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Diary of a SW Girl x I AM BACK!!! x

Hello all, I'm Sherrie :)

I've started SW EE again and am so excited about it this time round! I originally started in Sept '10 and lost 24.5lbs by Feb '11 which for me is good but not the best I could have done.

I stopped going as I have been suffering from depression and was getting so down about my slow weight loss that I just gave up, but knowing full well I wasn't putting my all into the plan anyway.

Since leaving in Feb and doing a hell of a lot of comfort eating I have gained 2st 8lbs!!! How shocking is that!!! But am now fully back on track and excited about my new weight loss journey. Im no longer feeling depressed as my circumstances at home have changed and I am so ready! More ready then the first time.

Looking forward to sharing my weekly WI's with everyone :)

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hi hun well done getting back to plan good luck x
Thankyou babe :)
Good luck Sherrie and welcome to Minimins :welcome2:
Thankyou lovelies :)
What a gorgeous day it is today!

My 1yrold daughter woke me at 6.30 but had lots of snuggles in bed before I dragged myself up. Went to the cereal cupboard and only have SugaPuffs and CoCoPops left! Uh oh! Looks like its left over SW quiche for breakfast haha.

Enjoy your day everyone x
Hey all :)

I've been without the internet for a few weeks but am back on now, felt lost without it! I've been on the plan for 3 weeks in total and have lost 7lbs so far! Lost 4 and a half lbs in my first week, then 2 and a half lbs in my second week, then maintained in my third week as I've been unwell and much less motivated.

Im in my fourth week now and Im still not 100% better but am getting there, I feel I've stuck to the plan a lot more then last week so hopefully I will achieve a loss this week :) x x x
Hello! Well done for the fantastic weight loss, a fantastic start to your diet! Good luck with the rest of the weight loss!
Charlotte xx
Thankyou to you both :)

Im feeling better now and was so chuffed with myself as I lost 4lbs this week! 11lbs in a total of 4 weeks :)

Krazi how are you finding your first couple of days on SW? x
Well done for the loss! Thats amazing, your well on your way to getting your stone! :)
Thankyou sweet :)

I find not setting my sights too high each week helps a lot, even when I maintained in the 3rd week I was still happy as its still all in the right direction x

Life totally got in the way of my plan this week. Had so many things on that I just didn't prepare for and cant stop beating myself up about it, especially as I have been so proud of myself this time around. I had friends round Friday night and we ended up having a takeaway. I had a family bbq (all day and pretty much all night) on Monday where there was so much yummy food, I didn't drink though :( I had my sisters birthday meal Tuesday and I just couldn't resist my old favourite of Steak and Ale Pie!!! Sooo disappointed with myself once I got home, I could have cried.

I have my WI tonight and am bricking it lol! I have to admit although I haven't been on the plan 100% I didn't 'over indulge' like I usually would, I just ate all of the wrong things. SW has really opened my eyes up to how I used to eat and how I treated food as a reward. If I weren't on SW this week I can safely say I would have had a hell of a lot more then I had and I would have had a few drinks on Monday as well.

*Sigh* Wish me luck for tonight!!! x
good luck for weigh in tonight hun im sure you havent done to omuch damage i binged out for 2 days couple of weeks ago white bread, cakes, alcahol, LOADSSSS and i only gained 1/2 lb keep us updated :D xx
I will do chick, I'll post tonight with the results. I said to my friend who I go with that as long as I don't put on more then the 4lbs then I lost last week then I'll be happy as then I feel like I wouldn't have back tracked. Im so nervous lol x
good luck for weigh in xx :cross:
Thanks Valerie.

Sorry I didn't get round to updating last night! But I'm actually chuffed with the result. I gained 1lb. Sooo thought it was going to be more then that! I'm glad I am left feeling more motivated rather then deflated and ready to give up, think it was the little reminder I needed that I cant just fall off the wagon without having consequences!!!

Feeling fresh as a daisy this morning, ready for the week ahead! I will lose that 1lb and more!!! :) x
Also wanted to say that I'm really surprised at how I'm handling the plan this time round too, I have an almost 2 year old daughter, and she LOVES chocolate! Its her fault that I love it so much too as I wasn't a huge chocolate fan before I fell pregnant and now I am and so is she lol but even though she has a chocolate bar and a few sweets a day, I don't feel tempted. She is a massive fruit lover as well so I don't mind giving her a daily treat as she is a good girl with her food :)

Does anyone else feel like they are handling temptation well? x

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