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Diary of a Wigglychick

Thought I would start a diary...I'm keeping a journal with pics as well (only taken one so far!)

Just completed the first week and 1 day of SS - am completely gobsmacked that i managed to do it and really pleased with myself. 9lb off and 2" off my waist - fantastic :D The trousers that I had lined up to fit into first are now rather loose! Just going to recap my week for myself so I can remember how it went.

Day 1 - Woke up with a headache (I am prone to migraine) and seriously wondered if this was a good day to begin! Downed my usual painkillers, took the children to school and came home and drank my first shake - the cappuccino and I was pleasantly surprised at how nice it was. Not sure what I had imagined they would taste like but it was far better than I thought it would be.
Had a ticket to go to a show with some friends and was really looking forward to it...took a tetra with me. My tummy started to audibly rumble at about 12.30 ish...not helped by the fact that the catering was those hot meat sandwich things, goodness me :eek: We went off to the eating area and my friends all beetled off to buy the hot meat sandwiches...I contemplated having one and starting properly the next day but managed to resist - phew! Downed the tetra and a bottle of water and realised that choc tetra are not for me!
Enjoyed the rest of the day and went home to organise sleepover for dd - cooked lasagne, bought sweets and crisps and all that sort of birthday rubbish (inc. a smartie birthday cake) for the girls and ds to enjoy and resisted the lot - rather thought that at this point I deserved a medal or at least a very large pat on the back! Went to bed feeling tired and ok.

Day 2 - Woke with headache and feeling very, very vague and not with it. Sleepover girls still in residence - dh kindly fed them birthday breakfast of croissants while I pulled myself together a bit. Headache persisted and by afternoon I was feeling a bit worn so the girls and dh went off to the cinema while I went off to bed to see if it would help the headache! It did, a bit :)

Day 3 - No headache on waking :D went off to teach a class and managed just fine, headache started up in the afternoon. Children went off out with some friends so I went off and had another little sleep! By evening was feeling ok and finally remembered to get dh to take a starting photo of me.

Day 4 - Headache back in place...painkillers wiped it out completely and I felt good :D

Day 5 - Felt like I was on speed today - even after a poor night's sleep!

Day 6 - Went fine :D

Day 7 - I was starving hungry from dawn until dusk and had unpleasant acid tummy at night - so nasty I was tempted to have a drink of milk or eat a bit of chicken to calm it down, went to bed instead!

Day 8 - My first weighing day :D To combat the starving hungriness of the day before, I decided to try and push my shakes around the clock a bit. On none of the days have I been hungry when I got up so thought I'd have my first one later on. It has worked and I haven't had any hungriness at all today.
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Well done on completing your first week, it should get easier from now.....!
Look forward to reading your diary though. Good luck for week 2.
Thanks :D


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Hi Wigglychick

The first week over:D Well done, that's the hardest week over! Things get so much easier from here on.

Great idea with the pics, I didn't take any before pics, but really wish I had:sigh: I managed to get a couple off a friend of me before CD but I'm in the background and they're not very good. I hated having pics taken of me.

Hope you have a great weekend


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Well done for getting past the first week, it does get easier...honest! Drink plenty of water :tear_drop: :tear_drop: :tear_drop: It really does help.

Good Luck...xxxx
Have had a rough 3 days over the weekend. Sat and Sun I had a migraine and yesterday I felt like giving up:eek: Not sure why really as I wasn't hungry, just tired and cold...really cold in the afternoon. Felt very down yesterday afternoon...dh kept encouraging me to last out the week as he could see the weight was coming off...I just can't feel where it's going from this week. Decided to jump on the scales - I'm not a scale hopper usually, whatever diet I've been on I don't get on in between weigh ins. Anyway, I jumped on and took a peak and my scales tell me I've lost a stone since I started - now I have no idea how accurate they are so that could be wrong but it cheered me up - got dh to hop on and test them for me and he thought they were about right, we'll see on Friday when I get weighed. For now, it's keeping me going :)
The coldness is a nuisance though, it's very hard to get warm when it happens but once it's gone away I feel fine :)
Well done for sticking with it and congrats on your weight loss so far. I'm now on day 11 of total ss and so far have managed to loose just over a stone now. I too have felt really cold most days but have discovered the packet soup which helps. I'm driving my other half up the wall as I keep turning the heating on lol!

I've been quite lucky so far with how I've been feeling, had a bad afternoon on Sat, felt I'd been hit by a bus, but managed to get through it and weighed myself the following morning, which cheered me up!

Like you, I've taken pics and measure myself every week, I think its a great thing to do, even if I haven't lost much one week at least I'll see it in my measurements x
Weigh in day tomorrow, am looking forward to getting some bars to chew on for next week. Have perked up tremendously since the beginning of the week, have ridden 18 miles on my bicycle with the family - and sat and watched while they scoffed ice creams at the ice cream shop :eek: I had a nice black coffee which I really enjoyed as I haven't been drinking coffee or tea at all with the exception of peppermint tea.
Fit into a pair a trousers today that haven't fitted in a while too, so all is good at the moment :D

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