and I feel sluggish. OH is back at work today, kids are back at school and this is me on my new start. Gallbladder has been screaming at me over the weekend too which shows me that I need to pull my socks up! (bloody roast lamb, does it every time!)...

I have a whole cupboard full of shakes and flapjacks due to not ever having 3 a day.. (normally 2 and protein dinner plus a snack or two as I was a bad girl!)... so I dont need to WI for about 2 weeks when I will run out - by then I am hoping to have gone back in to ketosis and to have a great big fat loss, almost like another week one I am hoping as I have never been 100% on this diet since week one!!! Body is in for a shock bt I am also lokign forward to having that buzz and high that came with this diet in the beginning.. :)

So thats me, laid bare! Determined to do this now - have seen 12stone 8 on the scales - aint seen that since I was about 11.... and it used to read 19 stone 2 so the world aint all bad!! The other half got with a bit of a fatty with big boobs and now has a much slimmer (and saggier!!!) one with no boobies to write home about - what can ya do eh? LOL!! Its all good I guess :)

Back on track as of this morning - already glugging the water back and trying to hold out for my first shake as long as poss but very noisy and annoying belly is telling me otherwise!

I can and will DO THIS :D xxx

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