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Diary of a student HELP!

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Food Diaries' started by Sophieeee, 7 March 2014 Social URL.

  1. Sophieeee

    Sophieeee Full Member

    Hello - I'm Sophie :) and as you probably know from the title I am a student, living in a house with 6 other people who all manage to eat SOOOOO much but erm some how not gain a pound.. lucky for some ay?! :mad: Anyway - I've decided to join slimming world properly, don't want to do a stupid fad diet and want something real flexible so this is the perfect plan for me I think!!

    Thought I would right a food diary for moral support and motivation - feel free to subscribe and comment/tell me off if im off plan/advice, I take well to positive criticism!! :D

    So 100% starting tomorrow :

    Brunch (definite lie in is needed!!) : 2xwholemeal bread (hexb), scrambled egg, 2xquorn sausage (anyone know the syns?! :confused:) mushroom and onion.
    Dinner: Chicken stir fry (noodles, chicken, soy sauce, pepper, onion, mushroom, carrot)

    Snacks if needed: Pears, banana, yoghurt and if im REALLY hungry a mugshot?!
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  3. Llamasoks

    Llamasoks Gold Member

    Hi Sophie and welcome!

    Your diary looks great so far, I think Quron sausages are 0.5 each, but hoping someone will correct me if I'm wrong.

    The advise I'd give is to steer clear of mugshots as snacks, they're filling enough to be a meal with a little something else on the side. I made this mistake when I first started, because they're free I ate them when peckish, but it did slow down my losses. They're great for a quick meal (especially if you're a student) but if you're going to do it as a snack, try and aim for the lighter ones! :)

    Are you doing EE, Green or Red?
  4. Sophieeee

    Sophieeee Full Member

    Hello :)

    I will be SO happy if they are only 0.5 syns - they are so much better than normal sausages!!
    But ok I will stay clear of mugshots as snacks as much as I can , thanks for the advice :D

    I am thinking EE as I think I would really struggle to get all my healthy extras in..
    What plan are you on? - How have you been finding SW?! xx
  5. Llamasoks

    Llamasoks Gold Member

    I do EE, pretty much as it suggests, because I find it easier! If you find the right bread you get 2 slices, that and some cheese or milk are plenty for me, so would probably get confused with more!
    I love SW, I'm only 4lbs off my 2 stone award, so it's working pretty well, I do tend to slip up occasionally, but everyone does, because that's life!
  6. Sophieeee

    Sophieeee Full Member

    I'm the same but well done that's so good - hopefully I can follow in your steps! :)
    Bring on tomorrow! xx
  7. lauralozzle

    lauralozzle Full Member

    Hello! Here to subscribe! I've just recently finished uni, so I know what's it like when everyone is eating crap around you!
  8. Llamasoks

    Llamasoks Gold Member

    Hi Hun, how was your first SW weekend? :)
  9. sophlbx

    sophlbx Member

    Hi Sophie (Sophie here too),

    Here to subscribe!

    I eat in a house where anyone can eat what they want and also my boyfriend does too!

    Let us know how it goes! :) It gets better...

  10. Sophieeee

    Sophieeee Full Member

    Sorry I've been crazy busy, haven't had a chance to get on here!
    I've been doing ok surprisingly..
    Yesterday I had
    Breakfast: mushroom, onion and egg omelette
    Lunch: mugshot and some pineapple .. (I was in lectures 9-4! :( )
    Dinner: Chicken, rice and veg

    Snacks: bowl of ice cream - stupidly I didn't look at the calories to work out the syns, I presume far too many!

    I have just woke up and have a day off today..but I am so hungry already which usually leads to a bad day but I'm determind for it not to!

    Breakfast: porridge (hexb) milk (hexa) and honey (2syns)
    Lunch: Sweet potato wedges with roast veg and 2xquorn sausage (1syn)
    Dinner: SW lasangne

    Snacks: Going food shopping so LOADS of fruit!!
    Does anyone know of any 'cheap' alpen light bars that can be used as healthy extras...preferably from Lidl as its a 2 minute walk away?! :rolleyes:

    Thanks for all the support guys - hows everyone else finding it?xxx
  11. Llamasoks

    Llamasoks Gold Member

    Sounds like you're doing good, and it doesn't look like you had any other Syns bar the ice cream, so it probably hasn't done too much damage!
    Your plan for today sounds great, wedges sound delish!

    Unfortunately can't really help on the Alpen bars, I've still got half pack from 6 months ago unopened!
  12. Sophieeee

    Sophieeee Full Member

    Hopefully - I love something sweet after a meal though that's my biggest down fall!

    How?! I can go through a pack of alpen light in a week pretty easily :eek:

    Right I am off to Lidl to do my weekly shop :) xxx
  13. Sophieeee

    Sophieeee Full Member

    AHHH sitting in the flat all day after a food shop was always going to be dangerous! :confused:

    I feel like I've ate SOOO much but none of its been bad - all fruit (SO MUCH FRUIT!) and carrots..i think I might actually turn into a carrot!
    I skipped lunch because I felt so bad for the amount of food I ate - but I'm still hungry :eek:

    Really want to try of getting into a routine of 3 meals a day..as I said I love something sweet after my meals though and fruit just doesn't cut it!

    Anyone else feel like this or is it just me?!?! Definitely decided I am a compulsive snacker..very bad (and expensive habit)! xxx
  14. Llamasoks

    Llamasoks Gold Member

    If none of it's been bad you're safe! If you're hungry eat, you've joined the only diet in the world that doesn't want you to feel hungry! Maybe have dinner now as it's nearly 5 and then supper later if still hungry, better to have a meal when you feel like it than snack needlessly!

    Meringue nests are only 2.5/3 Syns each depending on where you buy then, that with some berries and a vanilla mullerlight makes a wicked Eton mess type thing! You can heat a banana and mullerlight a tiny bit to make a custard-y type dessert too! It's normally just enough to get rid of a sweet craving for me!

    Go have the wedges you were supposed to have, sweet potato is good for you :D
  15. Sophieeee

    Sophieeee Full Member

    It blows my mind that you can eat so much food (Especially carbs!) and lose weight?!

    Meringue nests sound like an amazing idea though :eek:

    Its flat night tonight haha so all of us sit and have dinner and I'm on cooking tonight (SW STYLE - none of them have to know) ;) so I'l wait!!

    Is it too much having lasagne and wedges..thats a lot of carbs people hahaha!!
  16. Llamasoks

    Llamasoks Gold Member

    I think wedges and lasagne sounds brill, you could always serve a big plate of them rather than dish them out and then you can just pick if you're still hungry!
  17. Sophieeee

    Sophieeee Full Member

    Had my lasagne and a few wedges - everyone was very impressed!! :D

    Slipped up a little..had some ben and jerrys ice cream (how could I resist?!?!) so im guessing that's 100% maxed my syns for today!
    Now to watch a movie!

    Hope everyones had a good day! :)
  18. Llamasoks

    Llamasoks Gold Member

    Glad you ejoyed, ice cream is your enemy! :p
  19. Sophieeee

    Sophieeee Full Member

    Ice cream is defiantly my enemy - no more ice cream, there is none left in the flat now so it should be ok!

    Breakfast: pepper, onion, mushroom omelette (2 eggs) cheese (hexb) , 2xpears

    Not sure about lunch yet!

    Dinner : chicken stir fry (carrot, onion, mushroom, pepper, noodles, soy sauce)

    Also its my birthday tomorrow so a group of us are going into town to get a new dress!! :D
  20. Sophieeee

    Sophieeee Full Member

    Breakfast: pepper,mushroom, onion, eggs (x2) cheese (hexb)
    Lunch: Baked sweet potato and SW chilli
    Dinner: Chicken stir fry

    Snacks: 2x pears, 2x apple
  21. Sophieeee

    Sophieeee Full Member

    It's been so long since I have been on here - nearly a year to the day!

    Scary to look back and see how little things have changed - I am still 11st (Actually 11st 2lbs!) could have been a lot worse, could of gained a lot more...

    However I don't want to be at this point again this time next year :( Need to get my head in the game xxx

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